Apple Store currently offline (updated)

Apple’s online store is currently offline, displaying the familiar message that often, but not always, precedes new product additions:Apple Store offline

We’ll be back. We are busy updating the Apple Store for you and will be back soon.

Apple CEO Tim Cook just finished his onstage appearance at the D: All Things Digital Conference at 8:02pm PDT. A recap can be found here.

We’ll keep an eye on the Apple Store for you while reminding you that better deals can instead often be found at MacConnection and/or MacMall.

MacDailyNews Note: 7:58am EDT: The UK Store is now back online with no obvious new products to be found at first glance. Some new Father’s Day promotions perhaps? We expect Apple’s other stores around the world to reopen shortly. Let us know if you see anything new.

9:30am EDT: The U.S. Apple Store is now back online. 10+ hours offline (no sales) just to add Father’s Day promos? Somebody screwed up.


  1. Just a shot in the dark, but it’s possible the WWDC Keynote is going to be so loaded with content (including, perhaps, a lengthy tribute to Jobs) that this could be the spillover cut from the Keynote. And the more significant the spillover announcement is, the bigger the expectations for the WWDC Keynote will be.

  2. Not sure where my post has gone…..
    Anyway, The Store is up here in the UK.
    No sign of any Macbooks.
    I’ve not been into the store recently, is that today’s change?

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