Apple confirms launch of new Mac Pro in spring 2013

“An Apple Authorized Reseller in France has revealed that the company plans to release its updated Mac Pro desktop this spring,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“France Systemes disclosed the details in its latest newsletter, as discovered by French site MacGeneration,” Hughes reports. “Apple apparently disclosed the launch window for the new Mac Pro to ease concerns over the fact that the current model will no longer be available in Europe starting March 1. Sales of the Mac Pro desktop will cease in less than a month because of new regulatory requirements in Europe.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jax44” for the heads up.]

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    1. “John Mack had a vision — to produce the most durable and powerful heavy-duty trucks and engines in the world. The innovative designs and products he created began a tradition of innovation that has continued to this day. ”

      – Mack Truck company history

  1. First it’s just a PR stunt by Apple to cover their caboose because the updated MacPro won’t be ready (probably mid June) when the EU takes it off the shelves March 1st.

    Second, a mere “update”, not a redesign, is too little, too late. Apple will try to spin it as being all new, when in reality all they did was…
    • replace the DVD drive with an SSD containing the OS and apps
    • add a few Thunderbolt ports (which still hasn’t caught on due to outrageously priced products)
    • and add the requisite CPU and RAM bump.

    Whooptie friggin do!

    1. What the hell are you talking about. Isn’t that exactly what any manufacturer does is upgrade their computers to the latest technologies that exist at any given point in time. Do you expect it to have a cappuccino maker and some type of teleport device installed? Don’t bother answering because your opinion isn’t worth reading a second time.

    2. OK, I’ll take your trolling flame bait… (If you were trying for humor or sarcasm, it was a lame attempt)

      Exactly what about
      * The newest fastest CPU,
      * More base RAM and more RAM capacity,
      *Adding the much needed Thunderbolt ports (The speed of which is a requirement for the video and photo pros who use the Pro tower)
      Is so lackluster for you? Those things alone would be a very worthy new Mac Pro. The current form (minus sharp edged handles) is the easiest access/ upgrade Mac ever. Demanding a new form is as cheap and deceiving as the pundits who said the iPhone 4s was identical to the 4, even though every component on the inside was newer, better, faster more.

      Your out the DVD prediction shouldn’t happen since those same creative pros depend on physical media for many demanding clients.

      The BEST optical drive situation would be to finally include BluRay and welcome to the mid 2000s by adding current video formats to the OS

      1. No DVD or BluRay… pretty much a given. I haven’t sent out a DVD in 2 years. As always, you can add an external if you need it. Apple’s workflow (fcpx) relies on digital, not physical and I guarantee this is the way they will shape the new pros. Otherwise your post is spot on, darknite.

        1. It’s nice and all that you haven’t sent out a DVD in 2 years. Good for you.
          I’m not sure how that entitles you to pronounce them unneeded by anyone else.
          I have 2 super-drives in my Mac Pro and I use both extensively every day.
          Therefore, applying your logic, I proclaim that everyone needs and must have multiple DVD burners.

      2. @ darknite:

        All these things Apple could have done 2 years ago, but instead Cook & Co were busy changing screen sizes on tablets. A company with Apple’s resources has no excuse whatsoever to keep ALL of its products fresh.

        but i agree with you that yes, Apple should have included BluRay as an option. Video production professionals need to be able to burn and test-drive Blu-Ray discs at least occasionally. At the very least, Apple would be wise to offer an external Thunderbolt-connected Super Duper Drive. It is laughable that Apple sells DVD drives but not BluRay drives.

        1. Apple is NEVER going to offer blue ray drives, find an external if you want one.

          Apple’s digital offerings compete with Blue Ray, Apple is going all digital. I do not expect to see a optical drive on the new MacPro at all when it arrives..

    3. “when the EU takes it off the shelves March 1st.”
      The resellers have until some date here in February to order MacPros from Apple. AND then, even after March 1st, they can continue to sell off their stock on hand.
      You DO NOT know what you are talking about.
      You must feel so crappy to be so wrong…

      1. I remember the days when MDN castigated PC hardware manufacturers and software developers for announcing future product releases as vaporware. However, should Apple do the same MDN and its drones think these press releases are prophetic verse.

  2. Unfortunately for Apple, there probably won’t be that much demand for a $6000 computer nowadays. I’m curious to see if Apple continues to use the same case style. They really got some long life out of that style. Whatever machines they used to make the cases must have paid for themselves a hundred times over.

    1. Uhhh, a new Mac Pro was announced last year as coming out this year so not new news. If you can’t wait you gotta do what you gotta do. It’s going to be interesting to see how much redesign Ives is putting into the redesigned 2013 Mac Pro. Yes I hope it kicks ass and fulfills every little boy and girl’s lustful power Mac desire.

  3. Apple is in serious trouble because the company is being managed now versus being innovative. Apple always depended only on Steve Jobs. It never has a creative team like Samsung. Galaxy 4 will completely destroy Iphone5S or Iphone6. Apple management is just too insecure to create products like a phablet or a tablet with pen because they think they are following. But Ipod came after all the MP3’s. Steve Jobs is a tough guy because he had gone through a lot. The present Apple management team has always someone to lean on. Now they only know how to manage and cannot truly innovative. They just love creating things that they love which is the same old thing. They cannot develop the edge of take risk.

    1. Iggerant fuckwit troll. Samsung has never had a creative team, it didn’t need it because it had Apple to copy from.
      Apple has Jonny Ive, one of the world’s foremost creative industrial designers. That, shit-fer-brains, is an undisputed fact. Anyone using a phablet as a phone looks like a dick, and Samsung’s fancy pen only works with one application.
      Yes, the iPod came after other MP3 players, none of which sold squat, and the audio cassette had been around for years before Sony invented the Walkman. Your point is?
      Anyone know of a village that’s lost its idiot?

    1. This particular rumour has the ring of truth. The last 15 did not, and wasted everyone’s valuable time.

      This is something some of us actually want, as opposed to giant phones, wristwatches, holographic UIs, or induction charge plates.

  4. Kind of sad that it took Europe kicking Apple in the ass to get a Mac Pro update. 🙁 I suppose this points out how well the current design has served Apple as well as the fact that giant computer boxes are out of fashion and necessity.

    1. Europe had nothing to do with a coming Mac Pro update. If it had, Apple would be shipping the next Mac Pro in March 2013 or at the very latest April 2013 when stock of the current Mac Pro runs out completely in Europe.

      If Europe were driving the Mac Pro designs, Apple would redesign the fan grates and enclosures (the sticking point with the EU standards causing Apple to ship no more of the current Mac Pros to Europe after 28 Feb) and be done with it.

      Unfortunately, “Spring 2013” means “No Later Than 22 June 2013”.

  5. … got my top-of-the-line i7 iMac almost a week ago. Like it! Sure, it takes up more desktop room than my Mac Pro and its monitor, that’s because the monitor on it is frigging HUGE.
    And it’s several times as fast as the older quad-core.
    I doubt the hybrid disk drive has saved me more than a second or two, so far. Still … bragging rights, and all. 😉

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