Microsoft changes Office for Mac licensing agreement

“Microsoft has changed the license agreement for Office for Mac 2011, Office Home & Student 2013, Office Home & Business 2013 and Office Professional 2013 and standalone applications purchased through retail/resellers,” David Morgenstern reports for ZDNet.

“The company says the changes allow customers who have already purchased, or newly purchase, the WinOffice 2013 or MacOffice 2011 suites to transfer the software from one computer to another, effective immediately, says Microsoft,” Morgenstern reports. “For the last several months, users were previously able to install on one computer, but not transfer to another.”

Morgenstern reports, “Customers can now transfer their license and activate it on a new or different computer as many times as they want but not more than once every 90 days.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. How long have you been using Pages? Have you studied the documentation? I have found that it’s a pretty capable application. If you give it the amount of time and effort I’m sure you’ve given Word over the years, you might find that it does what you want, albeit differently.

      1. Look, I work with Pages every single day since years. And I love it a lot! It is much better than Word in many ways. Much better usability, outstanding design mode.

        BUT: It lacks a lot of features I do need. I am not talking about very difficult things. I only mention the German hyphenation which is a real joke. Amongst other things, tons of.

        I am not a newbie you are talking to but a pro user. I do know what I am talking about, and yes, I’ve read the documentation and watched the videos.

        Also I sent tons of feedback to Apple, if you’ve ever done so yourself you know that it is like talking to a wall. (German saying.)

        I still love Pages (same to Numbers, FCPX, and so on and on). But I would love even more if Apple would take notice of the needs of us pro users.

        Apple could improve Pages a lot, there is plenty of room. I would love Pages would kill Word, really.

        1. I agree that Pages is very nice if you dig a little deeper.
          What I find most annoying, though, is the inflexibility and jumpiness of placing images. Both modes have their problems: (i) in-line: difficult to handle anchor point; (ii)absolute: doesn’t reliably create additional pages when placed at end of document.

        2. @ I love Apple
          I have to disagree with one item you mentioned.

          You wrote,
          “Also I sent tons of feedback to Apple, if you’ve ever done so yourself you know that it is like talking to a wall. (German saying.) ”

          If by talking to a wall you mean that Apple does not (or often does not) respond directly to you then yes you are correct. However Apple does listen to people’s feedback – ESPECIALLY if an item is broken. Year’s ago I sent a note to Apple that Final Cut HD would crash every time I tried to launch the application. (And this was long after the Heyday of Final Cut HD). The next point release to the operating system (I forget which one – Tiger perhaps) – fixed the Final Cut HD issue even though I could not find any mention of the fix in the release notes.

          Furthermore, I mentioned this fix to Adam Engst (publisher of Tidbits and was once named one of the top 20 most influential people in the Apple world) and he assured me that Apple does take feedback very seriously.

          Adam’s recommendation to me was to send Apple feedback on any issues or concern that I have but not to necessary expect a response. Sometime Apple does take action. Hopefully Apple will address your concerns.

      2. keynote is way, way better than powerpoint, and possibly except for those cases where people try to use word (unsuccessfully in my opinion) in place of a page layout program pages might be good enough. but numbers isn’t even in the same 3 digit zip code as excel unfortunately.

        1. I’ve had PowerPoint users drool over Keynote presentations I’ve thrown together. It’s terrific.

          Pages: Kind of kewl, way better than Appleworks! Kind of clunky at times, unfortunately. An injection of polish and added features would help.

          Numbers: Fine for average uses. Limited for professional uses.

      3. To really crack into Microsloth’s dominance in Office, tackling a worthy opponent to Excel is the largest challenge in the suite. Esp. if Macros are involved.

    2. Apple could have killed Word long ago had they released simultaneous Windows and Linux versions of iWork. They likely have not wanted to do so and jeopardize future releases of Office for Mac. Unfortunately MS Word & Excel remain as near de facto standards for productivity apps (…though so were WordStar, WP, Visicalc and Lotus).

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    1. Um, Darth I think you might have some malware affecting your computer. This is not happening to me at all, and most likely not to most of the users of this site. I frequent this site every day from several macs and an iPhone and have never been unwittingly redirected to any such thing.

      1. No, it’s stock iOS 6.1.2 on an iPhone 4, no hacks or jailbreaks. I also reset the tracking id, limit ad tracking, cache, history and browse in privacy mode, with all browser data deleted. I am visiting the desktop version of this site not the iOS version. This redirect scam happens on other sites and platforms. it is an ad tracking hack. that forwards this type of link which leads to an itunes link that actially opens itunes. (sample)

          1. helpful. are you simply saying it isn’t happening to you?

            Thankfully it doesn’t happen on the mobile version, but that lacks the stock price header. oh we’ll. thanks for the help guys. kudos

  2. If only there were something that could really replace Excel, I would be MS free in a flash (or was that: as fast as free of Flash?). But Excel has capabilities that nothing else has. (No, neither Numbers, nor Open/Libre Office has the functionality I need.)

    On the other hand, I am incredibly tired of administrators sending text-based memos to the universe as .docx email attachments. Insipid to the max! I once responded with a UU-Encoded reply — it didn’t go over well and they didn’t get the message…

    1. Totally agree. I love Numbers a lot – so easy to have several independent tables on one page (completely impossible in Excel), so easy to use, really great ideas. On the other hand simple features still missing, like finding duplicates. You need a difficult formular in Numbers, in Excel just one single click.

      Tasks like that are the only reason I have to keep Excel on my machine even I very much prefer Numbers. So sad that Apple rests on its iWork-laurels since 2009. (I know there were some minor updates in the meantime, but nothing big.)

      Tim, there’s an idea for you: Just release “Number 09 S” and “Pages 09 S” as you love the “S”-versions so much. Just joking out of frustration.

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