Evidence of new Mac Pro at WWDC: Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan drivers in Apple’s latest OS X builds

MacNN have reported that drivers for the Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan have been spotted in the latest Mac OS X 10.8.4 beta build,” Architosh reports. “This latest OS X build is thought to be on the fast-track ahead of the upcoming Worldwide Developer’s Conference next month, signaling several possibilities, including a quicker than expected new version of Mac OS X (10.9).”

“While this latest test beta (version 12E55) includes drivers for GeForce GTX Titan, it is possible that they may not appear in the final release,” Architosh reports. “That simply means that even if OS X 10.8.4 ships around the June time frame it may be that new Mac Pros will not arrive until early Fall.”

Architosh reports, “Nvidia’s GeForce GTX Titan is the world’s fastest single GPU graphics card and drivers for OS X have been spotted in the upcoming OS X 10.8.4 build currently in beta. This generally signals that the card will be available for Mac Pros, possibly new models soon.”

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    1. MacPro systems have been the forgotten step child of Apple’s product lineup for much, much longer than Cook has been in charge. I doubt Cook is making any significant effort either way (kill or revive the MacPro line).

      1. Current opinion is that tablets will soon eclipse notebooks and notebooks have eclipsed desktops. I have no idea why Apple permits the notion that it will continue to design and market desktop machines. Those than own desktop machines are historical relics at best and heretics at worst.

        1. MacFreek, have you any clue how real work is done? Do the goods you buy arrive via Radio Flyer wagon or massive truck? Or how about this: what percentage of people have a tablet but no other more powerful machine at their disposal? Few.

          Productivity workers don’t give a damn if you can tuck your workstation into a purse. They need the most powerful machine possible to iterate and calculate the optimum solutions to their work. For Apple to abandon ESSENTIAL machines in favor of low-power gadgets that are really secondary LUXURY items would be to give Microsoft the last 10% of the multi-billion dollar business & enterprise markets.

        2. You work? Really? Let me guess NSA or Los Alamos or Oak Ridge? Really putting that post-doctoral education to practical use aren’t we?

  1. Those drivers have been in the developer’s releases for 10.8.4 since March 31 or before. This is absolutely noting new! A limited set of Mac users have been running Titans for several weeks. (Extremely few people will pay $1,000 for a video card.)

    People should not get their hopes up that this signals either A) New Mac Pros, or B) those drivers will be in the final, shipped version of either 10.8.4 or 10.9. Apple has repeatedly over the last few years shipped drivers to developers that never, ever shipped to the general public.

  2. please be aware before purchasing a card like this

    Windows: OpenGL v.4.3
    OSX: OpenGL v.3.2

    Guess where this card will perform better? Ad as if this wouldn’t be enough, most advanced features of this cards won’t even work under OGL 3.2. Just sayin.

    1. Bigger numbers are better, right? 😉

      On my iMac (mid 2011), running 10.8.3, System Profiler says that OpenGL is version 1.8.7.

      I’ll take that as a “Yikes!”

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