Analyst: Apple iPhone 5 got over 5X times as many tweets as Samsung’s lackluster Galaxy S4

“Piper Jaffray‘s Gene Munster this afternoon reiterates an Overweight rating on shares of Apple, and a $767 price target, while offering up the results of a commissioned analysis of Twitter scribblings by Investing Analytics,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

Ray reports, “Writes Munster, ‘The iPhone continues to hold more mass appeal with consumers’ than does the S4: ‘According to data from Investing Analytics, on the day of and day after the launch of the iPhone 5, ~2.4 million total tweets about the phone were made. By comparison, the Galaxy S4 had 440k total tweets on the same period (launch day and day after). We believe this demonstrates that while interest in the Galaxy S4 is growing, Apple continues to hold a meaningful lead as the smartphone with the broadest consumer appeal.'”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. don’t forget theres alot more people on twitter in these 6 months. You can also use the hashtag #iphone5 (i don’t know why you can’t search just #iPhone) on instagram and you will see the gigantic difference in pics taken with the iphone 5 than the #galaxy or #galaxyS3 etc..

  2. I don’t see how anyone could make such a conclusion based in that data. All it shows is iPhone 5 users are in a 5 times greater need to get a life. …but, we all already knew that.

  3. Imagine how many tweets the iPhone Plus will accumulate as it arrives to vanquish the big screen Android army. The iOS lineup nears perfection with a device slotted between the iPhone and iPad mini.

      1. Like any other Apple product, what preceded it is irrelevant. This will be the first big phone that runs iOS, the best mobile operating system on the planet. It will be powered by the iTunes ecosystem and supported with high quality apps from the best mobile developer community. Designed by Jony Ive with perfect weight distribution from the finest materials for a delightful feel in the hand(s), it will be unmatched by anything that came before it.

        And ideally Apple would continue producing a 4″ iPhone for people like you who can’t handle that big boy. With screen sizes of 4, 5, 8, and 10 inches, the iOS lineup of devices (including a 5″ iPod touch XL) will be bulletproof.

      1. current Apple executives are too arrogant with their current screen
        size, they just need to travel more to other regions of the planet to
        see what consumer really wants, 4″ is already to small for today’s
        market! wake up those Cupertino executives by way of a big earth
        quake and shake them off sleeping on the job.

          1. In debating the need for an iPad mini, you could’ve once asked us to name a sub-10″ tablet that outsells the iPad. The answer of course would’ve been none…except the iPad mini that will soon surpass it. Again, what precedes the any new Apple product has no merit on its potential because none of those devices were made by Apple. The answer to your query could very well be the iPhone Plus in years ahead.

            1. Very good points. I believe the iPad Mini is outselling the full-size iPad now? If not it certainly will before too long. A larger iPhone, in my opinion, will outsell the current size iPhone 5 very soon after introduction. It’s beyond me why some here are in denial about the need for a larger iPhone? Sure, Apple screwed up by not already having such a phone. It is been clear for some time that if they had it they could sell it. I’m not in the Apple is perfect all the time camp. It’s just a company.

  4. Honestly I like the bigger screen size and some of the photo things you can do with the s4. However I will always use iphone because I love the ecosystem and. I love that I can AirPlay my videos or my slacker from my iphone to my Apple TV.

  5. Tweets mean nothing. It’s simply to understand that the vast majority of android users use their phone as a feature phone plus some games. That includes Samsung phones as well.

    Much more iOS users use their iPhone and iPad in a much more sophisticated way. There is a huge difference in the behavior of the people.

  6. Some of the comments above seem to be based on a misinterpretation of the data presented. The tweets that were measured were “on the subject of” iPhones/Galaxy not “sent from” the devices. So they do indeed reflect interest and have no relationship to what device the senders were using.
    So comments such as “get a life if you’re on an iPhone” or “Android users use their phone for something else” are totally off topic.

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