Senator Rand Paul: Senate committee ‘should apologize to Apple for bullying one of America’s greatest success stories’ (with video)

U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) attends the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Subcommittee hearing that called for executives of Apple to testify on the companies tax practices.

In the hearing, Sen. Paul defended the job-creating efforts Apple has made and lambasted his fellow Members for perpetuating a U.S. tax code that hinders corporate growth and productivity.

If anyone should be on trial here, it should be Congress. I frankly think the committee should apologize to Apple. I think the Congress should be on trial here for creating a bizarre and byzantine tax code that runs into the tens of thousands of pages, for creating a tax code that simply doesn’t compete with the rest of the world. This committee wil admit that Apple hasn’t broken any laws, yet we are forced to sit, and Apple is forced to sit, through a show trial at the whims of politicians when, in fact, Congress should be on trial for chasing the profits of great American companies overseas.

We haul before this committee one of America’s greatest success stories and you want applause? I say, instead of Apple executives, we should have brought in here today a giant mirror, okay, so we could look at the reflection of Congress because this problem is solely and completely created by the awful tax code. If you want to assign blame, the committee needs to look in this mirror and see who created the mess; see who created this tax code that is chasing American companies overseas.

Our corporate tax code is double Canada’s. I never thought I’d be complimenting Canada for their tax code. Ours is double Canada. Double a lot of Europe. Instead of complaining that theirs is too low, why don’t we set about to work [out] that ours is too high?

Apple has 600,000 jobs they’ve created, American jobs, and we want to drag them before this committee to chastise them? I find it abominable. – U.S. Senator Rand Paul, May 21, 2013

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  1. Good on Senator Paul. Senator Kevin’s “hammering” was the “stuck on a tar baby” ass crimp of a doddering old fool. As I watched his McCarthy style badger I kept hearing myself ask, “So? So what?” Not even grandstanding– bland standing from a corrupt politico. Goth help us. Congress could us some virus detectors.

  2. Bravo Rand Paul!
    who cares what you think of him normally.
    he’s right here!

    at least someone has the f’g cojones to express something in our non-democracy where everything is policed & due to political correctness no one can talk anymore.

    Apple is the only or main company we have in the U.S. that
    1. is in the Black
    2. is inventive
    3. we CAN be proud of
    it’s practically the only firm with Made in USA label we can be proud of, because everyone in the world loves or respects it.
    show me another U.S. firm with so much cash, no debt, influencing more than 1, let alone 7 industries, spending $1B+ per Q on R&D!, having any vision or soul at all etc.
    Show me another U.S. or foreign firm that defies gravity & is recession-proof?!

    for that reason, us Americans who are naysayers, who mock Apple, deride it, believe and wish its gloom (Schadenfreude), who spread fud on it, we who invest so much energy in destroying it, whether anal-ysts or media or gov. witch hunt it & falsely accusing it, bullying it etc., we should be ashamed! why break up the best of america?!!? are we that moronic, neurotic, psychopathic, self-loathing, self-destructive, stupid or are we the world’s most jingoistic, religiously fanatic morally, to shoot ourselves in the foot like this?!

    Apple did nothing wrong.
    ALL its competitors play with taxes and if anything Apple does it all legally!
    As much as Apple is not about suing more than inventing lately – it does it only because of its legal (copy) rights!

    anyway, if all of the bullies & bitchy witch hunters, would get a life, get laid instead of fuck others, if they can do better than Apple in their own poverty, then let them talk again, but walk your god damn talk 1st!

    let Apple be.
    it’s the Best America has!
    if you wish to break something, break your own heads.
    i can not believe our gov. is so stupid & unrealistic.
    instead of hunting Apple, why do they not shut down all the Banks & Pharma & Oil firms who abuse 1001x more than anyone else?!

  3. apple pays taxes on stuff sold in U.S
    It wants to bring back cash made overseas (cash made from the citizens of China, Korea , Japan etc) back to the U.S but the government puts barriers.

    Most countries simplify the tax code so that their companies can happily ‘funnel’ foreign cash back to their countries to build up their own land but some of these senators can’t see that.

    If apple is allowed to freely take this foreign cash back :

    — if it is given out as dividends income tax will be paid by the recipients
    — if Cook invests it in in factories (like the new mac assembly plant and he said components will be made all over the U.S) then the USA is built up and the factories and workers will pay corporate and income tax
    — even if the cash just sits in U.S banks, the banks can loan that cash out to americans to do business etc.

    Yet the some of the politicos can’t see this.
    Building up america with Chinese and Korean money is bad?

  4. I don’t think Apple has done anything wrong. They paid $6 billion last year in the US and have been very beneficial for the US economy.

    That said, the idea of apologizing just for having a hearing is pretty lame. He would be more effective arguing the benefits of Apple to the US economy. He just seems like the nut job he is when he says Apple deserves an apology.

  5. And now you know why Steve Jobs appointed Tim Cook to lead Apple. To the nay sayers pay attention. See how Tim Cook made those in congress feel real stupid! Tim Cook has class and doesn’t bend under any pressure what so ever. He stays the course and will continue to lead Apple to great things. He doesn’t have to bark like some CEO’s (Balmer) comes to mind.
    Great job Tim Cook!

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