What if Apple didn’t build Steve Jobs’ ‘Mothership’ campus in Cupertino?

“You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, and it turns out you can’t build a new 3.4 million sq. ft. corporate campus in the city of Cupertino without breaking a few California environmental quality laws,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“According to a 650-page draft environmental impact review submitted in advance of public hearings Wednesday, Apple’s new headquarters — if built according to Steve Jobs’ wishes — will have ‘significant unavoidable impact’ in several areas,” P.E.D. reports. “So as required by the city, Apple hired LSA Consultants to offer a kind of Hobson’s choice of ‘reasonable’ alternatives… [including] Scrap the whole idea and, as Jobs threatened, find another city to house Apple’s growing workforce.”

Apple Campus 2 project - "Mothership" - Cupertino, CA


Apple Campus 2 project - "Mothership" - Cupertino, CA
Apple's "Mothership" Campus 2 - Street view from East Homestead Road

Apple Campus 2 project - "Mothership" - Cupertino, CA

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Sarah” for the heads up.]

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  1. Cupertino is not going to say no to this. They will find a way to do it. Apple is so huge company for Cupertino that they will do anything to make this happen.

  2. TIM! Come to NY. Build within so many miles of Cornell here, or any college and Cuomo has TAX FREE status for you and he was trying to pass no income tax for any employees working at the business that comes in. Check it out!!

    1. Cuomo the gun grabber who, in his ignorant haste to “do something” made the very guns his state’s police force uses illegal.


      Going from Cali to NY is like going from the Bronx to Detroit.

  3. Yes! Move! Screw Cupertino! Move to another state!

    BTW, don’t forget screwing the 10,000+ employees who work for Apple. They would have to sell their homes (talk about a depressed real estate market suddenly flooded with thousands of properties for sale), move their kids to a new school, and even decide if they want to move (likely a good portion would not move and would look for other jobs to stay in Cupertino) so Apple would have to replace those employees (millions of $$ in training new employees, plus lost experience on Apple products that can never be regained).

    This report is basically a required report to the City Council. They’ll override the temporary construction issues, figure out the traffic issues, and Apple will have its spaceship campus. In the long run, that’s the best result for Cupertino, Apple, and Apple’s employees.

    Don’t overlook the immense importance of the taxes Apple pays to Cupertino (plus county and state, whose officials will exert influence to get the deal done). I doubt a city like Cupertino could sustain long-term the loss of a huge company like Apple. It’s not just taxes Apple pays, but also what its employees pay in real estate taxes, sales taxes, etc.

  4. Many projects don’t meet all environmental quality standards and the regulations aren’t designed to be unbreakable. There are always constructions impacts. Most project reviews require the development to show what the impacts are and how to mitigate those impacts. It is up to the comments of the people and decisions of the city to suggest and make the final decision.

    What isn’t mentioned, is the improvements this project will create.

    This isn’t unusual. Texas, don’t hold your breath.

  5. Get real ppl…say NO Texas:

    1. People there are hillbillies
    2. They talk with a lame hillbilly accent
    3. They are f***in fat! Have you been to Houston? Ohh lord the amount of FAT there – unbelievable
    4. Too hot
    5. Value with regards to general status is less compared to Cupert.

    The campus needs to be built EXACTLY as Jobs wanted, no compromises…they owe it to Steve for all the wealth he has brought to the region.

      1. WOW! You need money and brain in Texas that bad that you have to move a company to that state!
        No wonder Apple is not really interested in Texas…
        Either way… Texas and California are mine… so i don’t care where you move it.

  6. If it was not for the Texas Star, California would have been a Bear in Mexico. It is what it is today and it is the home of Apple.

    I personally believe Apple should stay where it allowed Apple to grow. I don’t see how Texas is going to help Apple philosophically but instead enforce more capitalistic power… that is not what Apple is about… Apple is a success story of a bunch of people who got together and each one of them is/was good at what they do/did… and their intension or goal was to provide quality products for joy, creativity and productivity. I hope it stays this way as a symbol of innovation, passion, and collaboration. Apple deserves to be in California and hope that California creates more success stories. This is how California pays back the Texan investors.

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