Apple CEO Tim Cook is currently onstage at the D10 Conference.

On his time as Apple CEO so far, Cook said, “I’m loving every minute of it.” Cook told interviewers Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, that he’s never been as amazed by all “the things I cannot talk about today.”

As for the Mac, Cook noted that Apple’s personal computer continues to outgrow the PC market quarter after quarter. Mossberg noted that is admittedly from a small base, to which Cook responded, “We’re never going to make the most personal computers. I don’t see that. But we are going to continue to make the best.”

Cook also said that he subscribes to the notion that ‘to whom much is given, much is expected.’ In that spirit, Apple’s program to match employee charity donations allows the company to do good without having to form lots of committees, etc. Cook told Mossberg and Swisher, “I think we can do even more so we are looking at some things. Maybe that is a change.” Cook also said that Steve Jobs knew about the matching gift program and “he was for it.”

Cook also noted that last year Apple sold 2.8 million Apple TV units. This year, in the first five months, Apple’s already sold sold 2.7 million Apple TVs. Cook also said he was doubling down on product secrecy and that he wears a Nike+ FuelBand.

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