Apple reportedly confirms NYT report: New designs for iMac, Mac Pro in the works, due in 2013

“Apple said today that it is working on new models and designs for its Macintosh desktops — the Mac and the Mac Pro — and that they will likely be released in 2013,” Connie “The Vulture” Guglielmo reports for Forbes.

“The company confirmed a New York Times report, citing an unnamed Apple executive yesterday, that new desktops are in play,” Guglielmo reports. “While Apple sells more MacBook notebook computers than desktops, sales of the iMac and Mac Pro (and Mac mini) still helped boost overall Mac sales last quarter. Mac revenue was $5.073 billion, or 13 percent of overall sales. Apple said it sold 2.8 million notebooks and nearly 1.2 million desktops.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We thought Tim Cook was “doubling down on secrecy?” Who at Apple is “confirming” this and, if someone at Apple actually is confirming this, do they realize that they are potentially freezing sales of not one, but two families of Mac desktops, including one that actually sells in significant quantities (iMac)?

Now, iMac is a consumer desktop (for the most part), and most iMac buyers, even if they know that a redesign is coming next year, will likely be plenty satisfied with what is still easily the world’s best all-in-one desktop computer. But, sheesh, Apple, good luck selling a Mac Pro in 2012 now. Maybe they’re trying to move some high-end iMacs to Mac Pro users who can’t wait? But, if so, why confirm that there’s a new iMac coming next year, too? Apple confirming this just doesn’t make any sense.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bobby” for the heads up.]

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    1. Apple would be well-advised to let people know it’s working on an upgrade and even a time frame. Mac Pro professionals have been getting ready to jump ship to Win-Balm PC’s. Some will hang on a bit longer if they are assured Apple has not abandoned the pro’s. This has been an extended upgrade time period, not the usual. Apple needs to get out reassurances, the more the better in this case. And they had better move quickly to get the new models out.

      If they did not actually confirm this, they should have. If they did, they’d better continue to do so for the Mac Pro’s, even if not the others. And people are getting antsy about the iMacs now, too.

  1. I doubt that this is true – Apple have just made significant changes to the Mac Pro so a major refresh next year would be unlikely. But, in any case, Apple is always working on new products across the range… No surprise there…

  2. Give Apple a break. Machine advances don’t have to be in lock step with whatever Intel does. You know that Apple always has something cooking and they will pull the trigger when their legacy models become truly out-classed. That hasn’t happened. If you honestly believe that potential buyers are currently “plenty satisfied with what is still easily the world’s best all-in-one desktop computer”, then sales won’t plummet tomorrow based on vague rumors.

    Given the relatively poor value offered by the latest Intel chips, the wise buyer who needs a desktop machine will continue to buy the current Mac desktop models. Most software can’t take advantage of the last 11 processor cores of the current Mac Pro anyway.

    Not everybody buys a computer based on manufacturer cycles, but often by their own specific needs and budgets.

    1. “Given the relatively poor value offered by the latest Intel chips, the wise buyer who needs a desktop machine will continue to buy the current Mac desktop models”

      If the *latest* chips are poor value, what does that make the 3- and 2-year old chips and default 3-year old graphics card in these “new” Mac Pros?

  3. But seriously: this is news? Apple is working on new designs? Of course they are. Tim said they closed Apple for the week of WWDC, not for ever. Does anyone really think the design teams all quit, threw a party and are done?

    1. yes it’s news. The Mac Pros have been neglected for so long it’s been widely rumored that they are going to be discontinued.

      Remember the X Serve?

      The tiny ancient processor bump and old video card is not an upgrade it’s frankly an insult. Considering the high cost of the Mac Pros an “update” like this is almost more confirmation that they are discontinuing the product so this statement is really important. But it should be more official, out in the open.

  4. Bit the bullet and bought the new/old mac pro yesterday…..I needed a fix (update) because my system was already 5 years old anyway, but I was very upset at the percieved lack of serious commitment to the Mac Pro. It does however with the update and the new comments from Apple shed a little hope for the future of this line of product and I am optimistic for those who can wait a year……It would however be really nice in the interim to have more available video cards to choose from like the Kepler series video cards or the Quadro 6000…that would make my needed purchase a whole lot more palatable.

  5. I’m sure the Mac Pro sales have been terrible for the past 2 year. What’s another year? People that need horsepower have mostly jumped to Windows instead of waiting around while Apple release something with laughable graphics cards and CPUs that are generations behind.

    What Apple needs to do is have more transparency in the pro market. Yes, Apple like to keep secrets, but the professional market needs a roadmap.

  6. Does no one want a touch iMac? I know it been talked about…but I think Apple know has the now-how and the technology to make this a great reality. I just imagine being able to swivel the iMac to be parallel to the table and leaning over to work on it. At least it will get me out of the chair. So..maybe that is the update they might unveil!

  7. I REALLY, REALLY need a new 27″ iMac WITH USB 3.0!!!!

    after almost 6 years I can’t longer stick with USB 2.0 and a 24″ White iMac (its firewire 800 port is dead)… and no, I don’t see myself buying exotic and overpriced Thunderbolt solutions right now!

    So, I’ll keep calm and hope the new iMacs are coming anytime between August and September.

    1. Just by the current 27″ iMac and add a thunderbolt breakout box for usb 3.0 and more. Mac Pro users will be jealous of your 6 GB SATA connection

  8. Quite seriously I think Michael Dell could have done a better job at updating the current generation of Mac Pros. Pathetic half hearted effort by Apple. What does Jony Ives do all day long? Stare at his own reflection and shave 2.5mm from the Mac Book Pro’s width to create the next generation MBP?

  9. Steve Jobs long ago declared Apple Inc. to be a mobile device company. That means the company doesn’t put much priority on things that are not portable, i.e., iMac and MacPro. So, why are we surprised that all the combined creative brain power of the Cupertino company are working on the gadgets instead of the real computers?

  10. I’d be willing to bet there aren’t 5% of potential Apple product buyers who even know there was a WWDC yesterday, and a far less percentage who ever heard of Tim Cook, or any “rumor” attributed to him or any other Apple employee.

    The average MacPro buyer percentage surely would be higher, but anyone who actually NEEDS a Mac Pro-type box will either (1) buy a MP now or in the next few months; (2) get tired of the wait and buy a Dell or HP workstation; or (3) wait to see if the update rumor for 2013 is true.

    Everyone who visits this site, or other similar sites, thinks the universal mindset is what people on those sites think, and that the world lives or dies by every Apple rumor. Not a chance.

    True rumor or not, I think MDN needs to consider that it won’t make a bit of difference for virtually all desktop purchases for average iMac buyers, and most MP buyers, for the next few months at least.

    Going Into 2013, it might, might make a difference for a FEW very knowledgeable people who really keep up with the news, but the average buyer? I don’t think so.

  11. “Apple” confirmed…

    “Apple” could be anyone in the company with loose lips. Anyone consider this may be Tim’s way of weeding out a dink? Feed him false info and see if it hits the press? Tim may indeed me doubling down!

  12. First people bitch that there’s no answer from Apple to the stupid Mac Pro petition, then when there is the same morons bitch again.

    Get a fucking life people. Apple marches To it’ s own drummer.

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