Yankee Group: iPhone ownership in the U.S. will top Android by 2015

“Apple’s smartphone continues to gain share over devices running Google’s mobile OS in the U.S.; so much so that, according to the Yankee Group, iPhone ownership in the U.S. will exceed Android ownership by 2015,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD. “The reason: Platform loyalty.”

“Yankee Group surveyed 16,000 consumers over the past 12 months regarding which smartphones they own and which they intend to buy within the next six months,” Paczkowski reports. “Of those surveyed, 91 percent of iPhone owners intend to buy another iPhone… That’s not quite as true for Android. Yankee found that 76 percent of Android owners intend to buy another Android phone. A big number, sure. But it means that 24 percent of Android phone users plan to switch to another platform. Guess where the majority of those professed switchers are going — 18 percent to iPhones.”

Paczkowski reports, “Flip side: Just 6 percent of iPhone owners said they plan to switch to Android. That’s a pretty significant asymmetry. And when you apply it to first-time smartphone buyers, two-thirds of whom plan to buy either an iPhone or an Android phone, it’s not hard to see iPhone ownership surpassing Android ownership in the U.S. in the next few years — by 2015.”

Read more, including Yankee Group VP Carl Howe’s excellent bucket analogy, in the full article here.

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  1. here they again. no matter what it is, analysts never reveal international market share, profit. what is wrong with it? of course, iphone can’t compete with Android smart phone worldwide. it never will. I think that Apple will fail to sell iphone in China. don’t you believe it? you will see. plus, Samsung new galaxy S4 is sold out everywhere including Korea. you have to know it.

  2. Who’s using all these Android phones?
    Everywhere I look people are using their iPhones.

    Do their Android phones sit in drawers or do they just never leave their pockets?

    1. I mostly see iPhones, too. But I have noticed more Samsung Galaxy S3 handsets in the wild, lately. Android is having an undeniable impact on the smartphone landscape.

      Samsung isn’t going to go away unless Apple wins some crushing legal cases. But, paraphrsing SJ’s famous saying about Microsoft, Samsung does not need to lose for Apple to win. I just wish the competitors were no so dirty.

  3. I see android phones everywhere. And yeah, it looks like a low-rent crowd buying them but when asked they like the phone. Problem is they could have been iPhone customers and are not due to lack of choice and price point from apple. Mostly choice it seems. I see most went for the big screen. It’s so painfully obvious. Also you have army’s of phone company and vender salespeople directing buyers to Samsung android phones. Walk into best buy, verizon stores AT&T stores, distortion-shack stores. Those salespeople barely ever suggest iPhone over android. I’m never pushed to apple unless I ask. So what do you expect? And apple acts like they don’t even care. Where is the competitive advertising? Just the occasional cutesy fluff. Anylists do notice, market share decreases. It’s painfully obvious. The moment iPhone five Failed to impress the stock sank. As James Hetfield would say, Sad but true.

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