Speed up your Mac in five easy steps

“When your Mac slows down, productivity suffers,” Fairer Platform writes.

“Here are five easy ways, and a few of their friends, to speed up your Mac,” Fairer Platform writes. “All are free and will take very little time to implement.”

If, after performing the five steps, your Mac is “still not fast enough? Far and away the most effective way to speed up your Mac is more RAM — perhaps you do not have enough.”

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    1. My original 30 MB hard drive for my Mac Plus is still working. Bought it in 1986. Used it for years at 12 to 14 hours a day.

      Speeding up you Mac can be a worthwhile quest. However, barring defects or abuse of your equipment, your parts will long outlast their useful life.

    1. Use a solid background as a desktop wallpaper as well.
      Yup these tips were helpful 15 years ago.

      An article teaching you how to use Activity Monitor, Disk Utility and OnyX would be much more useful.

  1. As the article states, “More RAM is always better”.

    …but unfortunately, my 2012 Mac Pro needs a Firmware Update from Apple in order for it to use 32GB DIMMs so as to push it up to OS X’s limits (presently 96GB, going to 128GB under 10.9).

    …but given the sad state of Apple’s support for the Mac Pro, I entirely expect that all of their attention will be on the Tube and that yesterday’s customers will get ‘abandoned’ – – despite Apple’s 5 year lifecycle support policy.


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