Microsoft is the new Apple

“When Microsoft launched its Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets last year, it went down a path the company had not yet taken. Here was Microsoft – which historically made software that ran on other manufacturers’ PCs – designing, building and selling its very own personal computer,” Dwight Silverman writes for The Houston Chronicle. “Of course, if its hardware partners had done a decent job, this move would be unnecessary. Microsoft wanted to show how Windows 8 should be done, even if it risked its relationship with manufacturers.”

“Indeed, at the opening keynote for Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston, the announcement that sales of Surface tablets would begin soon in 28 more countries brought stony silence from the 14,000+ gathered in the Toyota Center,” Silverman writes. “Ballmer has made it clear that Microsoft would be building more hardware. He has repeatedly said Microsoft would become a ‘devices and services’ company. On Thursday, Microsoft announced a sweeping reorganization of its structure aimed at doing just that. The company, which famously had been fractured into many business units, will consolidate into a much more horizontal structure aimed at ending the notorious infighting that has plagued it for years.”

Steve Ballmer
Microsoft CEO Ballmer
“With its plans to build its own hardware, and this new organizational structure, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Microsoft is morphing its business model to match that of its top rival. Microsoft is becoming the new Apple,” Silverman writes, “Of course, Microsoft still has challenges. It has to execute well on these changes. You can move an org chart around, but a culture of infighting and corporate fiefdoms can’t be changed overnight with the issuance of a 2,700-word memo.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft is the new Apple (if Apple made half-assed, ill-conceived, non-selling crap under the auspices of an increasingly delusional clown).

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]

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      1. Actually, Microsoft was doing pretty well during that time… And Apple was the one with a creaky patched-up OS, with poor multi-tasking and memory management. And Apple was the one copying Microsoft by trying to license the Mac OS (System 7.x). And Apple was the one trying to be like HP and Dell, by producing “dozens” of numbered beige box variations of the desktop Mac (some different only in name).

        Those were the sad times for Apple (before 1997).

        1. Just to toss in some technical correctness: The John Sculley era left Apple in the state just before what you describe ken1w. It occurred during the desperation years of Splindler, then Amelio as CEOs. That would be 1993 – 1997.

          1. I guess I consider 1993-1997 part of the “John Scully era,” because he was responsible for it as much as the Spindler (who tried to oversee an external takeover of Apple) and Amelio (who didn’t have time to do much of anything except bring Steve Jobs back to Apple).

            1. I have to agree.

              However, Amelio did do some writhing around before he got Apple to buy NeXT, then finally get fired so Steve Jobs could take over. The worst of his writhing was probably allowing 3rd party companies to install Mac OS onto their Mac clones. Amelio didn’t understand Apple and used a blunderbuss in an attempt to hit some sort of target. Thankfully, he did hit NeXT and NOT Be (of Louis Gassee & BeOS fame). What a mess that would have been.

        1. From the Board of Director’s POV: Apparently they want to hang onto what vestige they can of the Gates administration, despite the fact that Ballmer was NEVER CEO material.

          So, let’s thank the Board of Microsoft for their lack of insight into how to run the company. In the end, THEY are responsible for BALLMER and his mismanagement catastrophes. Well done gentlemen! 😀

    1. Pundit –
      a person who speaks with the tone of authority but is often found out to be just a big gasbag handing you a lot of stuff.
      -Urban Dictionary

  1. so sad and pathetic you almost have to feel sorry for them. but like many i’m sure most here hate google more than m$ i know i do.

    lets smoke a blunt to celebrate 10 more years of ballmer’s reign

  2. A “devices and services company” selling devices and services no one but the few technologically insane wants? That’s some trick! I love the “oh were just kidding before but look at us NOW!” smoke and mirrors. This really has to be EOL for the Monkey Boy King.

    1. I agree, MS has had a least a decade to produce phones and tablets. The only difference now is that they think that by making the hardware they will overcome their problems. When in fact that is not the problem. The problem is their bloated software.

      I hate to see this happen as it could affect Apple in a very negative way. This is probably Ballmer’s last chance and it is almost certain that his polices will fail on a grand scale and in full view by everyone. He will then be dismissed and Apple’s greatest asset at MS will no longer be able to run Microsoft into the ground. The good news for Apple is that he has done such a good job of Fu@k)^* up MS it is probably unfixable.

    1. I read where he said, “Today’s announcement will enable us to execute even better on our strategy to deliver a family of devices and services…”

      The ANNOUNCEMENT does that???

      I couldn’t believe he sent that message.

  3. Microsoft is the new DELL, not ‘the new’ or any kind of Apple. What MSFT completely misses is that Apple spent years and years quietly evolving its products–avoiding the vapourware route of its competitors. Apple blindsided the smartphone industry because Nokia et al. were blindly sucking on a ‘cash cow’. That the iPhone popped onto the scene belied the depth of development Apple put into it.
    Apple has proved the value of deep development because every quick respone (every) from Samsung, Nokia, RIM, etc. has failed. In spite of this lesson–which none of Apple’s competitors seem to have grasped–Ballmer thinks he can turn around MSFT with a 2,700 word memo that says nothing. MSFT cannot succeed with Ballmer in charge–he is the poison. Blinded by hubris, he cannot see this. If any company is doomed, it is MSFT. It won’t be tomorrow but MSFT has clearly entered the ‘living-dead’ category; they are no longer in control of their markets, their product development is response driven, “how did they do that and can we copy it?”, they are flailing out into areas where they lack expertise (hardware) instead of accepting the reality that their products suck, their user base is eroding and they need retrench.
    The lesson that Ballmer SHOULD have learned from Apple is that the first step to a turnaround is to clean house the way Steve Jobs did when he returned to Apple. Of course, Ballmer is no Steve Jobs…

  4. You guys need to look at the “Joy of Tech” cartoon for today. It is priceless!

    It will be fun to watch Microsoft’s going forward from here. The position they have won themselves over the past two-three decades was made possible by all the OEM partners they have developed during all that time. The best way to quickly ruin a relationship with a reliable partner is to begin competing with their core business.

    I should get me some popcorn…

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