Dvorak: A standing O for Apple’s new Mac Pro

“Ever wonder why there has been a massive slowdown in PC growth? Don’t blame Windows 8, blame Apple!” John C. Dvorak screams for PC Magazine.

“Apple has been the leader in tech and there is no indication that anything has changed. Dell is no leader, nor is Microsoft, Lenovo, or IBM,” Dvorak whines. “It’s Apple. And Apple went too long without showing something new, thus the desktop market slowed down.”

“So it finally rolls out what appears to be a spectacular desktop machine capable of delivering a whopping seven teraflops of processing power. This is obviously the future king of all multimedia work, especially video editing, which needs all the help it can get. I would also assume that sort of power would make any Adobe application pop. No waiting!” Dvorak yells. “The machine maxes out with 12 cores of Xeon E5 power and a souped-up RAM subsystem that will peak at 60 gigabytes per second bandwidth. It’s a total butt-kicker that has no peer today.”

Apple's next generation Mac Pro
Apple’s next generation Mac Pro


Apple's next generation Mac Pro
Apple’s next generation Mac Pro


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MacDailyNews Take: Shakey premise from the bloated gasbag, but positive nonetheless.

(PCs are trucks, tablets and smartphones are cars. The PC slowdown has nothing to do with Apple not showing the makers of crappy Windows PCs what to do for too long.)

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Tom” for the heads up.]

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    1. I think it looks like a racing slick tire. And it IS racy.

      Dvorack always scares me when he starts to make sense in an article. It’s like something’s got flopped in the Universe.

      1. I’m starting to understand that Dvorak is not a complete fool after all, but an entertainer that “reads” a crowd well. He sees what is happening, how the wind is blowing, and positions himself accordingly. His acerbic criticisms over the years have stung some of us, but he was largely right in the main, and lately the acidity is instead eroding the flesh of timid, puffy-faced box makers gone sterile after a generation of obeisance to a bloated, dozing overlord—Microsoft.

        1. Totally. I figured this out when arguing with Enderle years ago. The opinions they spout are very carefully targeted and deliberate, and not necessarily their real thoughts. They exist to entertain and keep themselves in business as entertainers, much the way Rush and other TV & radio personalities do.

    1. I think this is more like the engine pulling a train. It could be like a tandem semi pulling 2 or 3 trailers vs a pickup truck. But with it’s power to move and deliver massive data, I am thinking it is more like a train!

      1. I like that metaphor, JT, especially if they will be able to link multiple MacPros together via TB2 for automatic sharing of monster tasks. Imagine a 4x8x2 grid of MacPros running rendering – a 448 Tflop supercomputer that would fit underneath a typical fold-up table.

      1. Except the G4 Cube was no powerhouse, even when it was released… The G4 Cube was more like the good-looking but too-expensive predecessor of the Mac mini.

        1. Possible for a Mac mini in this form factor only shorter to appear next? I guess it depends on how much vertical board space is necessary. Though I suppose if you use notebook ram that may still allow the vertical height to be shortened. And either on board graphics or just a single gpu should suffice. Kind of reminiscent of the new mothership campus from the plan elevation?

  1. Yes, most excellent. There’s gotta be a lot of scientists, aerospace and NASA type drooling all other this too. Now when, pray tell, will this unit be released in the fall for our accumulating pleasure? Save up everyone and save deep.

  2. There is absolutely NOTHING that the new Mac Pro can do functionally that an ordinary 1U server can’t do today. There’s probably a 100 different Xeon E5 servers on the market right that can accept two GPU cards and a PCIe SSD card.

    The only innovation is the small size, which has little value to most professional users.

    Plus, two GigE ports for a 7 TFLOP computer?

    1. 1.) There aren’t currently any Xeon servers with PCIe SSD capability built in. You’d have to purchase a separate card in which the options are limited at best. Having this available on the desktop computer and a (by all accounts so far a popular one) will push the industry for PCIe to become more standard. Thus a great win for everyone in that regard.
      2.) I can’t sit a 1U server on my desk at work and edit video from it. It would be loud, it would be hot, it would be unrealistic accounting size even if it is just 1u.

      Does this thing do anything different than any other computer at a basic level in the last 6 years? No, it’s a computer. You run applications on it, get work done, use a keyboard, use a mouse, use other peripherals etc…

      However what this does do is open the door to harness power which before only found in server rooms/racks making it impractical and unfeasible to use for applications that could really benefit from that kind of power like video editing and photo editing.

