Apple’s iOS ups massive lead over Android in U.S. Web traffic with 69% share in April

“Android may be the smartphone champ, but Apple’s iOS is tops in mobile Web traffic, at least according to a report out today from analyst Gene Munster,” Lance Whitney reports for CNET.

MacDailyNews Take: What does that mean, Lance, “the smartphone champ?” Does units shipped make you the “champ” even on the back of unending, margin-sapping Buy One Get X Free promotions? Why isn’t profit share among, if not the top, criteria for being “champ?” Is it because that would make Apple champ because they own some 70% of the profits in the smartphone market? So, who’s really the “smartphone champ, Lance? Those who flood the market in order to reap pennies and bolster unit shipment numbers or those who take the lion’s share of the market’s available profits? Ask yourself that next time before you delude your readership with flippant, empty, disingenuous statements.

Whitney continues, “For April, iOS captured 69 percent of all the traffic analyzed by Piper Jaffray, leaving Android in second place with 26.5 percent. Those numbers showed an increase from March when iOS accounted for 66.4 percent and Android for 28.7 percent.”

MacDailyNews Take: Perhaps, Lance, when referring to Android in your opening sentence, you meant to type “chump?”

Whitney continues, “The data hardly offers a full picture of overall Web traffic. The report itself looked at just 10 of the top 100 mobile Web sites, which included, Tumblr, ChaCha, Examiner, LinkedIn, Bleacher Report, Hubpages, White Pages, Squidoo, and However, other reports have uncovered similar results. A December report from Web analytics firm Chitika pegged iOS’s share of mobile traffic at 67 percent and Android’s at 33 percent.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]

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  1. Android has 100% of the dumpster market, so it’s no wonder that their share of web surfing activities is in the low to mid 20%. I’m surprised it’s even that high. I suppose dumpster surfers are people too and surf the web from the end of the welfare line.

  2. Something doesn’t add up.

    We’re told that Android account for far more handsets than IOS. In addition people who have got over-sized handsets insist that they’re much better for web surfing – even though they’re embarrassing to use for phone calls.

    So if there are more Android handsets out there and these bigger handsets are claimed to be so perfect for web surfing, why does Apple consistently account for such a high proportion of mobile web traffic ?

    There are two likely explanations, which are not mutually exclusive. 1) Android handsets are not very practical to use for web surfing. 2) Android’s claimed shipping figures may be high, but a significant proportion of those handsets are not actually being used for one reason or another.

    1. “No free Wi-Fi at the trailer park, but at least the community VHS machine done got every episode of Hee Haw ever made!”

      Yes, yes, I know: I’m a horrible, elitist, mean-spirited Republican because I made a joke grounded in reality that may not pass muster at the political correctness rally.

      1. The trailer park is full of Republicans watching Faux Newz Channel, think the President is a Kenyan Manchurian Candidate, listen to Rush and think that these are the end times…

        1. The Republicans in recent times have shifted to the south and much of the voter base they have is less educated, white, older, lower income and more rural. They have gotten very good at using hot button issues to up the turn out to tilt elections. It is Gawd, Gays and Guns 24/7/365.

        2. Why, yes, Republicans are no match for the superior intellect, high education levels, and the deep understanding of policy issues possessed by Obama-Biden voters:

        3. Most Americans and voters are not members of either party. I am not a member of either party. What is your point other than a lot of poorly informed people live in our country?

        4. “The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.” – John F. Kennedy

          U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three others likely came to understand this quite clearly on the night of September 11, 2012.

        5. Fwhatever, I hope that you realize that many of us will not follow your links, and it has nothing to do with being close-minded or afraid to listen to a differing viewpoint.

          If you have something to say, then say it clearly and succintly and move on. Don’t bother posting links to videos and such. It is a waste of time.

    2. Could it be a third or fourth point?

      3) Android is counted in everything it is dumped into. People reading on a Android e-books are not surfing, networking, gaming, … People buying the cheapest device lack the cash to use cellular networks, buy products, … Kids given Android devices to play music and games again, do not profit anyone because the kid does not have the resources to do anything with the low cost device that was gifted to them.

      4) Crap brakes and can not get on the Internet from the garbage dump.

  3. MDN, it’s not even just profits that would make Apple the champ: customer satisfaction and intent-to-buy would factor in — all before including the ecosystem.

  4. Take a look at the Canaccord Genuity numbers on mobile and the issue is not Android- it is Samsung Android. It also shows erosion in Apple’s margins and a growth in Samsung, although Apple’s decline is faster than Samsung’s growth in margins.

    Smart Phones are becoming a commodity item and the big question is can Apple differentiate itself with enough people to support and sustain the margins it traditionally has sought and enjoyed.

  5. my iPhone 4 has been handed down twice already and I’m still on a 4S. The first hand-me-downer got an iPhone 5. Android phones don’t last long enough to hand-me-down. It’s like iPhone gets Miles per Gallon and with Android it’s gallons to the mile efficiency… in other words… my friend went through 3 android phones last year because his moto was defective… is this sell through ?

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