The difference between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

“Yesterday Bill Gates took some heat in the media when he proclaimed that Windows 8 and Surface tablets are giving the masses what they really want in a tablet product,” Ben Bajarin writes for TechPinions. “The tablet form factor may be the ultimate showcase of the differences between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.”

“Some of the best business advice you consistently hear, as well as the root of many entrepreneurs success stories, is to create products that you would find desirable and would want to use,” Bajarin writes. “Both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are/were men of great vision.”

Bill GatesMacDailyNews Take: If you define “vision” as the ability to recognize from whom to steal, how to profit from the thefts, and who to crush via monopoly abuse in the process, then we guess you can claim Gates as a man of “great vision.”

However, the myopic Gates couldn’t even see the Internet coming, so to claim him as a “great visionary” in the same breath as Steve Jobs is beyond ludicrous, not to mention an insult to the memory of Steve Jobs.

Bajarin writes, “But they both also created products with this philosophy in mind. They made products that not only fit their vision but were something they genuinely wanted to use… Bill Gates’ vision for tablets led to Windows XP Tablet PC edition. This vision was representative of the type of tablet Bill wanted to use and the experience he valued. Steve Jobs’ vision led to the iPad.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bajarin’s claim that “Bill’s vision appealed more to the business audience while Steve’s vision, and his own product desires, appealed to the masses” is simply not supported by the facts. Apple’s iPad dominates business tablet computing as well as the mass consumer market.

Even after being shown exactly how to do it by Steve Jobs, Microsoft’s Chairman Bill Gates and his buffoon CEO couldn’t manage to see it, instead continuing to attempt to shoehorn a desktop OS into a tablet, slapping on some “touch,” and then idiotically requiring it to be used optimally on a desk, with a kickstand holding it up along with a physical keyboard!

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  1. Gates had vision in that he could see where things were going, he just lacked the vision on how to actually produce the interfaces and software that would define how we got there.

    He was a reactionary more than a true visionary imho.

    A brutal businessman above all else.

      1. Gates got what he wanted by essentially bundling the basics before Apple did & selling to the box builders instead of the real user.

        Gates really didn’t have to concentrate on making it safe, easy or quick to learn.

        The irony to me is Warren Buffett said he wouldn’t invest in Microsoft because he couldn’t understand the long term strategy of MS’s software business. Warren Buffet knew a lot about buying businesses that satisfy end consumers: See’s Candy.

  2. “This vision was representative of the type of tablet Bill wanted to use and the experience he valued.”

    Likely Bill and Ballmer are the only 2 wanting to use it. The rest are likely forced. Just as with PC’s.

  3. The difference between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs is easy to define.

    Steve raised a skull and cross bones pirate flag to say screw you to IBM.

    Bill was a real pirate who stole software from many sources, including Apple and screwed his customers big time.

    He helped fellow pirates the world over by making Windows and leaving holes in his software so that the pirates made lots of money and Windows users lost Billions of dollars in lost data, lost time and lost intellectual property.

    1. ahhhhhhh…..I’ll take “still alive and so rich, I couldn’t give all my money away if I lived to be 300 years old’ for $6 Billion” Alex?!?!?!?!

  4. Steves vison and understanding of people is the reason the iPad has succeeded in business where windows tablets failed. What Gates and company never understood is that most business people are not real tech savvy, and MS built a tablet for IT staff not for the average business person. The iPad was designed to be easy for anyone to use while still being powerful. MS build a tablet for the 5-10 people in IT, Apple built a tablet for the other 5000 people who work there.

  5. The primary difference is that Bill Gates is still alive and Jobs is still dead as Mr Gates probably would not wait 6 months after his doctor told him he had an operable Pancreatic tumor so he could fast, pray and seek miracle cures. Amazing how someone so smart could be so effing stupid.

    Next, Bill Gates has given away the bulk of his fortune to charity that has done some pretty amazing stuff all over the world.

    Next, because of the first item, Bill Gates will get to see and know his grandchildren and grow old with his wife. Ms Jobs has already buried her husband.

    They are alike in that neither run the companies they founded, as Gates retired to philanthropy and Jobs due to prayer, fasting and not listening to his doctors until it was too late.

    The rest is secondary.

  6. Whats with all the gates bashing? The guy had given 40 billion to charity/medical research/infrastructure / hospitals / food banks / cancer centers, he builds schools, colleges, and helps people all over the world, how the hell is that bad?

    Steve Jobs was a good CEO, but he wouldn’t have given a starving child a sandwich.

    1. The problem with Bill Gates is the way he got those Billions in the first place, not how he gave away some of his money to buy his way into heaven.

      Bill Gates was the Al Capone of the electronic era.

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