Online Apple Store, AT&T sites both down ahead of iPhone 5 pre-orders

“With a little over three hours to go before Apple opens up pre-orders for the iPhone 5, the company’s online storefront, as well as AT&T’s entire site, has gone down in preparation for what is expected to be an onslaught of traffic,” AppleInsider notes.

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MacDailyNews Take: Batten down the hatches!


  1. Midnight here in fl. I’m one of the dummy’s gonna wait till 3am to order. If I’m lucky. I need my iPhone back. My replacement phone isn’t cutting it. Gonna be a lot of red bull tomorrow.

    1. I’m here 😄
      Only 10 pm though. Just walked the dog with a Hoyo de monterey Excalibur #1, now finishing it up on the porch while searching for cases for the iPhone 5 on my iPad.

      1. Any luck finding cases? I didn’t think any would be out yet except for apple. But now thinking about it, I guess it’s Been
        Leaked for a few weeks so if they took the gamble and made some on a leak, they are gonna make some money. Guess that’s what I’ll do for a bit. I’m a bumper guy. Don’t like my iPhone all covered and hiding the sleekness.


          I like he Kensington ones so far. I dont like the big bulky cases either.

          When the store opens I’ll see what apple is selling, may not buy one for a few weeks though. I’ll grab a screen protector somewhere and keep looking for a case. I like my case I have on my 4S right now, would like a similar one for the 5.

          My brother in law found this case at Verizon, I think I paid $8 for it while he paid $30 lol. It works great for hands free FaceTime at my desk.

      2. Must be nice to live on or by the west coast. Not for the time reason in paticular. Wifey and I went to Burbank two years ago for our second anniversary. I loved it. If she didn’t have so much family here we’d prolly move over that way. Not in LA though. One of those outskirt places. Shes a RN and they get paid extremly well every where but really in cali. Here in Florida it 100+ heat everyday (except 3 maybe 4 months). Miserable. Sweet but small winters.

        1. Hi I’m down here in FL as well and hate it. Fortunately though I’m not stuck here year round. You have my sympathy. Not much going on this board here at the moment. Surprising, lots of people on this coast must have their alarm clocks set. If I weren’t an insomniac I would sleep right through and wait til later! Not too much longer for the night owls here!

          1. My wife and I make sure to get outta state once a year. It’s not enough but it helps. Some people pay big bucks to come to Tampa/Orlando/Daytona/ specially Miami. I live in Tampa/st Pete area and every place here is the same. Hot and humid. I’ll pay big bucks to leave for a week. But I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles.
            I have my alarm set but am determined to stay up. I’m just hoping it won’t be like every other launch and take mad times trying to order. I’ll be frustrated till 5am and have to wake up by 830. But it only comes once a year. So it is what it is. Almost like the crazy people on black Friday. This is probably how they feel. Ok, I’ve done it once. But it was for a 55inch led tv for under $1500. Who could blame me. It was a few years back though. Now they’re all about that price. Even cheaper

            1. Move to the paradise of Houston, TX. At least, that is the bill of goods that Sam Houston and company sold to a lot of unsuspecting people. In truth, it is hot in Houston most of the year and extremely humid the vast majority of the time, even in winter. The mosquitos, fire ants, hurricanes, and flooding only add to Houston’s southern charm. And the on;y decent beaches in the state are along the southern coast towards Mexico. You need to go a long way to avoid the mud from the Mississippi River. I have been to various parts of Florida, and I believe that Houston weather is generally worse.

  2. honestly, I am not interested in iphone 5 because of a lack of features what I wanted. but I really love new ipod touch. right now, apple online store is offline to prepare for preorder. I can’t wait to get new ipod touch. my older 2nd Gen. ipod touch has been suffered from performance. it became very sluggish and response just kills me.

    1. I have the 2nd g iPod touch to. it’s slow as hell. Like 5 apps and 1000 songs. Lots of room left but it’s just slow. The new ones are looking good for sure. I, like a few other thought they should start at a 16 gig @ $199-$249. But they went straight to $299. Still not bad for all it can do though.

      1. I’m grabbing the new nano. Bluetooth baby!!!!!

        I did some measurements, the iPhone 5 is roughly 3/8″ taller than the 4S, and similar size difference between the nano 4th gen (or is it 5th that has the camera?) and the new nano, except smaller.

        I like the touch, but I have an iPhone… I wear the 6th gen nano when I listen to music anyway so the touch is out. I need a smaller iPod instead of a phone size iPod.
        Going to miss the clip though…

        1. it was the 2g touch that got me hooked to idevices. Just like the 3G at the time. Since then it’s been on. Every iPhone release. Every year i sell my iphone on CG. Usually AFTER I got my new one. I use to baby my touch. Now I leave it in my hot ass car all day connected to my radio. Been using it like crazy for a week since i sold my 4s. Battery life and sounds like a champ. Just so damn sluggish. I prolly won’t spring for another iPod as long as I have the iphone. Have the arm strape for the gym. Though the smallness of the nanos are looking convenient. Specially what it is on price point. $150. And being the iPhones got a bit bigger. Smaller is better when hittin weights or cardio
          Ha I have a 2g nano. Battery life maybe 3 hours. Even at the time it only could do like 5 hours or some shit. Rambling here. Another hour.

          1. Get a $49 Shuffle for workouts – small, cheap, does the job. 2GB is more than sufficient. And you won’t feel that bad if it gets damaged, lost, or stolen. If you want more functionality than that, then you can step up to the nano, as you discussed.

    1. Apple first, if they let me get the discount then I buy from apple, if not… I have to go through AT&T.

      The AT&T store said I may not get the discount online… Either apple or AT&T. If neither work, it’s 10am in store where I’ll be purchasing.
      I had to wait a little bit to get the 4S so I’m not exactly in the full discount for the 5 yet, but I do qualify for a discount… $649 for the 64gb instead of $399.
      I’ll sell the 4s once I get my 5, so it won’t be as much out of pocket in the end. And unless the next iPhone is a huge update…. Which I doubt, I’ll keep the 5 and skip next gen iPhone. The 5 is what I wanted last year (didn’t we all?) only got the 4S cause of Siri and I sold my 4 for $325 the day after I got the 4S 🙂

      1. I’ve been wanting this extra half inch since the 4s. I was so sure they were going to. So yea this was more like what I was expecting last year as well. Better late then never.

    1. i can get all the way to the end… but apple won’t let me ship to a different address….
      or maybe its AT&T.

      FedEx will drive right past my house and not even attempt.. they make me go to the damn hub every time the next day, which would be monday…. HATE fedex.

      going to have to go to AT&T in store tomorrow.

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