Online Apple Store, AT&T sites both down ahead of iPhone 5 pre-orders

“With a little over three hours to go before Apple opens up pre-orders for the iPhone 5, the company’s online storefront, as well as AT&T’s entire site, has gone down in preparation for what is expected to be an onslaught of traffic,” AppleInsider notes.

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MacDailyNews Take: Batten down the hatches!


    1. i can get all the way to the end… but apple won’t let me ship to a different address….
      or maybe its AT&T.

      FedEx will drive right past my house and not even attempt.. they make me go to the damn hub every time the next day, which would be monday…. HATE fedex.

      going to have to go to AT&T in store tomorrow.

  1. You can log in to AT&T via My Account and it shows iPhone 5 as an upgrade option. When you try to execute it goes to “There was a problem with your request”

    Not even (T) can handle the traffic in the middle of the night.

      1. gives me the multi language we’ll be back message.
        att gives me the error above.
        the apple store app works… but will not allow me to ship the phone to work where someone can sign for it… FedEx will not deliver to my house unless i stand in the road and stop his pathetic lazy ass. makes me drive across town to the hub every time…

  2. Well, now we know… they still can’t handle the demand for the new phones. Website can’t process the orders, phone numbers say that they are at capacity and to please call back.

    I’m going to bed (should have done that in the first place).

  3. 12:16 – App store still down. AT&T site, down. Verizon, got in, ordered 2 phones, done in 10 minutes. Sweet!

    (Moving to Verizon from AT&T – since iPhone 1 – Att still only has EDGE in my area after 6 years! Unforgiveable. No LTE with Verizon, but at least good 3G)

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