Windows RT tablet prices drop, pointing to failure of Windows RT

“Prices of Windows RT devices have started falling, signaling an attempt by PC makers to quickly clear out stock after poor adoption of tablets and convertibles with the operating system,” Agam Shah reports for IDG News Service.

“Microsoft released Windows RT for ARM-based devices and Windows 8 for Intel-based devices in October last year. The price drop is an acknowledgement that Windows RT has failed, analysts said,” Shah reports. “Prices of popular products usually don’t fall, but Windows RT devices were not in demand, and prices fell, analysts said.”

Shah reports, “Though Microsoft has not publicly acknowledged the failure of Windows RT, there is already growing concern about the fate of the OS. IDC earlier this month said that Windows RT tablet shipments have been poor, and that consumers have not bought into ‘Windows RT’s value proposition.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As predicted.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Hold off and they will be giving them away at MS Stores as a reward for walking in. Of coarse it failed, its a netbook and nobody wants a netbook that has to run special apps that no one has written. This is one reason why B of A down graded MS. MicroSoft is in the hospital and will be on its way to the hospice.

  2. I just saw one of those damn Surface Pro television commercials again. Unbelievable! Maybe some of the worst commercials I’ve ever seen in my life? And they just keep running them, and running them, and running them. That and Steve Balmer in charge and their stock hasn’t tanked.

  3. It’s sad when M$ has to pay for product placement for this ordure on shows like NCIS Los Angeles AND labour the point in the closing titles. Smells of desperation, methinks!


  4. Windows RT is a superfluous piece of sh*t that is as superfluous as the left nut is to Ballmer’s one nut sack holding the right one.

    Imagine if you will the amount of confusion over just the naming convention of using Windows for everything. It’s illogical. No one knows what RT stands for nor what it does relative to Windows 8.

    When someone buys an iPad, they are cognisant of the fact that it runs iOS. There is absolutely no confusion in the mind of the user what the iPad is and what it can be used for.

    Windows RT in effect is a gimped version of Windows 8 that cannot run legacy apps so right there the user is crippled by having to purchase all of his apps anew. If he has to do that he might as well invest in an iPad – the proven market leader.

    Windows as a platform has always attracted users by trapping them in a backward compatibility syndrome. Lose that and you lose the raison d’être for having Windows.

    And that’s a wrap from Ballmer. Over and Zuned.

    1. You’re right: The naming convention leads to confusion. Let’s help them out:

      Windows RT gets renamed “Limited Windows”

      Windows 8 gets renamed “Triple Pain Windows”

      Windows 8 Home Edition with Security Doubled renamed “Safety Glass”

  5. When sellers of iPad lower the price it signals a new version coming, but when sellers of Windows RT tablets lower the price it signals a market failure. I should be quiet with this observation since it could be read by a hit-whore who will loudly proclaim falling prices on iPad indicate market failure!

  6. Agreed, RT is a market failure. No surprise there based on price versus performance.

    However, MS will recover as it always does, and the next generation of Surfaces might actually make some money, just as the Xbox eventually did. Again, MDN faithful continue to think short term. Some of the most spectacular failures sparked real learning and innovation later.

    Was Next a failure for Steve Jobs?
    The Newton?

    Okay, resume piling on Redmond without mercy or logic …

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