Apple pulls down U.S. futures

“U.S. stock futures declined as investors awaited a series of comments from central bank leaders and as Apple’s stock tested the $500-level amid weak iPhone demand,” Kaitlyn Kiernan and Alexandra Scaggs report for The Wall Street Journal.

MacDailyNews Take: Proof of “weak iPhone demand.” None given.

“Apple dropped 2.8% to $505.70, after news the tech giant cut its component orders for the iPhone 5 due to weaker-than-expected demand,” Kiernan and Scaggs report. “Orders for iPhone 5 screens dropped to roughly half of what the company previously planned to order. Earlier in the morning, shares slipped as low as $497.”

MacDailyNews Take: Proof the orders were cut? None given. If true, proof that the order reductions were “due to weaker-than-expected demand” and not a move to bi-annual iPhone refreshes or for some other reason? None given.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Behold the Internet echo chamber, where rumors, speculation and fomentation get rubber-stamped as fact within seconds.

Hey, let’s careful out there.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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    1. Agreed! This isn’t Apple’s fault. I still get tired of the many players screwing with Apple’s stock. How many American 401Ks got robbed over the last 4 months. Isn’t the stock low enough? Buy it and let it get back up again.

  1. but this reality of FUD and manipulation has been known for years now, yet apple does nothing to protect its shareholders. it is as if they show me the finger every day. when fundamentals are in order a share price can be managed like any other operational segment. by carefully setting expectations and reacting to wild rumors via press releases. but they don’t care, they leave aapl to the speculators. and us in the cold.

    1. No one told you to buy the stock, no one told you to keep is as it trended down and no one is making you keep it now. You want to gamble in the stock market then take responsibility for your own decisions.

  2. We’ll know next week. iPhone sales and projected sales will be released. No guessing, no wondering, no speculating just cold hard facts. Of course they sold a lot of iPhone fives so far. But they have to tell us how they see sales going into the next quarter too. They cannot tell a lie. That’s what matters most, forecast for next quarter. So for a short period of time fanboys and Apple haters alike will have to shut up and listen. I’m looking forward to that. I suspect that the cutback in parts is due more to new-product than lack of iPhone five sales. Picked up a couple of long-term calls this morning when AAPL hit $500. Just a little bit, I’m not that brave at this point. My FB has been ramping up since I bought in a month ago. So I’ll be patient getting back into AAPL. Diversify.

  3. This whole Apple is going South narrative over the last few months is, for me, a clear case of massive, fraudulent, market manipulation, ala Facebook IPO, except that one was “talked up” to ridiculous levels and this one is being “talked down” to ridiculous levels. Someone needs to examine ALL trades, long and short, and the ultimate beneficiaries of these “positions”, over the past 9 months and covering the next 9 months !
    One of the big Wall Street banks was fined a paltry 5 million US$ for only informing other Wall Street insiders, and not joe-mug-public, of a “key” piece of information about the Facebook IPO, that doubtless they had for ages, which would have cautioned them about accepting previously distributed profit forecasts ! They should have been closed down for this “omission”, which I would consider fraud ! I believe class actions are lining up.
    Media organisations, all too happy to publish a sensationalist sound bite , without the journalistic integrity to do basic fact checking, are also complicit in this charade and should also be held to account, in the courts, if US regulators don’t have the inclination, the integrity or the balls to do so !
    Apple will smash it out of the park this year. These guys make cash from commissions when people but or sell, so any activity is in their interests. They also take “positions”, on and off the books. It’s not technically insider trading, as they are not party to advance information, at least none that the rest of us are not party to, which is that Apple products are selling like hot cakes, they have no debt, a huge cash horde and what competition they have is in transitional disarray, with the slow, but sure abandonment of h-appless Android ! No, the scam is to talk the shares down, with the help of some complicit ” analysts” and media mouthpieces, buy in, talk them up ( amazing figures/smashed analysts predictions), and then cash in the massive profits ! It’s not insider trading, it’s corrupt as hell, market manipulation ! Jail them all.

  4. Life goes on, even when the so-called weather forecasts are totally wrong. Forecasters keep their jobs, and weather continues to happen, sometimes very unfavorably.

    If Apple went private, it would still be the most successful, profitable business in the world, run by the best management team, and the preference for Apple products would remain. And, market manipulation would continue with Facebook or some other targeted company.

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