Gartner: Beleaguered BlackBerry in an ‘extremely difficult’ spot

Van Baker, Gartner research vice president, has examined some of the issues beleaguered BlackBerry will face in the enterprise market in the report, “BlackBerry’s BB10 Creates Mobile Adoption Decisions for the Enterprise.” Below is his commentary in today’s analyst blog post:

Although BB10 presents a modernized new platform based on touch technology, market conditions will make it extremely difficult for BlackBerry to rise above iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 platforms. In fact, Gartner predicts that through 2016, BlackBerry will achieve less than 5 percent worldwide smartphone market share.

BlackBerry’s major market is the consumer buyer, so while BlackBerry possesses a strong enterprise brand, a resurgence within that market will not rectify BlackBerry’s financial position. Gartner recommends that organizations considering BES10 for a mobile device management (MDM) solution to support multiple devices should wait six months until it is clear that BB10 has proven successful in the consumer market. It is important to wait to make any moves toward full support of BB10 devices until the market makes a clear statement on BB10’s success (or lack thereof).

Additional analysis can be found in the Gartner report “BlackBerry’s BB10 Creates Mobile Adoption Decisions for the Enterprise” on Gartner’s website at

Source: Gartner, Inc.

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  1. Blackberry needs to bring something to the table. The plastic keyboard and red light are more than expired.
    I want Blackberry to do something cool. They should be in second position after Apple. They had big market share and a good reputation (albeit a bit lame) before the iPhone. They are not fragmented and freetarded like Android and all it’s minions. They are not Microsoft.
    In fact they make their own hardware and software on a closed and controlled platform like Apple, with services. They have (had) the right formula.
    But they keep blowing it. Spectacularly!

  2. “… market conditions will make it extremely difficult for BlackBerry to rise above iOS …”

    Rise above? No shit Sherlock. How about continue to exist.

  3. I assume, BB will do much better than we all expect today. May be it will be less than 10% market share, but they still have lots of fans and they do have unique ideas with their new system.

    To be honest, if I had no iPhone and iOS would not exist I would get a BB 10. Much better than Windows 8, much better than Android 4, I’ve tested all of them. I am sure they will make good money one day, sooner than expected.

    After the two half-CEOs were gone, they had a good transition. Sure iOS is still better, but BB is quite good. If you find a shop to test it, give it a try for 15 minutes to play around a little.

    Some of their ideas I truly wish Apple had first. Hate to say this from the bottom of my heart. But true.

  4. > Gartner predicts that through 2016, BlackBerry will achieve less than 5 percent worldwide smartphone market share.

    That’s a dumb prediction, because if BlackBerry has less than 5% through 2016, they will be out of business or sold off for its patents before the end of 2016.

  5. There arrogance is what put them in the position they are in now. They laughed at Apple when they put out the first iPhone.
    There first big mistake. They kept ignoring what Apple did next, second mistake. Now the CEO is making claims Apple doesn’t innovate anymore, third mistake Blackberry. Listening to all of the Anal-ists B.S. there fourth mistake. Anal-ists don’t know anything about Apple’s business or how Apple operates and innovates. Blackberries CEO is still arrogant and this will lead to there complete failure. He’s not paying attention.

    1. Well, often the ‘arrogant’ routine is a cover for ‘Holy shih tzu! We don’t have the R&D creativity to compete with THAT!’ It’s that ‘PR’ thing the analcysts keep harping on about that Apple sort of lost with Steve Jobs. Except Jobs’ ‘Reality Distortion Field’ typically had a very kewl basis in reality. The Raspberry, oops I mean Blackberry equivalent isn’t so distorting. It ends up being merely pathetic.

      But note that I would rather Blackberry was COMPETING with Apple instead of wilting away to nothingness. Apple requires competition, and for a little while Blackberry was great competition.

  6. Nobody thought Apple was any threat whatsoever to the phone industry or their own place in that market when the iPhone was rumored, and then announced. RIM was happily ensconced in the enterprise, Nokia was happily ensconced in Europe and had a good presence here in the USo’A, Motorola was flying high with the Razr models. It all looked like a jolly and endless reign, until…. Until Apple decided to actually do their work on user experience and quality, two things the sitting potentates had figured didn’t need attention. After it all went south, outlying satraps simply stole what Apple had done to make their dent in the market. But quality and user experience are still ignored….

    1. They “paid the price for their lack of vision” as Emperor Palpatine once said. As did the CEO buffoon Steve Ballmer. It is so hilarious seeing these guys chuckle “knowingly” at the time that they knew something the rest of us didn’t when in fact they were dumb as donuts. Not nearly as smart as the average consumer. And yet we entrusted these Bozo’s to take tech forward? Ballmer & the twin CEO’s at RIM were the prime example of CEO hubris and foolishness. Well two down and now one to go.

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