Apple’s iPad mini is screaming success

“Aaron Lee of Digitimes reports that sales of the Mini are greatly exceeding expectations, and that Apple has increased its order. ‘Apple originally estimated shipments of 10 million iPad minis for 2012, but due to component shortages caused by weak yields, Apple later adjusted the volume to only 6-8 million units. However, with yield rates improving, iPad mini shipments for the first two months of the fourth quarter have already surpassed eight million units, and should successfully break 10 million for the quarter with a chance to reach 12 million, the sources noted,'” Malcolm Manness writes for The Motley Fool.

“The viability of the new iPad Mini was questioned when released due to the high $329 price tag. Assuming this Digitimes report is correct, these fears are now proved baseles,” Manness writes. ” In fact, the sales are exceeding expectations.”

Manness writes, “ith people flocking to see the Mini, I am sure that some extra sales will pass over to the iPad grande as well. So sales here may be higher yet… We know the iPhone 5 is doing well and the supply chain seems to have worked out many of the kinks. Now this new news indicates that we should expect a great quarter from Apple. Once the Capital Gains deadline has been breached, shares should do very well.”

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    1. sad to say Europe is currently broke, with recessions among some
      EU member countries, Tim Cook should instead concentrate on Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.(thats where the money is
      right now)

  1. Two new tablets launched this quarter. One, an extension of an existing line, but smaller, yet retaining 100% of the functionality of its larger brethren. The other, a 10″ tablet released by a certain Microsoft that purports to mimic the functionality of a laptop with finger gestures, but failing badly.

    One sells 12 million units, the other sells 120,000 units. Microsoft is like that boxer who having been beaten black and blue, rises off the canvas and says, “I’m not dead yet, bring it on.”

      1. More like Monty Python’s Black Knight:

        “Tis but a scratch!”

        “A scratch? Your arms off!”

        “No it isn’t.”

        “Well, what’s that (on the ground) then?”

    1. You’re giving MS too much credit. I admire someone who gets offs the canvas even with the odds stacked against them. MS IS more like the stalker who won’t stop calling the hot chick. He keeps repackaging the dame plate of dog crap in nicer gift wrapping, but he can’t take a hint.

  2. I used to think the mini was too small for my use. I have a dense business app on the App Store and thought it’d only work well with the regular iPads. Then I visited the apple store here in SB and tried the mini out. I bought one to try further for a week before taking it back after confirming my preconceived notions.

    I was wrong: The iPad mini rocks. My densly populated business app works well, my 60 yo eyes can read it well even without glasses, and it feels like nothing in the hand.

    The only big change I made to my routine is to open up web pages using Reader with the mini in portrait mode, instead of landscape mode. I still have two other iPads for testing and family use but I use the iPad mini all the time, now. Even to read and comment on MDN.

    HFS – Apple is going to sell a boatload of these.

    1. I had a similar reaction- at first, I didn’t understand how the smaller screen could accommodate full size iPad apps / UI. And then I saw one in real life, and it wasn’t at all how I had imagined it. It was bigger too, but not too big.

      Was saving my pennies, when LO AND BEHOLD my wife gets one from her boss at work, says I can have it 🙂

  3. The iPad Mini is smaller than its predecessors, and its sales are apparently smaller, too. — Diana Samuels
    Technology Reporter- Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal

    So wrote Diana a month ago. The stock market punished Apple’s stock when iPad Mini’s debut sales numbers failed to meet the Street’s metrics, causing Apple to lose $20 a share, or 3% of the stock’s value, but today we see Apple is on track to beat their original estimate of ten-million.

    Go AAPL!

  4. Interesting to me is that the Mini was able to generate these sales without the ridiculous marketing that M$ put into their Surface tablet. That dance video ad with the clicking cover was SO annoying.

    1. It will be forgotten by the naysaying analysts, bloggers, and shock troops, all of whom have self-wiping memories. They’ll simply reset and lie in the weeds lining up their next shot.

  5. Watch what happens to sales of the new iMac Mini in early 2013 with an A6 processor or better on board coupled with a retina display. It will happen! Good Night Samdung, Google, Droids et al. Bring it On!!!

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