Stumbling Microsoft unveils third Xbox, names it ‘Xbox One’

“I just wrapped up my live coverage of the Xbox One reveal, an event that was half as long as most thought it would be, and one hour longer than it should have been,” Paul Tassi reports for Forbes. “Meaning, this shouldn’t have been an event in the first place.”

“The Xbox One announcement was an hour long, though really only 45 minutes if you don’t count the 25% of the presentation devoted solely to being a singular ad for the (non-Xbox exclusive) Call of Duty: Ghosts,” Tassi reports. “The presentation veered wildly around from topic to topic, starting strong, but finishing prematurely before nearly any important questions about the system were answered.”

Tassi reports, “The word ‘living room’ was heard a multitude of times as we learned how the Xbox One is more than a game console, it’s a TV tuner and cable box. The strongest portion of the presentation showed how a user can switch between watching TV and gaming instantly through the (thankfully included) Kinect, and even browse channels with listings without a need for the remote. Things went awry from there.”

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  1. Sometimes Apple has the same funny attitude. Remember the NEW iPad after iPad 2? Or the sixth (or seventh) iPhone called iPhone 5 or 5s later this year. Sometime naming of devices seems to be a question of pure luck. And as always Microsoft copied Apple. 🙂

    1. Not the same.

      1) “New” does not necessarily mean “First”.
      2) iPhone 5 is the 5th major version of the iPhone. There were incremental updates of iPhones unworthy of a new number, but merely got a suffix added to the name. Makes sense to me.

      Microsoft did not copy Apple at all, except for trying to come up with a simple, memorable name. I imagine that in this case, “One” signifies that it’s “one device that does it all”.

      1. Yyyyyeah. This really is a Microsoft ‘XBoner’ move.

        “MOM! I want the Xbox One! You got me the Xbox 360! That’s OLD!!!!’

        ‘Billy, you’ve been eating too much candy. Up to your room for chill time.’

        Seriously. XBox One. Apparently the head of marketing at Microsoft had an aneurism and went a bit mental. But no one at Microsoft noticed. 😆

  2. More like Xbox 8ista. Forget about the red ring of death! People who buy this will suffer Windows 8 Metro! Have fun with a game console that looks like an abstract painting!

  3. Sounds like Apple iPhone iPad naming debacle. The 6th iPhone is called 5. The 3 or 4 th iPad is called new while the older model is called 2. Apple can do better.

  4. It seems like they rushed this announcement out. And two weeks before WWDC.. Hmmm, dismiss this as coincidence? Or do they know apple is rolling out an App Store for Apple TV with original content deals, etc.

    Can’t wait for Unity 3D to add “Build for Apple TV ” in there build menus!

  5. If M$ fails hard enough with this, then maybe, just maybe, Sega might have a chance to reclaim their spot in the console race. Or Apple. Or maybe Apple should buy Sega. Sega knows games, and Apple knows hardware. A match made in heaven!

    1. Sega would be a total waste of money. It is effectively dead. Many gamers have long forgotten it ever existed.

      With as much cash as Apple has sitting unused, it should have bought Sony years ago, shut down the ~2/3 of the product lines that are hopelessly beyond redemption, and leveraged the remaining IP and manufacturing prowess to effective ends.

    2. M$? That’s rather 20th century, isn’t it John? Based on value, I hear nothing beats A$$le. Sega might regain their spot? John, it’s the 21st century now. Maybe A$$le should buy them, they already blew it with Kinect, didn’t they? A$$le could call it another innovation!!

  6. Microsoft again attempts to force two products into one.

    Last year, it was the attempt to merge both a desktop OS and a tablet OS — resulting in a product that is more bloated than either platform should support. Attempting to do everything usually means it does nothing well.

    Now we see Microsoft merge FOUR products into one. We’ve got the Apple TV + cable box + game console + Big Brother-like Kinect functionality.

    Unfortunately, this will certainly be a successful seller because:
    1) dumb consumers love long features lists
    2) it will be priced low out the door, making money back on its service subscriptions
    3) It will work just well enough to get cable companies on board
    4) Apple considers its Apple TV “just a hobby”, and therefore isn’t going to compete with a more impressive device (for example, offering a second Apple TV unit with Tivo functionality could actually be a merger worth making).
    5) It’s a new product, which means the press will be gaggling about the XB1 (with generally positive speculation in absence of actual facts) for months. Meanwhile, Apple hasn’t released new products in months, which breeds negative speculation.
    6) Sony, despite every opportunity to get out in front of the Xbox with a new PlayStation, has squandered its lead. Not only has the online gaming platform become a magnet for attackers, but Sony has been very slow in getting its 4th generation console to market and has allowed 3rd party game developers to prioritize the Xbox. Ditto for Nintendo.
    7) nobody cares about how bad MS product reveals are. the point is, they made one. like it or not, the public and the press considers a new product = innovation. See point #5.

    1. Oh please shut up. And screw you with your dumb customer comment! I am a happy XBOX 360 customer despite its design flaws in the early days. Why ? Because its THE BEST game console.
      XBOX one looks great and it will be an amazing game console, which is its primary function.
      Everyone is cramming multiple products into everything these days, look at iPads and iPhones.
      Apple TV if its ever released will be guilty of exactly what you claim too.

  7. I don’t have the stomach to watch this, but I will say that the xBox was a huge wasted opportunity for MS. They really could have created a great experience for the living room and then built out what worked there to their desktops and tablets. No such luck though I’m guessing.

  8. Design wise I’m not impressed. You can see Microsoft is not about making device smaller or sleeker at all. Can someone answer me this??? Why are gaming consoles so big and boxy. Can’t they get them down to the size of a Mac Mini? Maybe not look like it….but at least around the same size of it.

    1. I am no fan of MS styling either, but let’s be objective.

      – It’s not supposed to be portable device.
      – Entertainment consoles where most people hide their A/V equipment are already sized for ~45cm wide components.
      – It has a rather powerful chipset and GPU in it, so to hit reasonable price points, MS obviously used less expensive desktop internals instead of constraining everything into the smallest possible cube.

      I don’t think there’s any point attempting to criticize a product until 1) we find out how well it works, and 2) Apple comes up with something better. Per point #2, my longstanding criticism of Cook is that he has made no effort to keep Apple product releases happening early and often. MS just revealed a whole new living room product. Apple’s much-rumored Apple TV and wristwatch, etc are all vaporware — and most likely will be vaporware until well after some competitor stakes out a position for timid Cook to aim at.

    2. Really ? You’re serious ? For the same reason you can’t put a Mac Pro inside an Apple TV. This thing is a cutting edge super powered computer just like 360 was at the time of its release. Its not some crappy little ATV processor inside !

  9. The naming of Apple products (specifically the iPhone) is NOT like the XBox.
    XBox One

    iPhone 3g
    iPhone 3gs
    iPhone 4
    iPhone 4s
    iPhone 5

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