Four departed executives in the last year; a lot to be determined for Apple Inc.

“2012 was certainly a year of change at Apple, though the company made more money and sold more devices than ever. From the consumer side, it’s hard to argue with retina MacBook Pros and new iPads—especially when they come out ahead of schedule,” Jacqui Cheng reports for Ars Technica. “But from within Apple, the changes were much more significant.”

“Over the last year, four important Apple executives left the company,” Cheng reports. “One of those execs was hired and fired within that year. Another chose to retire, only to take a few steps back several months later. We thought we’d take a look at these four and what roles they played within the Apple ecosystem to see what all the fuss was about—for better or for worse.”

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  1. When dds graduate into real “journalism” journalism dumbs down to cater to ignorance. When ignorance feeds off dd journalism and accepts it as fact, thisis what happens, as MDN says: journalism is dead. Consequentially knowledge will be exclusively attained and retained to share with the appreciating and respecting ie: Apple’s real core customers.

  2. Yeah, I’ll say. But I have. Repeatedly. Denial among the faithful is currently rampant. People can’t see what’s happening. They don’t grasp the reality that record profits and cash horde don’t matter to AAPL. What does matter is the company has got to restructure under new leadership and declare a new day has dawned. Until that happens, there is no telling how far AAPL will continue to fall and a really good chance that, no matter what, it will never see $700 again. In fact, the further it falls, the lower the number of what will never be seen again will be. Once it is well into the $400 range – where it is headed today – that never to be seen again number will drop another hundred bucks.

  3. Bob Mansfield is SVP of a new division called technologies (where Apple is probably working Liquidmetal, solar & wind energy, etc., among other things). He is not staying on as an advisor. That would be Forstall. When are these “reporters” gonna get things right?

  4. The app icon can surely not be the final solution to UI for iPads. It made snse in the transition from iPhone – where screen real estate is limited, but Apple really need to move their game forward. We need multi-tasking ans app switching much better than we have now. Forestall seemed happy to be stuck in endless iOS speed bump upgrade – lets hope Jony Ive can put design excellence to the fore.

  5. And,,, you don’t deliver sales excellence and user satisfaction by nickel and diming the buying experience. Browett was still riding on the back of progress made by his predecessor before his unsuitability was apparent. He was not in post long enough to impact severely on customer experience – just long enough to piss off the staff who saw what he was doing to maximise revenue at the expese of customer experience. No sleep lost for the rest – but a look over the cliff face for anyone who thinks that screwing every last dollar out of customers (when you have a $100Bn in the bank) is in any way like progress for the organisation.

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