Schiller’s ‘can’t innovate anymore, my ass’ one-liner: Apple’s rallying cry

“‘Can’t innovate anymore, my ass.’ Phil Schiller’s one-liner in yesterday’s WWDC keynote just may be one of the best in Apple history,” Ken Segall blogs for Observatory.

“People may forget what drives Apple, but Apple does not. Back in the dark days, before Steve Jobs returned, the company really had become mediocre,” Segall writes. “The success of iMac proved that Apple wasn’t dead yet. From that point on, a series of successes put Apple into the black and removed all the question marks surrounding its viability.”

Segall writes, “The kinds of products that were fueling Apple’s rise — iMac, iBook, AirPort, etc. — made one thing abundantly clear. Apple would continue to grow as long as it continued to innovate. Schiller’s zinger was the 2013 affirmation of this belief. It was spirited and confident.”

Much more, including critiques of the entire cast of WWDC Keynote characters, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take:

Steve Jobs flips off IBM


        1. IBM did innovate with their OS2 OS but unfortunately they allowed it to die. They continued on using MS windows until they sold off their PC business almost 10 years ago now I believe. They just couldn’t see the future of computers behind those tall mainframes.

            1. While I can’t stand 3l3c7ro, he is absolutely right about you. A sad little boy who did not get enough attention as child and has to act out on a board anonymously. You are an ass and make reading MacDailyNews so much more unenjoyable. I miss the cleverness of someone like ZuneTang insead of the crass childlike antics you pull on every post. You truly bore me, you neglected child.

        1. I’ve been waiting for you to show up with some low grade comment about Schiller’s comment. There is nothing wrong with what he said, it’s a perfectly acceptable use of free speech and has been around a long time, since biblical days: John 12:14 King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
          “And Jesus, when he had found a young ass, sat thereon; as it is written,”

          Even the use of ass hole is acceptable, of course let’s be perfectly clear about the usage.

    1. I just want a t-shirt (in black, of course, with a white apple logo on the front) with Schiller’s quote printed underneath.

      Now that’s an Apple T-Shirt for us innovators!


      BTW: I really want a new Mac Pro! Yum!

  1. I just can’t understand wall street. Here is a stable company in Apple, that makes excellent products, announces exciting things to come and the price of stocks went down. Could someone please explain this to me? Thank you!

    1. You have not realized something: Wall Street isn’t about stability. It’s about growth (or shrinkage). It’s about change.

      They don’t make money on stability. Look at Coke… Damn stable… No money in it.

    2. Smoke and mirrors can only take you so far. Where’s the rabbit, eh? More, and better, magic is needed. Quicker, too.

      Apple should discard their ploddingly “sustaining innovation” attitude. Otherwise, as their final trick, poof! – look, they just disappeared! Now, cue the main acts to take the stage from Apple.

      1. “Apple should discard their ploddingly ‘sustaining innovation’ attitude.”

        What does that even mean?

        If you do not know what a word means, do not use it.

        Then your argument: Apple will go down if they try to innovate. That is spectacularly stupid.

    3. The day Apple and the Board makes decision to satisfy WS and Stockholders is the day that Apple will begin its downfall. SJ mentioned once that he doesn’t give a shit about Apple stocks performance. He just cares about the stuff that Apple makes for all of us.

      1. Yes, he did say that, and that is him flipping off IBM in MDN’s take.

        Wall Street is about change as a way of shaking out money, any change, unconstrained by values or principles. Apple is about change as a way to improve people’s lives, tempered by a zen awareness of the need for ripening before harvest. Their intersection is a battleground over the soul of capitalism.

        1. The ultimate goal should be creating capital for start up companies without government or WS. A company like Apple doesn’t need capital investment anymore, they should leave WS to the banksters and the Goldman Sachs’s.

          1. Better yet, take down the banksters and Goldman Sachs’s. No one needs more schooling than those enemies of civilization. Capitalism can flourish without such government-colluding scum siphoning off most of the GDP for their piggish appetites whilst decent people eat rocks.

    4. Computerized trading algorithm:
      Apple news(good or bad) = sell low
      Lots of Apple news(good or bad)=sell even lower

      No human brain or logic can explain Apple stock prices…

    5. The talking heads are no longer supported by Apple advertising. So, they are told not to bite the hand that feeds them and some like Samsung tell them to attach or trash Apple if they want to keep seeing the Samsung dollars flowing.

    6. bernadette, I’ve posted weary lectures on the subject here at MDN. But perhaps these key phrases will be useful:

      – Entertain Me
      – Make Me Money
      – Herd The Sheeple
      – Sheer The Sheeple

      AAPL is merely the latest tool wielded by the WS parasites. There will be others. Keep an eye on GOOG. That’s going to be lots of fun. 😉

  2. Some time back I was worried and complained a few times that apple wasn’t doing enough marketing etc, WWDC keynote put my mind at rest.

    Apple wasn’t doing that much marketing as it was concentrating a bigger plan, a compete metamorphosis linked with marketing.

    I think Cook and team must have done a great examination in the lines of ‘what is Apple?’ and how to push forward after Steve Jobs. That’s why the name change of OSX from Cats to Mavericks and the new (very nice) ‘Signature’ Ad and the bold “Designed in California, Assembled in USA” for the Mac Pro to Schillers ‘Can’t Innovate My Ass’ comment. You can see them cleverly building up their ‘renewed’ image in unified way. I used the term metamorphosis to note that the beast is still the same yet transformed.

    As an ex Ad Pro I can appreciate Apple’s image building plan (without any crass attack ads etc) , Great.

  3. With that one line, almost a throwaway ad-lib really, he put all the rest of the gadget manufacturers in their place behind the door, listening with all their might, trying to get peeks, slipping notes through the windows. Apple is the definition of innovation- all the rest try to change the dictionary.

    1. I thought Tim did a great job!! He improved markedly from his last performance and I’m betting he will be even better next time.
      I’ve been involved with public speaking and presentations for over 30 years… and it’s not EASY. It takes years to develop the casual, comfortable style we expect. And most CEOs don’t do it all that well.

    2. I know this line is going to require eternal repetition while receiving zero penetration but:

      Steve Jobs is dead.

      Apple clearly continues to thrive while Steve Jobs is dead. Deal with it.

      Meanwhile Steve, rest in peace.

      1. You’re right, fabulous sarcasm, even the grammar gave the impression of someone who doesn’t have a perfect grasp of English, yes very cinvincing I could almost believe this person is a Korean with a chip on their shoulder. But of course it’s just a clever spoof 😉

  4. Innovation is the application of new solutions that meet new requirements, inarticulate needs, or existing market needs. This is accomplished through more effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas that are readily available to markets, governments and society.

    Just looked up the definition of Innovation and isn’t the above exactly what Apple has done year on year?

  5. I’ve watched the skimmed the Keynote twice trying to find Jony Ive’s recorded video and can’t find it. Does anybody know the beginning time segment of his video. Loved Phil’s Mac Pro presentation. He was on Fire and showed some fierce emotion. Apple usually takes such a low key approach to every negative media article, it was about time they showed some fight. Craig Federeghi was also Awesome in his presentations.

    1. No Steve would have not let us think innovation stopped, because he would not be absent so your comment is a bit off. Steve said much and he was direct, if there was to be a comment he would make it himself and not allow others to be the mouthpiece that had teeth.

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