UBS analysts: Apple iPhone component order reduction ‘old news’

“UBS analysts are out Monday with a note commenting on reports Apple has cut component orders for its iPhone 5 model,” Tom Bemis reports for MarketWatch.

“Analysts Steven Milunovich, Peter Christiansen and John Roy cited Monday’s report in The Wall Street Journal,” Bemis reports. “‘The article says Apple notified suppliers of the cut last month, which is when we and most of the Street reported it. Consequently, it appears this is old news — our analysts indicate no changes since,’ the UBS analysts wrote.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. Agree, though it would be nice if Apple could provide updates that actually improved extant Apps.

      Both iTunes and iPhoto are both shadows of their former selves that require more work for the same or less output.

      As for the iTunes Miniplayer, words fail me.

        1. Want an example? Here’s one, the removal of multiple windows, a feature I used all the time, and other people I know used extensively, but it has been removed, allegedly for ‘simplicity’! What it’s done has totally compromised the usability of iTunes when managing contents of playlists and mobile devices. It’s a complete clusterfuck, and needs to be fixed pronto.

  1. And that was the crap reported this morning. I see RIMM is up 8.55% now. Really? People are being played and many repeat FUD they don’t understand.

    Idiots! Again!

    How is that Microsoft Surface going?

  2. People don’t want to hear it, just like they didn’t want to hear that an ipad mini was a great great idea, the iPhone needs a larger brother for the lineup. They have gave away a huge chunk of the market to Samsung. People like bigger phones, just like the like little ones. The iPhone 5 was too little too late. Imagine the story wit the iPad if Apple had not released the mini?

    1. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but your argument is fallacious. That the iPad mini has done well doesn’t have anything to do with the potential success of of a larger phone. You might as well say “the iPad mini did unexpectedly well, therefore they should also sell kangaroo diapers, because nobody thinks those would do well either.”

      Besides, I think a lot of people did indeed expect a mini iPad to sell well.

      1. really? 20 million Galaxy Note owners disagree

        i couldn’t give trade my 4S for a Note, but i might just trade in my iphone 5 for a refurb Note 2. when you’re on a crowded train, its almost impossible to use my ipad to read a book

          1. took my father in law to buy a smart phone. he saw my iphone 5 and walked out with a S3. i told him iOS is easier to use. he wanted the bigger screen.

            my mom on the other hand went to best buy to buy a kindle fire HD and decided to buy an ipad. she is waiting for the 5

            1. there are people who dig in the numbers from different companies and make good guesses. same with the iphone. wall street sends people to asia to talk to suppliers and suppliers of suppliers. some of the suppliers are public companies and if they report good numbers then apple will probably have a good one. like when the 4S was released. all the suppliers reported stellar numbers and apple then reported a monster quarter in january 2012

              and wall street people do the simplest thing of all. go for a walk. they go to the mall on the weekend and take informal counts of people in stores. over time they track this data.

              and look around. you see a lot of people with samsung phones these days

        1. “when you’re on a crowded train, its almost impossible to use my ipad to read a book”
          Really? Not had a problem myself. And holding something the size of a Note to your ear makes the user look such a tit.

  3. 3% fall a month ago and today probably another 3% fall again on the same “news”. A day before earnings they will report these “news” again and get another 3% fall.

    And no one can do anything about it!

  4. this is great that panicked investors are handing us free money
    how come nobody in the chicken little league put this together with Corning’s announcement of next gen gorilla glass . could it be that it allows an adjustment on inventory due to an up coming redesign?

  5. None of this matters, people. Every bit of useless and important information doesn’t matter. It is all going to the same place – the groundswell of confirmation that Apple isn’t the company it once was. Its products, while superior in almost every way, are no longer in demand in face of cheaper inferior products that are being swept up by buyers who care only about pop culture. Get yourselves ready for AAPL to enter $400 territory and beyond. Tim Cook and his whole team are done. It’s time to talk about rebuilding the company.

      1. Biggest quarter ever doesn’t matter, Fscuttle. I know it’s very difficult for us to rationalize what’s happening. But, Apple’s cash horde, sales, profits, record quarters, etc., etc., doesn’t matter. The company allowed manipulative conventional wisdom to develop on Wall Street. Tim Cook stood by the company’s long practice of saying nothing while competitors began to beat the hell out of Apple’s gadget line up. They offered more options, more features, more models, more sizes all encased in cheap plastic and lower prices. The fickle, immature, pop culture customer base swarmed over the alternatives to iPhones, iPads, iPods and Wall Street began to say the post-Jobs Apple had hit its peak and its best days were disappearing in the rear view mirror. The strategy was a colossal blunder, second only to the first colossal blunder of Steve converting Apple to a “mobile device company”. That produced the unimaginable success but it was always destined to be relatively short lived. Now Apple is Sony.

        1. And when Apple triples its dividend and reality sets in, then what?

          This is a company setting new revenue records every quarter, with the largest market cap in history, the largest cash hoard in history, no debt, can’t make products fast enough to satisfy demand, with margins 10 times their competitors,and you’re sure they’re failing. Good luck with that.

          1. you are also describing Microsoft 12 years ago. how did that turn out?

            wall street wants growth. double digit growth. until a few years ago MS was growing 10% a year, and the stock stayed flat for a decade

            windows turned into a utility. just like smartphones are now

            1. Show me another stock with a consistent 30% growth over the last 5 years. Growth, my ass. This is 100% FUD directed at saving the asses of the CALL option sellers who sold $500 CALLS last January, nothing more.

  6. As I have been saying, unchecked fears fester and when that happens fundamentals and logic become meaningless. Today’s share nosedive based on nothing but a rehashed piece of old news is a perfect example of what festered fears can do to a good stock.

    People will listen to and believe in pretty much anything in the absence of real news from a legit source. Stop whining about the lack of action from SEC, FTC, DOJ, etc. to protect you from false rumors by questionable sources when Apple refuses to defend itself. Look, if you fail to defend yourself, don’t expect anyone else come to your rescue.

    If AAPL can’t hold $500 today, it may see $480 or lower by Friday.

  7. Gee, and I remember once when the iPod was done bc Dell had just introduced the DJ Ditty! Get a grip people!

    Remember, you get a Galaxy nd you’re still stuck w Android…. And the Samsung Note is the dorkiest thing I’ve ever seen! WHO, short of a techno-geek would want that POS?

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