Google’s worst nightmare: Samsung

“Google has become the number one mobile platform on the planet, and one major reason is that Samsung happens to sell more mobile handsets than any other company. When it comes to profits, Samsung divides 100% with Apple, which means losses and very tiny profits for all the rest,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “Google doesn’t make a huge amount of cash from Android, although I expect things will improve as more and more apps are sold in the Play Store. But not if Samsung has anything to do with it.”

“Samsung plans to award third-party developers to entice them to develop Galaxy-specific apps. Not just Android apps, but apps optimized for Samsung’s hardware and custom features,” Steinberg writes. “It’s a sure thing that improving the quality of Android apps is a good thing. In terms of the numbers of apps, Google and Apple are toe-to-toe, but the iOS offers better quality software… One particularly irksome problem in Android-land is fragmentation. A huge number of owners of Android gear are using older, sometimes much older, versions of the OS. This complicates the job for developers who want to take advantage of the latest and greatest OS features, but still want to reach as many potential customers as possible for paid software. Compromises often have to be made, which is why many Android apps are flaky, poorly designed.”

Steinberg writes, “By pushing proprietary apps and features, Samsung appears to be working overtime to separate their gear from Android. If a Galaxy-specific software market develops, what stops Samsung from forking Android and rolling as many of these apps as possible into their own proprietary storefront? If that happens, where does that leave Google?”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, sooner than later, both thieves find themselves up Shit Creek without a paddle.

Invent your own stuff. Don’t steal Apple’s IP and then, no less, do a piss poor job with your stolen products.


  1. Google/Samsung is the new wintel, with all the baggage and none of the benefits so far. Samsung would do well to write their own os and start fresh.

  2. ShameScam’s new operating system, Tizen, will cannibalize AndyBot so bad, that it might actually be funny. Not that I will support Tizen, but anything that beats out the competition has to be good. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” anyone?

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  4. I give it 2 years max for Lamedung to ditch android and create it’s own OS or at the very least use the Andriod code to create a version of Andriod that ONLY works on shitstung handsets.

    Google don’t realise it yet, but their influence on samestrung is non existant.

    Nice to see foogle being fucked like what they did to Apple.

  5. You guys are all on drugs… Have you EVER heard of competition? Do you seriously want Google/Windows to fail? Do you not think that Apple feels a “little” pressure to innovate? And please do not continue with the Samsung copies Apple argument.. At this moment in time, Samsung is AHEAD of Apple in a lot of things. You can flame that comment all you want, but do not bury your head in the sand with Samsungs momentum. Nothing bad ever comes from competition-

    1. Yes, we seriously do. Both systems suck in ways only God knows. Once we get actual, honest competition, maybe then we can respect them, but don’t hold your breath. (And don’t mention Linux: Biggest joke of the century!)

    2. Samsung is a corrupt company.

      Look at the phones they were selling when the first iPhone came out and you will see how Apple, and ONLY apple has changed the mobile business.

      Without the iPhone no one would be making touch phones or other devices.

      And that my friend is a fact no dud or mid advertising can change. It’s written in history.

      And apple is about to do it again later this year… ;))))

    3. @Bob,

      That’s a good point, competition is good, but there are other factors…

      Apple already competes with Apple. This is especially true with the iPhone where Apple has a large number of users who upgrade yearly or when they sign new 2 year contracts. I’ve always bought a new iPhone each year on day 1 because I use the iPhone so much that the upgrades are totally worth it. Apple gets this and would continue to push their products forward for the upgraders.

      Again, that doesn’t mean that competition doesn’t provide additional incentive, just that there are other factors to consider.

      Another factor has to do with standardization, accessories, and policies. If Apple dominates the smartphone industry, we can see more standardization. We’ll see fewer apps that are “Android-only”, and more accessories with iPhone docks. It was pretty sweet knowing that most hotels have alarm clocks with 30-pin connectors, but will they switch to LIghtning connectors? Currently, most companies allow iPhones, but it would really suck to work for a company that decided it was going to standardize on one platform, and then chose something other than iOS.

      So ya, I’d like to have *some* competition, but I’d also prefer Apple to dominate.

      1. good fair real competition is good yes,

        example, if truly visionary company, why before Siri did no company start there. Start with a voice UI phone, going against the touch UI of Apple… we have a phone you use voice navigation to access all phone features.

        of course this didnt happen, because the easier path was taken, copy the os, find something free to start from – linux offer something different – not better – but different so it doesnt seem copied – improvement over time can be done to please customers

        your own partner behind your back declines your offer and takes the wrong path – this is not competition — its wrong

    4. I don’t know whether competition is always good or bad but I DO KNOW that

      stealing other peoples ideas especially your OWN CUSTOMER’S is BAD.

      Samsung stole apple’s I.P (imagine a printing company stealing the story from an author whose book they are printing and then selling their own pirated books ) Samsung stole is proven from the massive court loss in the U.S.

      what is the point of ‘competition’ when people can just steal what you innovate?

    5. Bob, you are the druggy here. Samsung has jumped the shark when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy 4S. They have done the equivalent of throwing a bucket of shit at the wall to see how much would stick.

      Adding a bunch of “features” to their number one phone and calling it innovation is hilarious. Most of those features will be tested once or twice and be ignored for the rest of the phone’s life. People are looking for useful Apps and, when it comes to Android, free Apps. Samsung has failed badly on that front.

      Making their own OS is the only way Samsung can be competitive with iPhone. Their future looks bleak right now.

  6. Bob has a point. Android is the closest thing to competition Apple has and with the latest releases from Google it’s gained features that add some great functionality and allow much easier development.
    Prior to last week there wasn’t an Android specific IDE. Now there is.

    Now if Google could just get people to update their phones…

    1. It is not competition when your rivals slavishly, blatantly copy you IP. From Hardware Design to OS, Samsung + Cloners along with Evil Google are 1000% guilty of it.

  7. Apple doesn’t deny competition. All Apple ever wanted was for Samsung to stop copying their stuff. Translated, that not only means for Samsung to copy the look and feel of Apple’s products; but for them to stop using Android (Google). Samsung is getting the message on Google, but only because they are envious that Apple continues to take the lion’s share of the products. Would be interesting to see what Tizen looks like when Samsung finally ships it. As MDN has been saying for several years: Google will rue the day they got greedy and decided to work against Apple.

  8. IM LOVING SOME OF THESE COMMENT!. ” Samsung stole Apples phone design!” What a classic. You mean “APPLE STOLE SONYS PHONE AND DESIGN” people all around the world hate any company that dictates, exploits and just drags every last cent out of a consumer. Apples rep isnt great as it once was. Competition is grand, for everyone. Without it everything we do , eat, use these days would be so expencive and far less futuristic .

      1. LG Prada. First to market? They must be all over the place then! How’s your LG Prada holding up? Did you get the latest model?

        There must be dozens of them all over the world!

        In other words, spitting out a dead horse prototype means nothing if you can’t build on it. The fact that LG is a money losing not-even-also-ran kind of proves the point.

  9. you guys are all thick as 2 planks , in 2003 i bought the p800 sony ericsson touch screen then came the p900 then the p910i and were all smart phones with apps, so where do you go who coppied who, the big fish make money and litte ppl like you argue over it, i dont see them arguing,

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