“It’s lonely at the top, especially without challengers. Complacency is the biggest enemy, and for a while there, and arguably even today, Apple appeared to be getting complacent,” Ernie Varitimos writes for AppleInvestor. “Then came Samsung, a true contender in the mobile space that Apple dominates, producing products that are direct knock-offs from Apple products, this is not in doubt, in fact Samsung admits this to be a principle business strategy. But Apple is not phased.”

“There will be Samsung fanboys that will argue patent rights, and differentiators, to support their fantasy of an iKiller, a true contender, but they’re fooling themselves,” Varitimos writes. “Samsung is tied to Apple’s coattails and will always be a follower, because that is their strategy. It’s a flawed strategy, that will only take the electronics giant so far against Apple.”

Varitimos writes, “The next battle field is wearable computers, a market yet to be clearly defined…we’re all waiting for Apple to do that, so is Samsung. The problem for Samsung is the not knowing, they simply can’t anticipate where Apple will take wearable devices, and more over, there are places Apple can go, where Samsung cannot follow.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we’ve been saying for over a decade now:

Apple leads. The rest follow. As usual.

Samsung is the new Microsoft (which once trotted out a prop “Slate” while they waited for Apple to show them what to do and then stupidly ignored it.)

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