Microsoft offers no apology for Windows 8, promises better with Windows Blue (Screen of Death)

“With Windows 8, Microsoft ignored the basic tenets of change management and paid the price. Now Microsoft is finally trying to correct the mistakes it made with Windows 8,” Nigam Arora writes for Forbes. “I am an engineer and technology is my game. It took me about three hours to become comfortable with Windows 8. I can only empathize with users without a tech background.”

“Tami Reller, chief financial officer and chief marketing officer of the Windows client division at Microsoft, has been giving many interviews indicating that the next version of Windows is coming later this year. The code name for the next version is Windows Blue,” Arora writes. “There are few confirmed details. Windows Blue will work with smaller tablets. ”

Arora writes, “The release of Windows Blue reminds me of Windows 3.1. Windows 3.0 was Microsoft’s clumsy attempt to copy Apple’s graphical user interface and was released on March 22, 1990. Windows 3.1 corrected the clumsiness of Windows 3.0… History is repeating itself. Microsoft again tried to copy Apple iPad and messed up. Similar to Windows 3.0, Microsoft’s arrogance got in the way and has taken Microsoft entirely too long to address the situation. Chances are this time Microsoft is not going to be as lucky as it was with Windows 3.1.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The fact that Microsoft are calling their Windows 8ista patch “Windows Blue” shines a klieg light on the Microsoft’s inability to make proper decisions about very simple matters; basic calls that should be easy for even a 12-year-old to make. For Microsoft CEOs and other dense objects, our headline should explain why the naming of “Windows Blue” makes us believe that no company can actually be this stupid, they must instead either have a serious death wish or be working for Apple.

Microsoft. Promises forever, never fulfilled.™

Microsoft Windows

If Microsoft were a properly run company, the fool who suggested “Windows Blue” would be standing in an unemployment line wondering what hit him right now. Instead he’s probably alone, jumping around in his corner office, sweating profusely, and screaming “developers, developer, developers!”

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    1. This name has so many things wrong with it, I have the same theory about it as those horrid Microsoft TV ads: I think their ad company people are sabotaging their own client.

      1. Having been in the design business for evar, I have given more than a few presentations for clients like the M$ twins.
        You always put in a “throw-away” in the three versions that you show to them. One you really like, one you could tolerate and one so bad they couldn’t POSSIBLY pick it… well about 1 in 3 times, sure enough they will pick the god-aweful one and you’re stuck with it! Ha!

      2. You mean those grossly over-contrived tv ads where attractive young people jump around and dance on tables because they have surface tablets? Just have to shake my head and think I must be too left-brained to understand the concept.

        1. Yeah, kinda like the Geico Gecko. I’m supposed to be persuaded to buy auto insurance from a talking cartoon lizard? (Like MS, all of Geico’s ads are asinine.)

  1. “Under the hood Windows 8 is revolutionary and well implemented ……. .” Revolutionary? Well implemented? What does this mean? Details please? Anyone?

  2. @MDN – Even if as you Microsoft were a properly run company I am sure you the bullshit MDN takes will still fly out. Give it a rest and go play with your MAC.

  3. Microsoft needs to stop relying on the power of the hardware to have a good OS, Macs’ have slightly lower hardware specs than pc’s of the same price but out perform them because apple can actually program and make the OS efficient

    1. A simple and like Minecraft runs at 30 fps on my Mac mini in windows, in Mountain Lion 90 fps. Wtf Microsoft make the OS work before you add the other shit

    2. Macs do not have lower hardware specifications at the same price.
      Most Windows computers sold are at a lower price point and fitted with lower specification parts and materials. For instance they will come with intel i3 based processors instead of i5 or, i7
      Have you priced out just the Intel processors individually?
      There is a huge price difference between processors.
      Apple does not sell lower priced computers. I think the Mac Mini is the lowest price Mac at $599
      If other computer manufacturers or, assemblers tried to build a computer with the same specifications, materials, and attention to detail of an Apple Mac, then the price would be a lot more than an Apple computer.

  4. Funny, they named it after the Blue Screen of Death that has been a part of the great user experience of Microsoft Windows users for many years now.

    Thank you Microsoft and Steve Ballmer. At least you will go down laughing with us!

    1. So the real story was that if Bill Gates had any honesty, instead of bad-mouthing iPads with fictitious issues, he would have admitted that Windows 8 users were frustrated because they can’t use their new PCs.

      His company has effectively admitted as much by being forced to make such a drastic redesign so soon after launching the product, but Gates simply doesn’t have the integrity to admit that Microsoft made a huge miscalculation.

    1. The UI somewhat was, but they were two totally different beasts under the hood.

      I remember the lawsuit too, it was the reason that OS/2 ended up running windows 3.X software natively and better than Windows itself did.

      OS/2 was a SOLID OS back in the day.

    2. Um, actually IBMand Microsoft worked collaboratively on OS/2. Microsoft owned the UI and IBM owned the kernel. As a condition if the seperation each was granted the right to use the other’s code. Windows NT is the OS/2 kernel underneath the windows 3.x GUI. And OS/2 was able to run windows programs because of this without violating any licenses or copyrights.

      The court case was more because Microsoft used the GUI in direct competition with their business partner creating a conflict of interests.

  5. Poor choice of words. Using “blue” in the name will only remind people of the infamous Windows Blue Screen of Death or the Blue Ring of Death that plagues the Xbox.

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