What if Apple didn’t build Steve Jobs’ ‘Mothership’ campus in Cupertino?

“You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, and it turns out you can’t build a new 3.4 million sq. ft. corporate campus in the city of Cupertino without breaking a few California environmental quality laws,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“According to a 650-page draft environmental impact review submitted in advance of public hearings Wednesday, Apple’s new headquarters — if built according to Steve Jobs’ wishes — will have ‘significant unavoidable impact’ in several areas,” P.E.D. reports. “So as required by the city, Apple hired LSA Consultants to offer a kind of Hobson’s choice of ‘reasonable’ alternatives… [including] Scrap the whole idea and, as Jobs threatened, find another city to house Apple’s growing workforce.”

Apple Campus 2 project - "Mothership" - Cupertino, CA


Apple Campus 2 project - "Mothership" - Cupertino, CA
Apple's "Mothership" Campus 2 - Street view from East Homestead Road

Apple Campus 2 project - "Mothership" - Cupertino, CA

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Sarah” for the heads up.]

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    1. I’m sure Apple wants to go to Texas now, with their anti-abortion idiocy and eagerness to redistrict minorities out of voting power, and their anti-gay-marriage stance, yes, jump from California to Texas–hell no. If they want to leave Cupertino the options are far better in another part of California or another State besides Texas. Ever since republicans took over that State their roads and infrastructure have gone to hell, and driving into cities like Houston (where I’m from) look like trash no matter which direction you come in, especially coming in from the north on I-45 where it’s solid and crappy strip malls from Conroe all the way down.

        1. Seattle, ha, ha, ha. That’s a good one. Seattle would be a great place for Apple to move it it wasn’t for the fact that Ballmer is already taking up all the available space with his fat ass.

          But here is an idea, Apple can keep the moving trucks loaded and continue to drive north of I-5 until they reach Vancouver, BC. Vancouver is a combination of the social liberalism of California and the business-friendly attitude of Texas. Plus, it would have the added benefit of giving the big middle finger to the US political establishment.

          Just a wild thought.

        2. I visited Seattle for 4 days last fall and loved it!  Since then, voters went to the polls and legalized pot for recreational use.

          I think Apple should buy a decommissioned aircraft carrier from the Defense Department, gut/remodel the inside, add big windows and balconies for the outside offices and create a park (with trees and recreation areas) on its deck.  It could build a dock to provide easy access for employees … and pull up the gangplank and move to another location if crime, taxes or other problems arise in the future.

          I would keep a couple of cruise missile launchers, just in case it’s necessary to make a run to South Korea to settle the patent issue once and for all (;

      1. Yes, it’s “idiocy” to want to stop killing babies.

        By the way: 48% of Americans consider themselves to be pro-life vs. 45% who are pro-abortion.

        Your views on baby killing are in the minority.

        Texas is among a handful of U.S. states left (Idaho, South Dakota, and the freest: New Hampshire), where those who value freedom choose to live.


          1. Reminds me of “Negros are not humans.”

            Also reminds me of “Jews are not humans.”

            Both examples, just like yours, work to occlude and shelter the mind and conscience from the murders being committed.

            Good luck with that.

            1. The death of a protoplasm or zygote is not the same as murder, pseudo-psychologist. Maybe you should look up false equivalency, learning its meaning would double your knowledge base.

            2. Later than the protoplasm stage. When will you learn you don’t have the right to dictate the lives of women, or anyone but yourself? Once (if) you do, maybe your life can begin.

        1. Speaking as someone who lives in Texas, everyone I speak to is utterly embarrassed by Rick Perry and his hooligans. Perry is a moron of epic proportions with morals from medieval times.

          And unless you are a Gynecologist or a Woman, I don’t see how you are anywhere near qualified to discuss technicalities of a Woman’s bodily functions.

          1. Careful. Kermit Gosnell is a gynecologist. If my tax dollars are being used to fund abortion providers like Planned Parenthood, damn straight I’m gonna make my voice heard in how my tax dollars are being spent. It all goes back again to government subsidizing bad choices.

            1. Like welfare & social security? I’d rather have the government give money to Planned Parenthood rather than having to give (increased) welfare to a mother for 18 years.

