iPhone 5 pre-orders sell out in one hour, 22 times faster than iPhone 4S, further spotlighting Apple’s dominance

“Preoders for the iPhone 5 went live at midnight tonight and, true to form, they went like hotcakes,” Billy Gallagher reports for TechCrunch.

“You may remember that it took 22 hours for the iPhone 4S and about 20 hours for the iPhone 4 to sell out of its pre-order, launch-day stock,” Gallagher reports. “The iPhone 5 took just about 60 minutes.”

Gallagher reports, “Yep. One hour after pre-orders went live tonight, Apple.com shifted shipping expectations from one to two weeks due to the overwhelming demand.”

iPhone 5 sold out, slips to 2 weeks shipping
iPhone 5 sold out, slips to 2 weeks shipping

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MacDailyNews Take: Naysayers, bow your heads in shame.

We got ours! Did you get yours?

“The iPhone 5 will break all smartphone sales records – just like every single iPhone model before it.” – MacDailyNews Take, September 9, 2012

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    1. I was ordering two phones from the Apple Store. Got the screen that said you can’t order two phones at once and so got mine and then went to order my wife’s and that’s when Time Warner decided to shut down all my digital services for about a half hour! God I was pissed it took that moment to do that! By the time I got back on the shipping times hasd changed. I want to tar and feather everyone down at the Time Warner office! (I know, need to get a life but BOY, how aggravating.)

        1. I know I thought about that too. Hee. But seeing as how things were going very smoothly I didn’t think it a problem about the actual order of the devices bought. If I hadn’t made the mistake of ordering both at once I probably would have made it under the wire. I am probably going to have to wait until her phone arrives anyway to activate them both at the same time being part of the Verizon SHARE EVERYTHING family plan or whatever they call it. We are switching from AT&T since our area SUCKS for AT&T and can’t wait. We gave them 25 years to make it right. I figure that’s enough. Bah bye AT&T! We knew ye all too well!

        1. Hey, we used to have Time Warner here but they sold out to DumbHouse. Things actually degraded when that happened. Thank goodness AT&T came along with Uverse. Now no one could pay me enough to go back to cable.

  1. Although we don’t yet know if Apple had the same amount of iPhones on-hand as last year for the preorder. Maybe they had 22 times less iPhones available for preorder? I doubt it, but I’m just saying that we need to wait until Apple officially releases its preorder numbers to know EXACTLY how well the iPhone 5 sold today!

    1. Presumably, it’s the other way around, as Apple’s launch schedule implies a far faster production ramp up than before. Plus, we know from Apple’s cap expenditures estimate in the 10K, that Apple is prepping for roughly double the production, so for pre-sale inventory to be less is hard to believe.

      As for waiting for Apple to officially announce pre-orders, don’t expect it. They may announce launch weekend numbers, but that’s about it.

    1. Everyone who ordered one put your hand up and I’ll count!

      We won’t find out until Apple releases the first weekend figures. This will include all preorders plus sales at the stores.

  2. I’m as big a fan as the next, and in fact, was able to pre-order mine with the initial rush. That being said, you have to take this a little tongue-in-cheek without knowing what their inventory backlog looked like compared to previous releases. I am sure they did due diligence to make as many available at launch as possible, but this headline means nothing without knowing the backlog chewed through in an hour.

    1. Agree. Comments like the one MDN put out are often times subjective at best. How many were available as there is reason to believe that Apple has to deal with supply chain issues and in particular with Sharp and LG who are providing the displays. How many are being sold to existing iPhone users which is what Apple really cares about as their goal is to sell to new iPhone users as while selling to the converted is good business, selling to new users is even better business.

      I am in Canada, and submitted my order for a white 16 and a slate 64 at 5:43 AM eastern time without any glitch.

      Not sure anyone ever doubted existing iPhone user’s appetite for the iPhone 5, but the question was will it track well in terms of take away from Android and Windows Phone.

    1. I’m pretty sure the gates opened for everyone at the same time. It may not have been midnight for you cuz of time zones, but it was when everyone else ordered. 12am pacific, 3am eastern etc…

        1. I got cha. Yea 3 hours of sleep. Everything’s going over my head. Least you got a iPhone outta the deal. Can’t beat 6 g’s. Now you’d really be lucky if you get to stay on vacation till the day before the 21st. No worries all week then get to come home to look forward to the ip5. Living the life.

  3. I fought with ATTs web site for 30 minutes. It finally took the order at 4:30 am using Chrome. Meanwhile, Safari was showing ATTs banner splash screen saying something like waiting for the big event. The only time I was thankful for having Chrome on my Macbook Pro! haha. Coworker said no waiting on Verizon web site when he ordered. I guess all us ATT people threaten, but don’t really switch.

        1. Both of those are hard to beat in my eyes but my Verizon friends usually have something that will meet or triumph it…… Well maybe not anymore. Haven’t had a ” failed call” in quite awhile. AT&T was notorious for that for awhile around here.

    1. Apple’s site was doing the same thing with Safari and Firefox to me, finally downloaded Opera and was able to pre-order in the first bunch… quite annoying that certain browsers worked over others.

  4. Pisses me off! Might be good news for Apple, but bad for consumers! Stuck waiting in line on the 21st is a waste of time! 60 Minutes to sell out? Inexcusable miscalculation!

    1. Inexcusable miscalculation? Really? Should they have waited until they had 30 million devices boxed up and ready to roll? How long would that have delayed the release (and kept the iPhone out of EVERYONE’S hands)? The day they don’t rapidly sell out of their initial iPhone release will mark the end of their dominance in mindshare.

  5. Start my ordering at 2:58 am eastern time. Took two attempts, but had a confirm emails for the order at 3:06 am. I can not wait till next Friday. I could not go back to sleep after getting so early this morning, now I tired as hell at work, thank God it’s friday.

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