5 things we learned from Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s tweet from Apple Store Fifth Avenue last night

“Late Tuesday night Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer, a finalist and runner-up for Time’s 2012 Person of the Year award, visited the 5th Avenue Apple Store in New York City,” Eli Langer reports for CNBC.

Mayer posted a tweet to Twitter that read: “The 5th Avenue Apple store at 11pm. Wow…” The tweet also included a Flickr photo taken from the stairwell of the store as she headed downstairs,” Langer reports.

If a photo speaks a thousand words, here’s what this one tells us:


Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer<br>(photo by Brigitte Lacombe)
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer
(photo by Brigitte Lacombe)
1) Mayer doesn’t have the most up-to-date Apple iPhone… [she] still owns an iPhone 4S
2) No one seems to notice Mayer is there… no public tweets made note of her presence
3) Mayer chose not to use a filter on her Flickr photo
4) Yahoo and Apple may be warming up to each other
5) Yahoo is playing offense. Mayer’s tweet… silently promotes Flickr – Yahoo!Flickr’s iOS app

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MacDailyNews Take: Marissa Mayer in a tight red dress on an exercise ball. Wow…

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Rainy Day” for the heads up.]

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    1. She should filter and reject the crap that Yahoo Finance allows to pass as journalism or financially competent/credible reporting recently, on Yahoo Finance: Apple news. It only serves to discredit Yahoo Finance’s credibility and standing.

  1. Ms. Mayer is so darn gorgeous and even more with those heels on a bright red BOUNCY ball 😉

    Kidding aside, I admire not only is she drop dead gorgeous but has a brain to go with it! Not many like her 🙂

          1. She plays what the director asks for and what the audience thinks a smart person would be like. She is an actor who may be smart. Wikipedia says:

            For many years, Stone maintained that she had an IQ of 148[35] and was a member of Mensa,[36][37] but in April 2002, she admitted she was not, and had never been, a member of that society.[36][38] Jim Blackmore of Mensa said, “It’s delightful to finally see Ms. Stone admit that she’s not and never has been a member of our society.” Blackmore admits Stone may be as clever as many like to think. He says, “My gut feeling is that she would definitely qualify. But that’s just based on what we’ve been told by other individuals.”[38]

  2. “2) No one seems to notice Mayer is there.”

    Despite being an extremely attractive woman, she doesn’t have a particularly distinctive look about her, and isn’t really a celeb yet. Plus, NYC is full of attractive women.

      1. And Meggie Whitman Harsh bought it in the hopes that the new baby’s inherited good looks and brains might somehow rub off on her. Her sons at Princeton are going to be mighty jealous.

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