        2. This is thoroughly amusing.

          I looked at that Gallup poll. Distinct majority of Americans support legal abortion it at least some circumstances, and quite many support it in most circumstances. The number of people who are against it is clearly below 40%, and hasn’t really gone up over the decades since Roe v. Wade.

          Not to mention, the particular data point you are quoting is also incorrect: you mention people who are pro-life vs. people who are pro-abortion, which is NOT accurate. The question was pro-life vs. pro-CHOICE. While in academic discussions this difference is purely semantic, when you put out a poll and ask a question like this, answers may be quite different.

          So, in general, Americans may be split regarding their political allegiance (in America, pro-life and pro-choice is very much synonymous with Republican and Democrat), but they clearly very much support one of women’s most fundamental human rights — to choose what to do with her own body. With respect to this particular issue, America is in stellar company around the world (together with Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Iran, Yemen and other fine countries with exceptional human rights records)…

        3. Actually, the more one looks at that poll, the more one understands that only one in five Americans are against abortion. Others clearly allow for it; some in any and all circumstances, some only under certain conditions. Even if we eliminate those who would put certain restrictions and only compare those who are against it to those who are for no restrictions at all, the anti-abortion numbers are still lowest.

          I can understand how this data goes against every fiber of your being, and I totally respect your own opinion. However, you have no right to claim any moral superiority on the issue where both the majority popular opinion, as well as scientific data, point otherwise.

            1. Morality is not a law of physics. It is a set of rules as defined by the society, and it evolves with the society, as society progresses. Different societies have different rules (in Saudi Arabia, it is immoral for a women to show her face in public; in America, it isn’t).

              Majority of society defines the rules of morality, so while there is probably some people in America who disagree with women’s right to vote, to equal pay for equal work (because they obviously aren’t equal, right?), as we as the right to make decisions concerning their own bodies, majority of Americans seem to believe otherwise.

          1. Hey, a lot of women get their kicks waiting five or six months till their baby is fully formed before deciding to slit is spinal cord. Women don’t enjoy video games as much, but should be allowed to do snuff jobs on their own kids if they feel like it. Why not?

            1. You clearly have no clue what you’re talking about.

              There are some countries in the world where abortion is available on demand and is fully covered by the national health care system. Even in those, only a tiny fraction of women who have it are the ones using it as their birth control of choice. And virtually all of those (as few as there may be) come from problematic households and also have other issues (crime, drugs, prostitution, etc).

              Regardless of what you (and most like you) think, women DON’T like abortion. They don’t enjoy having it, they agonize over making that choice. The only time they DO make that choice is when no other reasonable choice is available. Let me repeat this: when NO other REASONABLE choice is available. Such situations do exist, and until exactly EQUAL burden of consequences resulting from unwanted and unplanned pregnancy is put on the man who took part in that conception, any restriction placed on the woman is patently hypocritical.

              In other words, when a girl becomes pregnant because the condom broke (and it happens more often than you think), unless the boy is forced to drop out of school and provide and care for the child, nobody should be able to force her to finish that pregnancy and have a baby she never wanted, nor could afford.

            2. You are right. Many girls, and people who vote Democrat, take about 5-9 months to realize a condom broke and they got pregnant. Many Democrat women are almost ready to give birth before they realize they are pregnant, which is why it is so important that Texas not write a law saying at some point, like 20 or 24 weeks into the pregnancy, women should not be allowed to have abortions, since the babies are viable. Democrat women are slow and have to be given extra time to understand that they are pregnant. And, a viable baby does not get the right to live just by being viable. Rights, according to Democrats, only come from Obama and his bureuacrats. They decide who can live and die. And Texans and Tea Party people are not allowed to live according to Obama and Democrats.

            3. ????
              I am not an American. I have no clue what is happening in Texas, with Obama, with Tea Party or Democrats. I thought we were discussing the right of women to choose, rather than some parochial political situation.

              Your previous sarcastic message implied that abortion was murder (…”Women should be allowed to do snuff jobs on their own kids if they feel like it.”…).

              It looks like you are no longer arguing that, but the issue of limitations. If that is the case, then we seem to agree that the right of women to choose (like the right to bear arms) “shall not be infringed”…

      2. Apple has a substantial presence in Austin, where “Keep Austin Weird” is a prevalent feeling – they would fit right in. Lack of water is going to be Austin’s problem really soon. As for Houston, too close to the Gulf Coast (I live in Houston) and the lack of zoning creates all those strip malls – but a LOT of jobs.

