Adobe unveils iPad-compatible, cloud-enabled ‘Project Mighty’ smart stylus and ‘Napoleon’ digital ruler

Adobe has announced two new cloud-enabled hardware offerings: the “Project Mighty” stylus and the “Napoleon” guide and ruler.

“The Mighty is a pressure sensitive stylus that connects to the iPad via Bluetooth to allow digital artists to create line drawings with variable widths based on pressure,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors. “According to TechCrunch, the pen is able to store a number of preferences and settings, including color palette themes, brushes, and assets saved in a cloud clipboard.”

Clover reports, “Adobe’s Napoleon is designed to function alongside the stylus, allowing users to draw straight lines and arcs, much like traditional drafting tools.”

Adobe's cloud-enabled 'Project Mighty' smart stylus and 'Napoleon' digital ruler
Adobe’s cloud-enabled ‘Project Mighty’ smart stylus and ‘Napoleon’ digital ruler

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  1. Apparently Adobe does not believe those who say the iPad is just for content consumption and not for creation. Wow real work can be done on an iPad. Creative people like to work out in the field, not just the office. On the other hand photo editing and design will no longer be considered “real work”. They will now be downgraded to the likes of doctors and airline pilots who find the iPad a be great tool for their job. Oh the shame they will bring to their family. ( last part sarcasm)

  2. So like with the Google Chromebook, what happens with these products when you don’t have an internet connection?

    Offline usability is the one feature cloud computing needs to add.

  3. The concept is neat, but the image suggests that these products are closer to vapourware than they are fully functioning products. Which is a shame, because there is so much potential for a series of tools which would allow us to use our iPads to sketch they way we are meant to sketch.

    But it doesn’t look like that these will come out as well-thought-out products. I think that Apple will have to show Adobe how to build a real stylus that works with an iPad. And then it will be obvious to everyone. At least I hope.

    And couldn’t Adobe (and a lot of other companies) copy Apple already in building a more coherent naming strategy. What do “Project Mighty” and “Napoleon” have to do with a pen and ruler? Sheesh…

    1. The demo was very cool… and made a lot if sense. Say what you want about Adobe – they are the ONLY game in town for professionals. Save for the Apple Pro apps..

  4. Need a stylus that works as beautifully as my 15-cent Bic biro fine point.

    Just poneyed up big bucks for a Pogo Stylus, which is ‘sorta’ OK, but still a bit like using a hammer.

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