Apple’s new iPhone? Wraparound display, no buttons

“According to a new patent filed by Apple, patent application 20130076612, a potential smartphone design could include a full wraparound display and have no buttons,” Charlie Osborne reports for ZDNet. “Enclosed within “transparent housing,” a flexible display panel would be configured to display content at any portion of the gadget’s frame.”

“Potentially, the smartphone could contain up to two AMOLED screens,” Osborne reports. “The use of AMOLED and a conical shape for the flexible panel could offer users ‘an illusion of depth perception […] mimicking a 3D experience.'”

Osborne reports, “The new design relies heavily on flexible display technology, but in order to limit the possibility of damage, the patent describes the phone as being incased in glass — bent into a conical shape, but serving as protection in case you drop your gadget. With such advances being made in the smartphone industry — and the market already crowded with operating systems, similar phone designs and application ecosystems — perhaps Apple’s move into flexible displays could help the firm keep its dominant position.”

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    1. I used to want that until I started to think of the inexperienced, or drunk or careless drivers that would be fly-driving in the airspace above my house.

      Maybe just a hover car where tire expense isn’t needed and pot-holes are a worry of the past would make me sleep better at night.

  1. Conical? It’s an elliptical cylinder. I’m sure they’s smooth out the ends too. Looks like it will end up being about the shape of a used bar of soap, or an old style pocket warmer.

    1. am I expected to, “flip rather than swipe”, now to see my apps?

      why would it be a good idea to let others see what my list of applications is?

      hmmm, 80% of the time my hand is covering the back screen – why is this useful?

  2. And all the Android fans are saying “Apple copied Nokia” because 2 years ago Nokia put together an *animation* that showed a phone with a wrap-around screen. Using that ‘logic,’ everyone copied Star Trek’s communicators!

  3. New iPhone X!
    Auditory iPhope chip implant just behind the ear with a vertical antennae. When you get a phone call, your head vibrates, then you rotate antennae to be horizontal microphone in front of your mouth. Also doubles as hearing aid.

    1. So, how so you know for sure that Samsung cane up with that design first? For all we know they stole it from another company and presented it at CES as their own design ( which has been Samsung’s MO for decades ).

    2. Hey, cm8, just how sure are you of your statement? Just because Samsung comes up with an idea at the latest CES, you think it’s an original idea of theirs. If you’d actually bothered to read the article, you might have seen this:
      “Apple credits Scott Myers as the sole inventor of this patent application which was originally filed under serial number 245646 in Q3 2011.”
      See, smartass

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