      1. Agree with several of your points, but the catch is that you’re still going to have to have that 1U Rack … For disk storage at high I/O rates: a 1Gig Ehternet connection will bottleneck. Sure, you can try to keep everything on your PCIe SSD…but that gets increasingly expensive.


    2. Not sure I agree with you there. Perhaps on performance but if you are running a studio you need quiet! I understand this unit is extremely quiet (we’ll see just how much soon enough, I guess) but compared to most 1U units the comparison is totally sided towards this Mac Pro. 1U units tend to have very high pitched fans and make more noise than a banshee — even after you put them in soundproof cabinets.

      No, I think the basic difference here is computer room vs desk. Pretty basic but important.

    3. My guess is that 10Gig Ethernet will be provided via the Thunderbolt bus should the owner want it. The 1Gbps ports are there to allow quick and easy connectivity, but Thunderbolt is really what this machine is about.

    4. Anyone can make a big device, hardly anyone can make a small one without compromising.

      Apple are leagues ahead of the competition because tey can make big things very small and make them faster and more powerful than their bigger counterparts.

      Only Apple can do this and create something so beautiful.

    1. I started to remember the Cray computer when I saw the Apple site and show it form the top down. Cray used to build their computers in a cylinder shape for short distances, but Apple does it for save space.
      Also, it is a remainder of the cube.

    2. this was my first thought except i thought the cray had benches around it (it was a bit bigger than this mac!!), and there was an opening to walk into the interior i think. looking down on it i think it was shaped like a capital letter “C”. also that cray had a fluid for cooling that was chemically similar to blood i think.

    3. Sadly, you’re not the only one old enough to remember Cray – but Cray computers were actually much more angular and large enough to accommodate a naugahyde seating bench.

      Actually, it’s also a little like they started from a Silicon Graphics workstation, but made the round casing part of the function of the machine for cooling rather than just a cosmetic curved front door.

      On that level, this is probably the first Mac Pro that actually goes back to the levels of balls-out innovation that used to come out of SGI back in the day. The difference being that Apple has a mass market and can buy a lot of components at prices that SGI could only ever have dreamt about under the influence of alcohol.

  3. What he’s saying is the pc market slowed down because apple’s part of the pie slowed down. Every major tech release is “innovating” by using the foundation that apple has created. It’s showing how timid every other tech leader is of releasing major products because no one truly knows the wants of the masses, or, how the appease the masses like apple does. It has Samsung green with envy because they can create a level of the popularity and fan love but lack the festivities and breathtaking appeal of their apple counterparts when those releases come. And when Microsoft wants to “force” “improvements” upon their install base, like it would appear apple has been doing, they fail understand the depths that apple goes to when they conceptualize products. Anyone can create products and change the world but it takes something special to awe and inspire.

  4. I could almost say that my dream has come true, but I never dreamed of this. I feel like a kid at computer camp, or Christmas in Amsterdam.

    It will go nicely with my imposing Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate Soft Tactile Mechanical Keyboard, a splendid presentation that could only be improved by adding 2 Stealth displays.

  5. If this & iOS 7 can’t convince Wall Street then don’t worry about them, Apple just needs to take care the market itself with an amazing advertising and juicy plans to attract more customers buying its products , then AAPL will re-bounce itself.

    1. You don’t actually think Wall Street would be impressed with a cylindrical-shaped computer? Seriously. You do realize that almost no one buys Mac Pros anymore. How many of these do you think Apple can sell in a quarter? 5,000 maybe. Do you really think investors are going to be cheering in the streets over those sort of numbers? Any investor looking at the new Mac Pro will realize it’s worth about zero on the revenue scale. Heck, even Mac users are already hating it because they can’t load it with their old cards and storage.

      iOS 7 certainly will not impress Wall Street. Why? Because it won’t help Apple sell more iPhones or iPads. Wall Street has no interest in the tech side of computing. Wall Street is all about unit sales and profit margins. There’s not one thing Apple showed at WWDC that will impress Wall Street. Practically everything Apple does now is “meh” to investors.

      As you stated, Apple shareholders can only hope consumers continue to buy Apple products in slightly increased numbers and possibly hope Apple can increase profit margins to previous levels, at best. However, don’t expect Apple to re-bounce its share price to any great degree. Apple isn’t doing the proper moves for that to happen. Only an entirely new revenue stream will do that.

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