Apple iPhones 3 times more reliable than Samsung phones

“FixYa, which bills itself as the leading product Q&A destination on the Web and mobile, published a head-to-head comparison Friday of the reliability of four leading smartphone manufacturers: Apple, Samsung, Nokiaand Motorola,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“According to FixYa, iPhones are nearly three times more reliable than Samsung’s smartphones, five times more than Nokia’s and 27 times more than Motorola’s.,” P.E.D. reports.

FixYa smartphone head-to-head reliability score

Full article here.

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        1. It’s not about outsmarting consumers that doesn’t make sense, MacFreek. It’s more a need to instill smart purchasing decisions into smartphone buyers when these consumers are being bombarded by Google/Samsung astroturfers telling them bullshit. Since Apple iPhones are 3 times more reliable and have the best ecosystem on all fronts, Samsung clings onto the misinformed and negative Nancy’s such as you.

          Perhaps it’s time for Apple to advertise it’s benefits compared to it’s competitors. Show the consumers all of the “#1″‘s that Apple possesses now. A great commercial would be having Siri be the “iPhone” and Google Talk be a “Droid” and let the two phones converse together like the “I’m a Mac adverts did.”

          “Hi I’m an iPhone”

          “And I’m a Drone”

            1. The word “truth” doesn’t fit with your tripe. In fact, nothing you say fits well in any setting. Practice more, and perhaps you can be allowed non-internet human interaction without a black eye. You don’t truly challenge anyone’s beliefs, and your hellbent negativity promises you will die alone. Enjoy! 🙂

        2. Here’s what I’ve always wondered. If your cell phone craps out, and you have insurance, and they buy you a new phone: doesn’t that count as a phone sold? I’m sure the insurance company pays for the phone, so that’s another sale.

          Therefore, Samsung profits by turning out POS phones that ate made to break!

    1. There will always be the shopper that dosn’t/can’t comprehend total cost of ownership, or doesn’t have the ability to place value on things that don’t take physical form, ie., reliability.

      All these people see is the initial cost. They have no ability to put value on their personal enjoyment of the thing they just bought.

    2. I’m the kind of idiot who buys a Samsung android phone. I used to have an iPhone, but due to some work changes, I’m now stuck with a Samsung. And it sucks… Half the time the camera doesn’t work. Half the time the phone slows down so much to be unusable. I’ve had it 6 months and already its been into the shop to fix the charging port. The browser rarely draws the pages correctly. When scrolling down a page it frequently jumps down so that the article can’t be read. The phone’s internal memory fills up with just 6-7 installed programs. It’s simply crap. A poor copy of a great device. I miss my iPhone!

          1. Problem with macfreak is he keeps voting for himself, can’t see anything but the lies he pushes, one vote…. How sad.

            It’s so funny to see a delusional Fandroid lose it, it’s a one man war as he posts to almost every comment.

            Macfreak, your just comic relief, nothing more, but it’s still sad.

            Talk about a head case.

  1. The main problem is that Wall Street sees this as a liability for Apple. They figure the more reliable any product is, the longer the consumer will keep it and use it. Wall Street in its infinite wisdom believes it’s better to churn products constantly because then company sales will be higher. In other words, cheaper and poorly-built devices will always have the edge on Wall Street. That’s why high build-quality and customer service never help the value of Apple’s stock.

    Those two factors slow down new sales to some degree. Wall Street would be happier with a company whose products break down quickly and require new purchases. I think tech-heads also like products that break quicker because it gives them a reason to constantly replace their devices with the latest stuff.

    However, Apple’s higher product quality should inevitably lead to long-term loyalty and a higher rate of repeat customers if consumers are smart enough to see that advantage. If Apple maintains high quality, in the long-term, Apple’s market share will continue to grow, although at a much slower rate than what Wall Street would be satisfied with. It’s possible Apple could win the slow and steady market share race as opposed to the Android sprint. At least that’s my hope.

    1. yeah and sometimes you get what you pay for and STILL don’t get what others’ got!!

      You Apple fanbois keep “driving your mercedes benz to the post office and grocery store”

  2. Before we lay all the blame at the foot of the consumer, remember who is pushing this low quality garbage. Low information consumers rely on the advice of phone company sales people and get sold down the river.

  3. Samsung: Expected. I have a clunky Samsung DVD player. Nothing new here.

    Nokia: Expected. I have a cheap little Nokia cell phone. Nothing new here.

    Motorola: iPhones are … more reliable … 27 times more than Motorola’s <-THAT is astounding. Looks like you have a winner there Google!!!

    😆 <-Me

    😥 <-Google

  4. Most consumers are not as well-informed as us (Mac users). We bought into Mac products because Mac products are enriching our in such profound way. “Other users” are bought into the price point only.

    No matter what we said and what we do, non-Mac users will always see us as outcasts. I suggest we should stop convincing non-Mac users about how great Mac products are and let them suffer.

    my 2 cents…

    1. I’m a Mac evangelist from before the down days of the 90s. I used to be an iPhone evangelist until Apple got itself into this holding pattern of “perfection-before-distribution” much like it did in the 80s and let Microsoft eat its lunch.

      “When all the details fit in perfectly, something is probably wrong with the story” -Charles Baxter

  5. Wondering what Google are going to ‘proudly’ sell in their Google Stores? And are they going to provide any after sales service? They’ll be run ragged with returns and complaints.

  6. Lets see, Iphone is 3 times more reliable, yet i have 3 times more iphones sitting here waiting repair than samsung phones and samsung have market share now in australia. Now i only do repairs to apple that are without warranty and not covered by apple.

    1) Samsung S3 front panel glass replacement cost $13.64 plus $20 install, compared to Iphone $96.

    2) Samsung Australia will send a courier to your home and pick up faulty phone for repair , does Apple do that??

    3) Android is now choice for most who once were Iphone mad and dont hesitate to change when it is explained how easy instalation of apps and users ability to customize their phone that they paid for and that they own, compared to Apple who somehow believe that even thou you think u own it, they (Apple) will dictate what you can use your device for.

    4) This wasnt a surprize, users are now utilizing their Samsung Fones with their samsung Tvs , which i must add are compatable with many other brands, panasonic, sony etc etc. I bet my left testy any Apple Tv will be apple only friendly.

    5) the public dismay and discust with apple socket change is a big big big big reason apple are losing water faster than titanic in Australia. Suits me fine, Samsung pay me for repairs in two days of invoicing. And i might add, they do not allow the refurbishment of any phones unlike apple who sell you what u believe is new phone only to find its someone elses return that was once faulty.

    List goes on with apple, so much so that even discussing apple now days is a waste of my time where once it was entertaining.


    1. Tell the truth, buddy. That’s a pretty long comment from someone who finds discussing Apple a waste of time. The ‘socket issue’??? Still having a problem with that?
      Also, go back to school and learn some grammar and spelling.

  7. But the Titanic was never in Australia, unless you mean that dude in Queensland 😉
    And the Titanic didn’t lose water – it gained a whole lot of it, and rather unexpectedly too…

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