Microsoft’s latest phone chief says Apple’s iOS is ‘boring’

“Microsoft Corp.’s top mobile-phone executive said its Windows Phone operating system has an opportunity to lure away Apple Inc. and Google Inc. users because it offers a more exciting and smoother experience,” Scott Moritz and Dina Bass report for Bloomberg.

“Apple’s iOS software is ‘boring,’ with icons across the bottom that offer little information or flexibility, said Terry Myerson, vice president of the Windows Phone division, at a conference in New York,” Moritz and Bass report. “Google Inc.’s Android is ‘a mess,’ with too many different versions of the operating software in use, he said.”

Moritz and Bass report, “The Redmond, Washington-based software maker had 2.6 percent of the smartphone operating system market in the fourth quarter, according to research firm IDC.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, boring a massive hole straight through your mismanaged company’s blackened heart.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Pridon” for the heads up.]

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      1. So true. Here is the play out as it occured.
        1. Lawsuit filed against Samsung, creating a media hype.
        2. Release of iphone5 was o.k. and the 4s kept selling at a steady pace.
        Since then, apple stock has continued to dropp at a surprisingly fast rate. From 700 in 9/2012 to under 400 in 4/2013. When you consider that the iphone sales make up 47% to 50% of the whole apple market.

        Don’t be surprised to start seeing this brand come in with lower-priced iphones and lowered priiced products, as well.

  1. Donkey Boy Moritz!!!! The donkey who couldn’t get 1 Apple doomsday prediction right at TheStreet, was thrown out covered in Zune brown, comes back for more FUD and cluelessness.

    So befitting of Bloomberg to hire a deadbeat with the worst Apple credentials…

  2. I love the way iOS is boring. No crashes, easy to use, best of the world.

    Seriously I tried Windows 8 and RT and Phone. All of them are terrible. Unusable if you ever used iOS.

    Stay boring, Apple. (May be some UI overhaul would be welcome.)

    1. iOS is boring like my new thermostat is boring. I haven’t given it a thought since I installed it. It just works. My old thermostat was exciting. We were jumping up to adjust it and change the programming every few hours. I’ll take boring.

        1. Only downside is that it may not reconnect to your network automatically after a power failure. If you’re not home and it’s winter time in a cold climate you could freeze some pipes.

  3. He is right to an extent. It is boring, but that’s the way it was designed. It’s so simple and out of your way because the apps are the focus. iOS is largely nothing more than a gateway to your apps. If you prefer something else then you can choose another operating system. There is no reason to be offended by this, it’s more of a backhanded compliment than anything. Apple should be proud to have the “boring” OS.

    1. A huge +1. People who say that iOS is boring simply don’t get it. The OS is SUPPOSED to get out of your way and fade to the background – it is all about the APPS.

      Microsoft (and Android geeks who constantly say that iOS is “stale”) simply don’t get the concept.

  4. This from the folks who brought all of us that smashing break thru, the Zune. And a CEO who sticks his tongue out. Classy. What will they think of next? Oh, yeah. a phone. Whew. The creative juices just keep coming.

  5. Yea, the rush of impassioned phone buyers are just busting down the doors of their local Microsoft store. Well, more like a few finger prints on the phones in their stores. Impassioned !

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