FedEx delivers iPad mini, UPS guy steals it off front porch (with video)

“A surveillance video caught a UPS driver stealing a package from a northwest Harris County front porch shortly after it was delivered by Fed Ex,” Click2Houston reports. “Al Alverson’s home security camera system recorded the incident on Wednesday. Alverson said the video shows the Fed Ex deliveryman leave a new iPad mini on his doorstop — a Christmas present for Alverson’s daughter.”

Click2Houston reports, “Later that same day, a UPS deliveryman showed up at Alverson’s house with a package. He got no answer when he rang the doorbell so he left the package and walked away. But the security video showed the UPS driver did not leave. A couple of minutes later, he came back, picked up the iPad and walked off… UPS tracked down the driver. They said he was a seasonal employee who has been fired.”

Alverson’s YouTube video:

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    1. Yeah, that’s right. Track him down and blow his brains! Nothing like good ol’ vigilante justice to do make you feel better. Killing someone for stealing your iPad is definitely worth it. Feel better now?
      Luckily, there are laws in place to put nut jobs like you in jail when you’re caught and convicted for murder.

    2. In Canada, we call the cops and say, This peckerhead stole my iPad form my house. I have a video of it. The cops come, see the video, then go arrest the guy at his work. No fuss, no muss, and best of all, no guns.

      Rather civilized don’t you think?

      1. In the USA, we call the cops, they come and write a report and leave. They might suggest calling the insurance co.

        Video? They don’t care. Even when you trace the stolen items down with ” find my iPhone”, they usually don’t care.

        1. ummmm I do not think you get my point! Joe Blow doesn’t go in his closest, pull out a gun from his huge arsenal of semi-automatics and goes and blows the fu#ker away without due process. Let the cops (with their guns) do it.

      2. If you live in Canada most Apple delivery is by UPS and it has to be sign for. Luckily I have some at home to sign for me, either wise it becomes a bit a pain in the as to go pick up.

    3. I have a serious question…What’s the deal with Texans and their “don’t mess with Texas” or “In Texas, things are always bigger in Texas” attitude. I don’t have a problem with any of that but I’ve always wondered. I’ve never been able to understand this line of thinking of having to say that my state is bigger and badder than another. I’m originally from Illinois and we never said “Don’t mess with Illinois” or someone from any other state (than Texas) never says stuff like Texans say along these lines. I visited Austin TX once — great city BTW — but the Texas star (big and small versions) is plastered everywhere. Anyway, I’m not trying to offend anyone but I was just wondering.

  1. I was a FedEx courier for 10 years. Cardinal rule number one: Thou Shalt Not Steal! – Period.

    Just imagine the all-seeing eye of God is always upon thee. (Or a CCTV security cam, whatever works..)

    1. Thanks Captain yeah. I would think even the off chance of getting caught would be enough to stop someone dead in their tracks who had a very good UPS job. Two day’s wages will buy an iPad Mini vs no job in a tough economy and never being hired by a delivery company again. Stupid is as stupid does.

  2. As I warn the teenagers, do not think you can get away with anything these days. EVERYONE has video capability by phone or gadget, and your chances are excellent of being taped in action with anything illegal or stupid you may think of doing.

    1. That’s not the REAL problem. Teenagers (children) need to be taught to do the right thing when NO ONE IS WATCHING. They need to be “conditioned” to feel bad for doing something that is wrong, not for caring if they will get caught or not.

      1. Thanks, ken1w. I am glad that someone thinks this way. A person’s true character is demonstrated by the actions that he/she takes when they believe that there is no chance of being held accountable for doing the wrong thing.

        Trust is one of the most important and fragile aspects of a worthwhile relationship.

          1. I agree. A famous person once said something to the effect that it’s how one treats those who can neither harm nor benefit you that speaks the true nature of one’s character. A more practical version of that might be: No nation, short of an absolute police state can exist if people only refrain from criminal behavior out of fear of being caught.

      2. Of course you try to instill a “do the right thing” attitude, but sometimes peer pressure is a strong pull so adding a bit of fear to keep your nose clean isn’t bad either.

    1. Apple will let you print out a page from your online order status and sign for the delivery if you’re not going to be home. Watch when the FedEx guy drops off … he grabs that page that was taped to the window and makes sure the tracking numbers match, then he leaves the package.

  3. He got slapped in the hand, the owner should prosecute, and have this set as an example, UPS Should advertise the incident making more people aware Clients cant track U, and you are liable for your actions. Current result just promotes more stealing.

  4. I had the opposite experience here in NYC. Twice in past four months has Fedex dropped off the package in front of the door, and twice has the package disappeared. First time it was a cellphone, which the carrier replaced (sending overnight and requiring signature). Second time, it was personal, and irreplaceable. Luckily, the security guard from my building found the package on the stairs — box opened, contents untouched. Whoever swiped it had no use for the content (it was a handcrafted dress for a little girl), so he just dumped it. I reported this to FedEx and they reimbursed the sender for some nominal $100 loss coverage. First time, I didn’t bother dealing with FedEx, but second time, I had specifically called them and told then NOT to leave it by the door, but to hand it to me in person, or take it back to their centre.

    I have a strong feeling that their truck driver has a deal with some local hoodlums to just call them up when he leaves packages in front of apartment doors. Risk for them is practically non-existent: there are twelve apartments per floor, but everybody is at work — all he has to do is run along and collect the boxes.

    Firing people for stealing is one thing, but there should be automatic prosecution by the local law enforcement and justice system. As far as I know, robbery / burglary / theft is against the law in every jurisdiction on this planet.

      1. beat me to it… Apple should follow up on that Chex commercial where the Che product is slipped into a Potato Chip bag thus avoiding unwanted hands taking your Check. Maybe Apple should put a “From: Microsoft” label on the return address and see if that helps curb sticky fingers!

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