Taking after Apple, naturally, Samsung to open store-within-store sections inside Best Buy stores

“Over the last two years, Best Buy stores have dramatically increased the number of smartphones and tablets they carry,” Russell Holly reports for Geek.com.

“The Apple section of a Best Buy is unlike anything else in the store. Intentionally, this section of the PC department looks as though a piece of an Apple store was removed and then directly installed into a Best Buy,” Holly reports. “The displays are well spaced and allow a personal experience between you and the demo unit you are touching, instead of the cramped tables in the rest of the department where you’re bumping shoulders with the next prospective PC buyer. Even when there are lots of people in the Apple section of a Best Buy, you can still walk around and see all of the products. The employees tasked to those areas are always knowledgeable and friendly as well, it’s as close to an Apple store experience as you can get in a Best Buy.”

Holly reports, “No other brand in a Best Buy gets this treatment in the PC section, but starting in about a month Samsung is going to have a similar section in the mobile department… This new section will be dressed in large Samsung signage and offer custom demo stations for many of Samsung’s products.”

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MacDailyNews Take: For some reason, numerous slogans spring to mind:

Samsung. We follow Apple around like a retarded puppy dog.

Samsung. Why have the best, when you can settle for a plastic mess?

Samsung. For tasteless morons who reward the criminally imitative.

Samsung. We wish we were Apple, but then we’d never know WTF to do next!

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  1. And in other news, Best Buy will soon have a “New to You” automotive electronics department where you can buy formerly owned car stereos and other equipment that can be found listed in various police reports around the country.

        1. Longer.

          And MDN, stop insulting puppies. They’re not retarded, just immature. (Kind of like a lot of MDN commenters.) (And I would plead guilty to that myself, on occasion.)

      1. Yes, I bought quite a few things for Macs at Comp USA. Their store within a store wasn’t perfect but it was nice. The only problem with the Apple stores is that many of the smaller mom-and-pop Apple shops have gone away. Melrose Mac has survived. But then again, out here it’s a whole different world. Where you have studios and people making movies, TV and music everywhere, you have Macs. Lots of Macs. So Tim, where the hell are my new Mac Pros? I need them yesterday!

        1. In our area we have had two shops that were Apple certified to work on Apple computers close down in the past 6 months. I would have to travel down to Sacramento, 300 miles away to get warranty work done on my mac. We really need an Apple store in Redding to serve Northern California.

            1. The Apple rep on the phone did not recommend that one and still thought the two repair stores up here were still in business . The one in Redding closed months ago along with the one in Eureka. Makes sense to have one in Chico and is only 200+ miles from me, but still better than going to Sacramento.

            2. It is sad to see small businesses go under. People should support their local small businesses as much as they possibly can. Even if sometimes it costs you a little bit more money. Those are your friends and your neighbors. It’s what keeps your community going. There’s nothing wrong with big stores and big companies but there needs to be a balance. Those mom and pop Apple shops will go the extra mile to help you. Because they want you to come back. Because they have bills to pay. Too many people working for too few large companies is not good for progress. It eliminates competition. Always patronize local retailers. In the long run it’s your best bet.

        2. I would expect the Mac Pro’s to show up around the WWDC in June. That is usually when Apple Makes Pro Announcements in both Pro Hardware and Software.

  2. I wonder if Apple really needs Best Buy, I wonder if Apple just says, “ok, fine, bah bye”, and two years later from a TV News Anchor, “In other news, without Apple products, Best Buy has filed for Chapter 11”.

    Samsung Slogan’s…

    Never the Bride, just the parking attendant Outside.
    Made for those who set their expectations just a little lower.
    After a few beers, our stuff kinda looks pretty good.
    Why settle for the best when you can have something less.

    1. I talked with an Apple rep. and he told me if a town like Redding, CA does not have the traffic large enough for an Apple store then they set up shop in a Best Buy. So Apple needs Best Buy in smaller market areas like the Redding area. I do not know why they could not open a small Apple store and drop Best Buy.

      1. In Upstate NY, it seems that the only BBs that have Apple are in cities that have Apple Stores. In the smaller cities (e.g. Ithaca, home of Cornell University) BB doesn’t carry Apple, and there is no Apple Store.

        1. That is an odd set up. Why would Apple compete with it self with both Apple stores and BB in store Apple set ups? Why would they not have Apple in store set up in the BB in the smaller cities and just have the Apple stores in the larger cities?

    2. At one point, Best Buy was the third largest iPhone vendor (behind only Apple and AT&T). They remain a very big player in the wireless market, even if their influence has declined. Best Buy’s retail location strategy is very different from Apple’s. Best Buy tends to locate in big box power centers that cater to the price-sensitive high volume market.

      Apple will locate its retail stores in pricier locations — urban downtowns and upscale shopping centers. Their locations also tend to be higher income communities. Apple will not locate in a power center because they don’t need a large scale building footprint, and they will want a higher profile and prestigious location. In addition to product sales, Apple stores are also there for image building. They convey an upscale image by locating only in a high profile location, and creating architecturally distinctive buildings.

      In a way, Best Buy helps to reach those consumers that otherwise do not shop in a high priced shopping district very often, or do not live in a high income area where Apple locates its stores.

      1. You are correct. Both apple stores here are located in very big prestigious shopping centers, and all of the BB are located for the most part in urban areas close to homes, and good freeway access.

  3. Samsung has never had an original creative thought. Anyone who buys their stuff is supporting and perpetuating the biggest and most ruthless pirate in industry, and it’s not just in electronics. They steal IP in every business segment and pay lawyers to keep their products on the shelves long enough to make a profit that exceeds the legal penalties.

  4. I was just at my local Best Buy today and they now have a Samsung store within a store directly across from the Apple store within a store. Unfortunately I have to say it looks very impressive, definitely going to catch the consumers eye. Also, Samsung really has no shame, because right in the back is what appears to be a Genius Bar knock off. I really don’t know what to think about all this, but I feel like Apple will need to address this sooner than later.

    1. Can you explain to me what makes Samsung such an Apple copier over any other smartphone maker?

      The S4 is the most distinct, uniquely designed smartphone outside the iPhone.

      Google with Android is the real copier.

      1. Court evidence makes them a copier. Not just a copier but a willful infringer.

        This was a document that came out in the court battle between shamesung and apple were the jury awarded apple 1.2 billion in damages. Halfway down the page is the scribed document 132 pages on comparing samsungs phone to iphone and what needed to be changed to make it like the iOS and the iPhone.

  5. OMG this is hilarious. Head-To-Head customer comparison of Apple gear versus ShameScam schlock. Microsoft insisted upon a similarly stupid marketing move by shoving many of their stores next door to Apple Stores, with the same inevitable results.

    Bring It On!

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