Apple: reasons to doubt Goldman Sachs’ Conviction Buy List

“When Goldman Sachs kicked Apple Inc. off its celebrated Conviction Buy List, casual observers might have seen the move as yet another blow to a battered stock,” David Zeiler writes for Money Morning. “But don’t be surprised if Apple stock rallies in the months ahead.”

“That’s because when you look at the record, most stocks that get dropped from Goldman’s Conviction Buy List – a frequently updated list of equities the bank says will outperform the market – don’t falter,” Zeiler writes. “In fact, over the past six months, most of the stocks that Goldman has booted off the Conviction Buy List have gone up, and several have actually outperformed the market.”

Zeiler writes, “Another suspicious pattern in the timing of when Goldman takes a stock off its Conviction Buy List has to do with how late the bank seems to make its call. Just take Apple, for instance. Apple stock plunged more than $250 over a period of several months, but Goldman stubbornly kept it on the Conviction Buy List. Only this week, long after the damage had been done, did Goldman finally get around to dropping it.”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Trillot Bernard” for the heads up.]


  1. Crow about when you sold and rest on your superficial laurels or get in on a last call..

    BUY BUY BUY – Apple ain’t going anywhere but up despite all the tail wagging efforts.

    1. How about $410?…tis a friday and AAPL has gone down 15 of the last 17 fridays. Two or three weeks more and GOOG market cap will pass AAPL. We been played for suckers by bealeagered Apple.

  2. And please, Goldman Sachs?! It’s like asking health advice from Altria (Philip Morris’ non-carcinogenic-sounding parent company) or BP. It has no credibility whatsoever and its continued existence in its current form bares the continuing stranglehold of dirty money over Wall Street.

  3. The stories, speculation, guess work, nonsense, etc. keep on coming when only one thing matters. The company needs a new CEO. Until that event occurs, reading about anything else is a total waste of time.

  4. Goldman Sach of Shite.

    Clue: Who was the #1 company screwing over their customers and clients in 2007 with bad subprime loan sales, triggering the 2007 worldwide economic depression? You get one guess.

    FSCK Goldman Sachs, hateful, self-destructive, manipulative parasites deluxe. 😛

  5. Goldman has always been a bunch of whores. In the 1970 and 80’s they touted stocks on poor unsuspecting clients. That didn’t know any better. Why should things change now.

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