Microsoft’s Windows 8 release a non-event for most companies, some of which may never adopt it

“There was once a time when the launch of a new Windows operating system was a huge deal for the technology departments in many businesses. Not anymore. Microsoft Corp’s release of Windows 8 on Friday is likely to be a non-event for most companies — and some experts say many may never adopt it,” Bill Rigby reports for Reuters.

“Many businesses… say there is no compelling reason to adopt. Indeed, a large number have yet to make the transition to Windows 7 from Windows XP,” Rigby reports. “Corporate customers have been lukewarm about the product even after test versions have been available for more than a year.”

Rigby reports, “Michael Silver, an analyst at technology research firm Gartner, expects minimal corporate adoption over the life of the new system: ‘We believe 90 percent of large organizations will not deploy Windows 8 broadly, and at its peak, we expect about 20 percent of PCs in large organizations will run Windows 8,’ he said.”

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    1. There’s never been a Windows event for me that wasn’t anything but a Dozefest. Not since 1992. Windows 8 I am only looking forward to as one might in the old days as a hanging or watching a train wreck. The coup de grace will be Bill Gates Men-In-Black escorting Steve Ballmer from the Microsoft campus for the last time by the scruff of the neck and a solid kick in the ass on the way down.

      1. Ballmer has the big advantage that things are so bad beneath the surface that if he were sacked the markets would jump ship before the rats had finished chewing the electricity cables. As they say if you are going to owe a bank money make it too much for them to junk you. Many analysts and bankers still believe deludedly that MS is still King of technology sector.

  1. i know mac and pc well…i mean..both like the back of my hand. win8 is radically different. the training alone would be a nightmare. they took a huge gamble on this

    1. Considering the fact that you obviously don’t know how to type, or create a simple sentence, I don’t believe you when you say “i know mac and pc well…i mean..both like the back of my hand.” Somehow you don’t strike me as someone who would.

      1. Stop making such petty points. A lot of us are at work and dashing off quick sentences with no time to proof read. I have no reason to believe what he says isn’t true. Maybe he’s an expert at both. Is that totally impossible in your world?

  2. I’ve said this before M$ only make a passable OS every second release. Win7 is okay so Win8 will be a dog. Vista, ME etc all were a piece of crap and businesses have now learnt they can skip these and save money and headaches as a result.
    My company only switched to Win7 because the XP license ran out. We have a mixture of XP and Win 7 now since only new machines have Win7 installed. Win7 is definitely an improvement in usability but definitely cost more because software had to be updated.

      1. Good point. The hardware requirements may be higher. However we were installing xp on machines as late as a year ago so the hardware could handle win7. Updating older machines would not work for sure.

  3. This writer, like most others, ventured far from reality, to appear fair and balanced.
    But this sentence just cannot be ignored;
    “But Microsoft’s main goal is to show it can master the new touch-optimized, mobile forms of computing pioneered by Apple Inc and Google Inc.”
    Pioneered by Google?!
    Pioneered by Google?!!

    And this bit made me laugh, because it’s obvious where this company will end up going;
    “…Kennametal Inc, … ‘We’re doing some piloting with iPads, but I’m excited to see the Windows stuff come out.'”

  4. Seeing as how Microsoft has never been afraid to have 8 different versions of the same OS on the market, I’m shocked they don’t have a “Business Desktop” version — or some such awfully named iteration — that forgoes all of the tile and touch BS that makes no sense on a business desktop anyway.

    Apple has been the leader in consumer/business multi-touch technology for half a decade now and obviously could have easily incorporated touch into its line of notebooks and desktops if it felt that was a good way of doing things.

    Instead, Apple recognized the difference between a touch GUI and a point and click GUI and while OS X is visually changing to meld the two together they remain distinct operating systems for very good reason.

    Microsoft has copied Apple for so long that you’d think they might have studied this approach. Instead, their one-size-fits-nobody approach to Windows 8 will see them backtrack painfully in Windows 9. Microsoft is headed down the path of server OS and business OS while the rest of the world (consumers particularly) will be using Macs when they really need that kind of power and iOS (or Android, shudder) for mobile.

    It’s fun to sit back and watch it happen.

    1. “Apple recognized the difference between a touch GUI and a point and click GUI and while OS X is visually changing to meld the two together they remain distinct operating systems for very good reason.”
      – Good point, midwestmac.
      And you made me realise that Apple has had touch on the desktop and laptop for some time – a really effective touch pad below (or along with) the keyboard, where it’s ergonomically sane.
      Apple knows that with the resulting “Gorilla Arm”, no-one will use touch on the upright screen. But we do use touch where it’s comfortable; the same location as our keyboards, and on a portable device held in our laps.
      (Then again, maybe Microsoft can increase profits by selling a portable stand that mounts over the Surface’s Keyboard, allowing the user to rest their wrist, elevated upon this stand. – More Microsoftian GENIUS!)

      I’ve no doubt many Microsoft Sufferers will buy the Surface for its novelty factor. Bless their little hearts.

      1. “I’ve no doubt many Microsoft Sufferers will buy the Surface for its novelty factor.”

        And their misplaced sense of loyalty. Then return them for iPads once they’ve had a good deep and long wicked laugh. (And then say something about how pathetic it is in their best Emperor Palpatine.)

  5. I am surprised it has taken this long for Microsoft to start trying to move to a more logical intuitive interface. Unfortunately, I can not judge wether it is intuitive or logical from what I’ve seen.

    I can deal with funny icons as long as I can get to my apps I need and they work. The problem I have with Win7 is that the one key program I have randomly freezes and stops functioning about once an hour and god forbid I haven’t kept hitting the save command.

    I don’t have a problem with ANY app quitting on Mac OS X.

  6. My employer only moved to XP in 2004, three years after it came out. We only moved to Win7 earlier this year. The earliest we could possibly move to Win8 would be 2015, and we’d only do it if there wasn’t anything better on the horizon, or if Microsoft was ending support for the old OS.

    Reading this article, I’ve learned that our practices are pretty much standard, not overly conservative. So there is pretty much zero chance of Win8 getting any traction in the enterprise market.


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