Nike: We’re not working on a Nike+ FuelBand app for Android

“According to Nike’s official and verified Twitter Support account, they are no longer working on an Android app that can be paired with the Nike Fuelband and are instead putting their focus on iOS and the web,” Kellex reports for Droid Life.

“To call this news ‘disappointing’ would be a gross understatement,” Kellex reports. “For those not familiar, the Fuelband app would allow Android users to sync their Nike Fuel while on-the-go, over Bluetooth, rather than having to plug-in the device to a computer. There is and has been for quite some time, an app on iOS that does this wonderfully… As someone who has had a Fuelband since the beginning and racked up over 1 million points in less than a year, I’m extremely disappointed in this news.”

Kellex reports, “Here is the response from Nike PR: ‘To deliver the best experience for all Nike+ FuelBand users, we are focusing on the FuelBand experience across iOS and, where you can sync your activity, set new goals, and connect with friends. At this time, we are not working on an Android version of the mobile app.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, among other things (fragmentation, insecurity, badly-poured and inconsistently-formed plastic, etc.), the “Droid Life” is one of frustration, longing, envy, and disappointment.

This makes us happy.

(And, “Kellex?” Seriously? Sheesh, forget the iPhone knockoffs, even the Fragmandroid shysters themselves are named like bad 1950s robot flicks.)

Maybe Nike doesn’t want to target the cheapskate, “Buy X Get X Free” demographic or support a derivative IP stealing foreign company or those who would buy such wares? Likely, they’d rather target customers who are proven to recognize quality, who are able to open their wallets without inducing a moth infestation, and who support the originator, not the copiers; the maker, not the takers.

Anyway, as we admire our Nike+ FuelBands as they wirelessly send live data to our superbly-built iPhone 5’s unmatched Retina displays – it’s still sooo cool (not to mention so very useful)! – we just can’t help having the following thought pop into our heads:

You should’ve bought a real iPhone, dummy.

The Nike+ FuelBand app for iOS, and iOS-only, can be found via Apple’s App Store here.

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    1. If it were a Bluetooth issue, it would be easily solved. Any Bluetooth issue would thus have to involve different Bluetooth problems in different versions of Android, thus confirming the fragmentation problems.

      And it DOES have to do with money: Nike doesn’t want to spend all the money on an army of programmers to produce an Android app which really won’t help it sell FuelBands anyway. After all, who wants to run with a 5″ plus screen strapped to their arm? You’d look more ridiculous than the 5 Hour Energy guy running while knitting.

      Notice there’s not an issue over various versions of iPhones or iOS.

      1. You can buy an Android wrist watch that does everything an Nike wrist band can do. For less and be more useful. Ahh innovation. And Nike already has the app, they are with holding it until Android has the support in place.

    2. “Bluetooth issue”?
      “nothing to do with money”?

      Anon (<- Oooo, how clever) You take rationalizing to new heights.
      You're so misguided, you probably bought an Android phone at full price.

      1. You must be the smartest person you know huh, people must flock to you for their info on the world’s happenings… Take some time to look into matters before speaking on them… It prevents you from having the taste of your own foot in your mouth.

    3. “It is actually a bluetooth issue and not an Android fragmentation issues, and has absolutely nothing to do with money. Morons. Stop allowing Apple to think for you”

      Hehe. Apple lets me focus on important things, like earning money, something Apple is also very good at doing. When you’re done customizing your little Fandroid device with virtual glitter and you want to get things done try iOS for a month and you’ll realize why people use Apple products.

      1. I stopped reading after “Apple let’s me…” so I apologize if you redeemed yourself later on in your comment. But that was enough for me to lose respect for whatever else it was you had to say.

    4. I’m actually an Apple fan, I just don’t allow them to think for me. I’ll handle that responsibility on my own. And the issue is Android doesn’t support Bluetooth Low Energy. Which is a NOT a fragmentation issue. It is just not supported by the platform. I’m done trying to help out here. You can bring sheep to water but not make ’em think. Morons.

      1. “I’m actually an Apple fan …”
        – The biggest give-away of a post by a douche-bag Fandroid Troll.
        You wouldn’t touch an Apple product if someone paid you fifty dollars.
        Go back to the electronics department at Walmart, where you’re cleverness is appreciated.

      2. Anon: “I’m actually an Apple fan”

        OMG, this cracked me up, it’s like the rim shot to a bad joke.
        Ta da dum chia.

        Now Anon lets fix that ridiculous lie and be truthfully honest for the first time in your life, it really should read as such.

        “I’m actually an Android apologist and a Apple Troll,I contradict myself and all my information is obtained from Google’s fan site.”

        But I really am a Apple Fan., ….. Really.

        More like a 5 bladed Fan shaped like a Apple that rips apart anything in its way, but your no Apple Fan, not at all.

        Anon, Get some help, Hate is a terrible thing.

        1. I’ve had every iPod Touch that has been released since its inception… I am rocking my white 4S until the “6” comes out, I have a macbook pro it’s a little outdated but it works fine for me and I am currently on my second mac book air. But i also have a Nexus 7 and love it just as much… Hate is easily identified until it’s in the mirror. Open your eyes.

          1. Wait, Anon, wait.
            I’m thinking of something I just read somewhere. It’s directed at Fandroid Trolls like you … what is it again? Oh, yeah,
            “You should’ve bought a real iPhone, dummy.”

  1. Two of my favourite post pairings from the comments on this story:

    “DanWazz •
    Right now I’m focused on buying a new pair of Reebok running shoes. I am not working on getting Nikes ever again.
    Laurent Daudelin – DanWazz •
    I read they’re having a 2-for 1 sale, perfect for you!”


    “Salvationalizm •
    Time to hop on Amazon and rate this into the ground…any word on Jawbone Up’s Android development?
    koopapoopas – Salvationalizm •
    You can vote with your pocketbook. Oh wait. Android people don’t buy apps. Never mind.”

      1. Marketers are realizing that the small, vocal minority that get up in arms online about something like Nike+ not being available for a certain platform make NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL on average consumer perception. Let them get worked up and vent, they’ll be something new the next day for them to stutter on and on about.

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