“When it comes to pricing and licensing of Office software these days, Microsoft certainly isn’t making any new friends,” DailyTech reports.

“If you are a Mac user that relies on Office software for business or school, you will be paying more for the next upgrade you purchase,” DailyTech reports. “Microsoft has raised the price of Office for the Mac by as much as 17% and has stopped selling multi-license bundles for the productivity suite.”

DailyTech reports, “The price change puts Office for Mac 2011 on the same pricing schedule as Office 2013 for Windows, despite the fact that it is much older software.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you haven’t already done so long ago, here’s yet another reason for Mac users to dump Microsoft’s bloated, over-priced mess and move to a modern alternative – now, if only Apple would give us one.

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