        1. Hurricanes would pose a threat in houston unless Apple chose a place well to the north of Houston. Austin could be a good choice, but looming water shortages might make it difficult to expand. There are many factors which drive the choice of location for a corporate headquarters or major facility, and the traditional business factors are not the only important ones. Employees are very important to Apple’s success and family/life issues should be given due considerations.

      3. What kind of civilized state does not allow women the freedom to kill their babies whenever they choose? You Texans are totally intolerant if you won’t permit women the right to choose to have their babies spinal cords cut at any time from conception to 9 months. That is a freedom that is a pre-requistite for an advanced society now.

    2. Apple is going through difficult time, from the media, Samsung, Hedge fund managers, analysts. If we wanted Apple staying in CA, we must support Apple by buying more its products and those parasites stop harassing Apple.

      Beside the Hedge Funds, Samsung bought the media to write negative articles about Apple.

    3. Texan idiocy isn’t just a social or political problem – it’s dangerous security problem. Remember that fertilizer plant that exploded in Texas, like two months ago? Real tragedy: many people died, hundreds were injured, property everywhere nearby. It happened because they were apparently too stupid to follow safety procedures inside a building containing 270 tons of ammonium nitrate. It wasn’t terrorism – just Texas idiocy – but the end result is close enough that people should be just as concerned.

    1. You are totally right HIS SHADOW. The US should show Texas the door. They should not be allowed to be part of the Union any longer for all their stone age behavior. We don’t want their dirty tax dollars. Let’s see if they can make it one their own without the Federal Government and California supporting them.

  1. And what if Tim Cook decided to get married? What if he’s thinking about it? The CEO of the company is going to uplift everything and move to a state where the sacred vows to his partner would be completely nullified?

    1. Wrong. The Constitution has the Full Faith and Credit clause, which requires states to recognize the laws of other states and give credit to them. That’s why your driver’s license is valid across state lines, and why my marriage is valid no matter which state I move to.

      Cook could get married in CA, and it would still be valid if he moved to Texas.

      1. This is flatly incorrect. . If Tim Cook chose to marry another man it would not be recognized under Texas law. For federal purposes yes, state purposes no.

  2. Yeah, Apple wants to re-forest the area and the build a much cleaner campus. That certainly would have a significant unavoidable impact.

    But how exactly would it be bad?

    This is nonsense. Apple should just pack it up and go somewhere else if the ciy is going to be a dick.

  3. The hell with Texas .Texas is the land of no rights. Surely not something Jobs would approve of . Apple should come to NY- I’m sure Cuomo would give them a great deal.

    1. Yeah. No rights to kill viable babies. Now California outlaws killing dogs and cats and snail darters. But fortunately, Californians understand the fully formed viable humans can be renamed zygotes so you can kill them. That is called progress in California.

      1. The right to an abortion is also the law in Texas, and every other state in the south. It’s federal law and no state can violate federal law. So why just pick on California? All the red states allow abortions too. It’s the law of the land and supported by a majority of Americans.

  4. May Apple Corporation ignore Wall Street and do what it does best – make outstanding computers and software. Wall Street is based on “irrational fear”.

    1. What will Apple do when Texas succession goes through? If they’re going to be headquartered in a foreign country, just move to Ireland now. (Real Ireland, not the British colony in Belfast).

  5. Apple will stay in Cupertino because both Apple and Cupertino would absorb huge losses if they moved their entire headquarters out of the city to some other large site.

    We are talking humongous site, to be sure, and it won’t likely be found close by. That would lead to longer travel times for most existing employees or relocation.

  6. Cupertino is not going to say no to this. They will find a way to do it. Apple is so huge company for Cupertino that they will do anything to make this happen.

  7. TIM! Come to NY. Build within so many miles of Cornell here, or any college and Cuomo has TAX FREE status for you and he was trying to pass no income tax for any employees working at the business that comes in. Check it out!!

    1. Cuomo the gun grabber who, in his ignorant haste to “do something” made the very guns his state’s police force uses illegal.


      Going from Cali to NY is like going from the Bronx to Detroit.

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