Dalrymple: Expect to see new Macs, next-gen OS X and iOS at Apple’s WWDC

“Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is only a couple of weeks away and everyone is wondering what the company will unveil during the keynote address,” Jim Dalrymple writes for The Loop.

“Don’t expect an iPhone or iPad at WWDC,” Dalrymple writes. “For me, the Mac products fit well with a Tim Cook keynote at WWDC. That’s all I really expect from Apple in the way of hardware at the conference.”

Dalrymple writes, “That leaves us with the one thing that everyone does expect from the conference — the introduction of iOS7 and OS X [10.9]. The operating systems are why most of the people attending WWDC go to the conference… OS X will be very interesting for me. We have shifted our attention away from the Mac operating system over the past few years, but part of what we have come to expect from Apple is deep integration with all of their products and services. That’s what I’ll be watching for with OS X. The continued integration between iOS and OS X, through apps and services, like iCloud.”

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      1. Hope (or “faith”) is the wasted energy people expend when they imagine that something beyond their influence might change to help them.

        Realists advise that you identify what you can change yourself and get on with it.

  1. Actually, I classify Windows sufferers and those afflicted with Android as optimists along the lines of Reagan’s famous story. They’re all still hoping for the pony.

  2. Here’s my thoughts:
    New MacBooks:
    Shipping in late June: 90%
    Shipping in August: 95%
    Airs: 90%
    Pros: 75%
    Retinas: 75%
    (So a MacBook Air shipping in late June is 81%, shipping in August is 86%)
    New iMacs: 25%
    New MacPros: 10%
    New OS X:
    Preview only, Shipping by September: 95%
    Shipping in June: 60% (Though if new MacBooks ship, this % way goes up.)
    New iOS:
    Preview only, Shipping by September/October: 99% (with new iPhones/iPads)
    Shipping in June: 70%
    New iPhone: 25%
    New iPad: 20%
    New iPod: 5%
    New monitors: 5%
    Totally new product line: 5%

    I don’t believe anything has a zero chance (not even my fantasy 32″ 4096×2560 display connected by dual 20 Gbps Thunderbolt, which I’d put at 0.00001%), but very many things are extremely unlikely.

    The one I may be *way* off on are the Mac Pros. Apple shouldn’t, but could ship Sandy Bridge based MacPros, Instead they should be working with, and pushing, Intel to ship their Ivy Bridge based Xeons.

    1. Right did anyone else understand any of that, I know my maths isn’t great but never had problems with resolving percentages before. So I will just presume there is a chance of anything between 1 and 100% then, its just easier to work out.

    1. Not every year, but Apple has announced plenty of hardware at past WWDC events. Developers can be excited by hardware both because good hardware makes their lives easier, and because it can drive sales or even open up markets for their software.

  3. In other words, Dalrymple expects the WWDC to reveal what the Apple community has been expecting for over 3 months.

    Apple is blowing its chances for sustained positive media coverage if it chooses to release all its new products once or twice per year. The black hole that Cook creates by releasing no news for months on end serves only to breed rumours and negative speculation.

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