Apple takes last items of impressive out of beta

“One day after announcing a revamped ‘Find My Phone’ app that now features a ‘lost mode’ to streamline security and recovery options if the iPhone is lost or stolen, Apple has taken the last items on out of beta and the full site is now available to members and new signups,” MacNN reports.

“Features on the site now reflect changes that are part of iOS 6 (to be released on September 19) such as VIP lists for Mail,” MacNN reports. “In addition to the new Notes and Reminders, the site also features a visual representation of documents users have stored using iWork and other third-party apps that support iCloud uploading.”

MacNN reports, “The iCloud service comes with 5GB of storage space and other features provided free, though additional storage is available for an annual fee based on how much the user feels they need. While many services provided by iCloud, including iTunes content, sync data and Photo Stream, do not count against the 5GB total, some things do — including email, documents, iOS device backups and saved app data. home page home page


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MacDailyNews Take: If you haven’t already, give a try. It’s very well executed and quite impressive. Delete messages on your Mac desktop in Mail and watch them disappear in’s Mail and vice versa. Add calendar entries in’s calendar and watch them pop up in your OS X Calendar. Seamless, simply and very useful. Very Apple.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Well executed? I think NOT. The loss of a truly usable iDisk like service is crazy. Saving files in an unorganized manner in the cloud is crazy. If you have 10-20 keynote files it’s one thing, but if you have anymore it is tough to work with.

    I’ve moved to Dropbox and turned off documents in iCloud. Very poorly implemented.

    Mac user since 1985.

    1. It’s because the LibTards are threatening to patent violate any iDisk type vendor out of business if one of their users puts copyrighted files on the iDisk. Like a movie or “borrowed” software. The LibTards want to be able to blame Apple for what their users store on the online file server.

      That is why Apple dropped iDisk.

      Thanks – LibTARDS!!

      Keep destroying all that is great.

      1. BLN, and 1138, for turning a discussion of an Apple product into a flame-fest against “LibTards”. Thanks, a LOT. Did you know that 15% of your fellows think Romney was more instrumental in killing bin Laden than Obama was? And over 40% are just not sure? MaROONS!
        On Topic: I’ve got to give the iWork option a try. The Beta was helpful. I DO regret the loss of the web-site feature. Got a couple of sites still looking for new homes.

        1. Pure idiocy by Manny, et. al. And you will note that only BLN has the cajones to actually use a registered name. The rest are anonymous losers who are desperately attempting to foment an argument among MDN participants. They claim to represent a majority, but their viewpoints are clearly extremist and twisted, to put it kindly. They mostly just stroke each other’s ego while discussing their shared delusions.

          1. Queen Smell == Queen Commie, out to destroy freedom, capitalism, happiness, private property, and the American Way.

            Queen Smell – We Patriots hate you and your ilk. Go move to China or Russia.

    2. iDisk was a good “idea” but in practice it was crap. I know uploading from a house to iDisk is going to be slow because thats the nature of upload speeds for the last 14+ years…. but good God….. painfully waiting to upload even small files to iDisk was so nasty that I couldn’t be bothered with it. However, I am not mad at Apple – failure is only achieved from never trying.

  2. ICloud document management is a complete joke, in fact more than a joke, it’s trash of the worst kind, the kind of trash that you’d find at the bottom of a dumpster.

    The lack of a file system is itself a boneheaded move by Apple, more so to attract dumbos and brainless morons to their platform.

    1. This move by Apple to demolish any type of file system by Apple must be vehemently fought by any dedicated Mac / iOS user (since 1884)

      It is catastrophic for the platform. Conjured up by people who live in a glass bubble utopia, who don’t actually do any real work with Apple tech.

      Demonstrated by the removal of any file location info in Mountain Lion Spotlight, making Spotlight a retarded piece of trash.

      1. 1884? I don’t believe iOS was around in 1884, nor was the Mac.
        The file system has not truly been eliminated, it is merely unavailable to the user. Which pretty much amounts to the same thing, unless you are an ubergeek with the needed tools.
        Apple may need to call this back, if the iPad and iPhone are to actually replace laptops or … dare I say, desktops?

    2. When people get used to one way of doing things, they generally don’t want to try something different. It is human nature to reject the new and different. Progress is only possible if we allow change. If things stay the same, we can’t progress.

      Computer search programs have progressed a long way and we need not be encumbered with having to organize our files. We just have to learn to let the computer (or cloud) find them. It frees up our brains for things that the computer can’t do like create the documents and files.

      1. Dear friend, I just had to look up something where the only word that sticks out is security. This word is not meaningfully searchable, because in the automata signatures below email alone will give me thousands of hits. Alt least with my own “system” I am able to deduct where a certain document might be. Without it, I would not find it. Sure we need to adjust to change, sure we need to give it a try. I use natural scrolling on my Mac and the old scrolling on the Windows machine and sometimes get them mixed up and I do not mind because I want to get used to it rather than just make it the old way on the Mac. But until it gets a lot better, I am very happy to be in charge where my stuff is!

  3. One facility is missing, i.e., the possibility to group all files connected to a project. A true filesystem comes close, but we still have to resort to tricks to also include web pages, mails, scans, that are part of the project. (These tricks are called links, but they are far from safe, because e.g., mails can get inadvertantly deleted. A reference counting scheme to data would help ).

    Hopefully Apple is working on a grouping conceept with a richer, reference counting, kind of aliases. At the same time, the actual documents can be kept with the apps. Trouble is, that in iOS, deleting apps carries the danger of losing documents (Only if they are not referenced, using the proposed scheme, but the situation remains unsafe).

  4. Apple has added iCloud support for Preview in Mountain Lion. Unfortunately, they need a Preview app for iOS and the iCloud website now. Otherwise, it is practically useless.

  5. I believe By comparing Mobile Me and iCloud is where the problem lies…. APple created iCloud to manage data created by their core apps across all Apple devices …. Mobile Me was their version of cloud storage for Apple users. What has happened is that they no longer want to be in that business and are leaving that storage facility to a third party that wants to be in that business …. I don’t blame them …. For the profit generated and the pitfall involved the balance sheet does not make sense. And for most of their users iCloud does the trick…. Sorry that some people lost a system the liked … But hey I am sure we have All been in businesses that dropped products or services that did not make business sense at the expense of a minority of customers that loved them…., c’est la vie

  6. iCloud is of no interest to me whatsoever If I can’t select which documents, created on my iOS devices, that will be synced to the cloud.

    iWork on iOS does allow per document sharing to and iDisk, except that none of these services exist today, but not to iCloud.

  7. Why is it considered such a great thing that mail syncs between cloud and Mac? I like to store a lot of email on Mac for archival purposes-it is a history of my time on the internet. But I don’t want it bloating the mail app on iCloud. Also, if you accidently delete a message it’s gone on all devices.

  8. I saw all my iPad’s Reminders there. Looks Great, but what about Notes on iCloud? Is it from my iPad or my Mac or both? It’s empty there, I don’t know why. I just use Notes on my iPad and not on my Mac. Help?

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