“Apple said today that it is working on new models and designs for its Macintosh desktops — the Mac and the Mac Pro — and that they will likely be released in 2013,” Connie “The Vulture” Guglielmo reports for Forbes.

“The company confirmed a New York Times report, citing an unnamed Apple executive yesterday, that new desktops are in play,” Guglielmo reports. “While Apple sells more MacBook notebook computers than desktops, sales of the iMac and Mac Pro (and Mac mini) still helped boost overall Mac sales last quarter. Mac revenue was $5.073 billion, or 13 percent of overall sales. Apple said it sold 2.8 million notebooks and nearly 1.2 million desktops.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We thought Tim Cook was “doubling down on secrecy?” Who at Apple is “confirming” this and, if someone at Apple actually is confirming this, do they realize that they are potentially freezing sales of not one, but two families of Mac desktops, including one that actually sells in significant quantities (iMac)?

Now, iMac is a consumer desktop (for the most part), and most iMac buyers, even if they know that a redesign is coming next year, will likely be plenty satisfied with what is still easily the world’s best all-in-one desktop computer. But, sheesh, Apple, good luck selling a Mac Pro in 2012 now. Maybe they’re trying to move some high-end iMacs to Mac Pro users who can’t wait? But, if so, why confirm that there’s a new iMac coming next year, too? Apple confirming this just doesn’t make any sense.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bobby” for the heads up.]

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