Apple utterly dominates smartphone and mobile app markets, raking in 72% and 74% of profits, respectively

“Apple and Samsung are the ones raking in the bucks, says Canaccord Genuity,” Harry McCracken reports for “And Apple is raking in far more of them than Samsung, taking 72 percent of the profit in the last quarter of 2012.”

“Samsung made 29 percent of the industry’s profit — mostly for Android phones, although it also has Windows Phone handsets,” McCracken reports. “Everybody else in the business, including Android-centric makers such as HTC and Motorola, either broke even or lost money — which is why Apple and Samsung’s profits add up to more than 100 percent.”

Smartphone profit share

McCracken reports, “According to Canalys’s data for the first quarter of this year, iOS users are spending much more on apps even if they’re downloading fewer of them overall [iOS has 40% of total app downloads vs. 51% for Android].”

App Store profits iOS vs. Android vs. Other

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    1. no single number matters. these numbers tell us Apple is successful today. market share numbers ensure that a company will be around for a long time, even if its rate of return is lower.

      Apple would be wise to increase its market share.

      1. Facebook just told their entire shop and user base to go with Android. So market share really is important. And there goes a bunch of it. Apple had their chance. It’s sickening to watch Apple blow market share again. The stock is going to get pummeled. Name one major software company like Adobe that does best with Apple in terms of market share. Any business like Quickbooks? Anything adobe ? Email? Office? Word? Safari? Maps? Video editing? sound recording? Search? Any gaming? Angry birds? But we don’t need the pros, noooo. lets dumb everything down for grandpa… Even the Droid commercials blow apples unicorns and androgynous people ad spots away. Yes market share. I’ m just venting to Apple decision makers.. Any here? Mobile was going to be your market share chance. Lets go.

        1. Probably more an idea that Facebook thinks it can make more from the multiple low level Android phones on the market. Plus it’s not possible for Facebook’s skin to work on IOS, so there isn’t any point in them trying to port it over.

          How has Apple blown market share? Because they haven’t made a crappy phone to compete with the glut of cheap Android phones that have flooded the market? Have they angered developers by fragmenting their operating system across all of these crap phones?

          IOS users are proven to be willing to pay for apps, which seems to be working thus far.Developers will continue to program for IOS over Android as it is the bet ROI for them.

          You do realize that pointing products at the middle user is the golden spot? Targeting professionals left Apple where it was for so long. I’m not saying to ignore the professional, but they aren’t where the money is unfortunately.

  1. I have a little blurb for Apples competitors. Apple makes their user experience LOOK easy. Well folks, what Apple has done over the past decade ain’t easy. Apple’s upcoming product lineup will once again wow those who thought they knew and once again baffle the naysayers into even more vitriol towards Apple and in turn make Wall Street ANALists cring as to what FUD stories they can dream up to beat Apple down once again. This story is getting WAY LONG in the tooth. Who makes the most profit in mobile and computer sales? Yeah, that tinker toy computer maker Apple Inc.. Fck the System. Think Different & Do The Right Thing. A concept our corrupt global system can not comprehend. Sad.

    1. Everything looks easy and simple when masterfully executed, that’s what separates the men from the boys.

      Apple makes their user experience LOOK easy, because Apple is first and foremost, the best software company in the world, that’s alway’s been true.

      1. Apple does software? 😳… According to Terry Myerson iOS is ‘boring’. So by reason of ANALitical self MicroSoftism omnipotence iOS must be ‘boring’ because Terry Said SO. Right? My suggestion to BOZO Tery M. You best get a bucket, rag & squeegee …. Your Windoze are as clouded as your BRAIN!

      2. Yep, pros make the difficult look easy and the impossible look achievable. It takes more work to simplify than it does to make something more complex. Deceptive simplicity is the hallmark of great design.

    1. Um, the article explains it: Every other handset maker either broke even (0%) or lost money (-x%), which is why Apple and Samsung’s totals exceed 100%.

      Math may be your strong suit, but reading comprehension needs some work.

  2. Android emphasises quantity over quality. Apple emphasises quality over quantity.

    It’s obvious to a dispassionate observer that quality will always attract paying customer who appreciate the worth of the object inherent in quality. And conversely customers who are attracted by quantity will always suffer from the consequences of the lack of quality and so will avoid paying for it.

  3. Now consider that it was reported today that Apple accounts for 45% of PC profits and one gets the picture of what Apple has accomplished. Simply incredible.

  4. But….
    Who cares about computer segment profits?
    Who cares about mobile segment profits?
    iPod sales are falling dramatically!
    Apple TVs don’t sell nearly as well as PS-3s or Xbox-360s or cable settop boxes!
    Apple is DOOMED!
    Haven’t you guys been reading all the reports? Apple has lost its way. It cannot innovate anymore. Apple does not have anything new and never will again. Apple has lost its entrepreneurial spirit and is destined to be less important than either Microsoft or Dell in just the next few months!
    The entire industry reporting on this *cannot* be wrong!
    Apple is DOOMED!

    (((We now return you to reality.)))

  5. here you go again. it is US only. why don’t you just show worldwide share? when I read this kind of article, it is US only or North america. mac share is just the same as well. if you talk about worldwide share, iphone and ios can’t share 70%. it is impossible. android is still dominating. I don’t care US market share what not because I don’t live in there.

  6. I hear that pc’s still have a huge market share. How is that going for you? If i am not mistaken there is only one company thats making a descent profit in the computer industry and I don’t think its a pc maker. So much for market share. Go to coffee bean, Starbucks any coffee shop and tell me what you see, not just in America. More Kids want iPhones compared to any other phone, not just in America and i wonder why that is

  7. People have discovered something about Apple hance the resurgence of the mac. How long do you think it will take them to discover the same thing about the iPhone. simple e.g.
    Two friends bought phones. One an iPhone the other GS3. Something went wrong with the iPhone and it got replaced. Cant say the same about the friend that got the galaxy phone. He was told his warranty was three months and there is nothing they can do about it. Dare i say more?

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