Apple grabs record 53.3% share of U.S. smartphone market

The latest smartphone sales data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech shows Apple has achieved its highest ever share in the US (53.3%) in the latest 12 weeks (ended Nov. 25. 2012), with the iPhone 5 helping to boost sales.

Dominic Sunnebo, global consumer insight director at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, said in a statement, “Apple has reached a major milestone in the US by passing the 50% share mark for the first time, with further gains expected to be made during December.”

Meanwhile in Europe, Samsung continues to hold the number one smartphone manufacturer spot across the big five countries, with 44.3% share in the latest 12 weeks. Apple takes second place with 25.3% share while HTC, Sony and Nokia shares remain close in the chase for third position.

Kantar Worldpanel U.S. smartphone market share (12 week period ending Nov. 25, 2012)
Kantar Worldpanel U.S. smartphone market share (12 week period ending Nov. 25, 2012)

Source: Kantar Worldpanel

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, those aren’t typos: Apple’s iOS gained 17.5% YOY, Android lost 10.9% YOY and the also-rans didn’t fare much better.


    1. Any time you have 53% of market growing at 17.5% each year, it screams an almost full market share in only a few short years only delayed by the 2 year contract rollovers.

      This game is over in the USA. Only starting in China and Europe will remain a mess for sometime to come. Apple will clean it up later as the others suppliers collapse.

    1. Comparing to report from 1.5 months ago, Android’s overall share in Europe declined from 67.1% to 61%.

      In EU5 share grew from 14 to 25%. In USA from 33% to 53%.

      Considering 27 million iPhone sales figure for calendar Q3, it is reasonable to expect for Q4 up to 45-50 iPhones sold — or even maybe, if the circumstances would allow.

  1. Wall Street only counts global market share and says it’s more important to sell to the poverty-stricken masses. A company that doesn’t sell products to the destitute citizens of the world has zero growth potential. Profits are nothing. Market share is everything. It’s said that by 2015, Apple’s global smartphone market share will be about 10% and repeating the same Windows versus Apple scenario. In order for Apple to survive it must offer a brand new iPhone with all the high-end features for $25. Only then, does Apple have chance of defeating Android.


  2. “…with further gains expected to be made during December.”

    Disappointing for the credibility of the picayune scribes whose headlines blared damage from Mapgate and for the supply chain gang of analysts who had Apple peaked out, soon to be beleaguered—oh, how they want to reclaim that word for their arsenal of snide pronouncements in their never-ending battle to bring down Gargantua.

  3. I think that Apple will remain a very volatile stock, whose price will be driven mostly by their quarterly results and guidance because of their philosophy. They do not wish to have a product that fits every purse and they are not out to corner a monopoly. Their goal is to create the best user experience they can and to give people what they never knew they wanted, only to find that they can’t live without it. This is a model that is foreign and, I think, anathema to Wall Street. Apple’s goals fly in the face of what’s taught at Stanford’s school of business. They do not strive for market share. They simply produce the best products they can, at margins they can live with, and let the chips fall where they may. I like their strategy as a consumer and as an investor (albeit, a long-term investor).

  4. Buying AAPL on the dips. Selling a share or two now and again when it’s up and using the profits to buy suppliers’ stock (not Samdung). Seems to be working out okay so far.

  5. Apple leads in one market. The states. All the propaganda being spruked from here didnt make a bit of difference now did it. Anyone here feel fookish. Apple will like rim be history in 12 months. Bye bye to over rated over priced fruit basket.

    1. What country are you from crikeym8? It surely isn’t Australia! And what language were you “supposedly” taught in school? Again, it surely wasn’t English. And which head do you “allegedly” think with? It surely isn’t the one on your shoulders! (Give the lower little fella a break, mate, and rest your right hand for more productive endeavors!)

    2. You’re supposed to put a shrimp on the barbie, not yer brain mate. Here are some choice Australian insults for you:

      “Not enough brains to give ‘imself a headache!”
      “You must be the world’s only living brain donor.”
      “He’s got a few roos loose in the top paddock.”
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