Five reasons to buy Apple’s iPhone 5

“I’ll give you five reasons to buy the newly-announced iPhone 5. You can use these reasons to help persuade yourself if you’re on the fence, you can tell me all the reasons you won’t buy the iPhone 5, or you can tell me all the reasons I missed if you’re going to buy it anyway,” Doug Aamoth writes for TIME Magazine. “Enjoy!”

On the fence? Doug Aamoth is a good enabler. Here are five reasons you can use to persuade yourself to get the iPhone 5.

• 4G LTE
• 4-inch 16:9 Retina display
• Design: 18% thinner, 20% lighter, no wider, one-hand operation
• A6 processor: Up to 2X the speed with up to 8 hrs. 4G LTE battery life
• Camera: smaller, faster, better in low light, sapphire crystal scratch resistant lens cover

Direct link to video here.

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  1. It is a lovely, lovely phone and I’m not knocking it, but I just can’t justify tradingmy iPhone 4S for an iPhone 5… my iPhone 4S is my digital nirvana.

    Saying that, as soon as I hold an iPhone 5 in my hands I’ll want one! Damn Apple and their über sexy kit 🙂

        1. I know. I’ve been bitching about a bigger screen since the launch of the iPhone 4S. But somehow a bigger screen that’s taller doesn’t fit the bill. I was expecting a bigger screen in terms of width and height.

          I might reassess my opinion when it’s actually in the store and I can try them out in hand rather than in pictures or renderings.

          1. I look upon you as the ultimate “Provocutor”:
            One who wants to be successful at everything he does and realizing that while you can’t please everyone, finds that ticking them off is quite easy.

            By the way, it takes one to know one. Steve Jobs beat us all.

            1. Provocateur- An agent provocateur is a person employed to act undercover to entice or provoke another person to commit an illegal or rash act.

              Sort of like the Tea Party inciters

        2. Pat here…. and will buy 2…. Samsung Galaxy S3’s that is! Oh, btw the Galaxy S4 is already in the wings and will continue to provide users with an experienced unmatched by Apple. Come on man the iPhone 5 is trying to catch up to what already exists and it even fails at that!

          This said, they will sell millions to the Cult and that is great! Love to see the Cult lagging behind.

          1. You might want to wait until it’s released in the stores in a week’s time and play with it there before making up your mind. It is difficult to tell from videos and pictures alone.

            I would rather wait and get the iPad mini than get the Galaxy S3, not because I’m a raging fanboy, but because Apple gives you the whole ecosystem which Samsung doesn’t match. I am very vested in the Apple ecosystem and they look after me as a customer very well, even after they’ve made the sale. They changed my malfunctioning iPhone 4 for a brand new unit after almost 12 months of use, no questions asked. That is what keeps me loyal and keeps me coming back for more.

          2. @Pat

            “will continue to provide users with an experienced unmatched by Apple.”

            the only thing unmatched is the SUCKY Android experience.

            iPhone has won the JD Powers satisfaction poll of phone users 8 times in a row beating every android including Samsung

            in the latest poll iPhone had 5 circles (stars)
            samsung had three.

            (JD Poll unlike opinions of single testers is a poll of thousands of actual phone users: iOS, Symbian, Android,WP etc. IPhone won it 8 times so who has better customer satisfaction i.e a better product? )

            1. Points taken. Apple has 1 phone while Samsung has well frankly who knows how many hence the relevancy factor of this poll is questionable at best. They should do a relevant poll then publish it. S3 Vs 4S and maybe S4 Vs 5.

    1. The typical upgrade cycle is 2 years for iPhones. Sure there are a lot of people who have to have the latest and greatest but they are still the minority.
      Those with the 3GS and 4 will be the primary up-graders to the iPhone5.
      My wife and daughter will be getting the 5 in the next few months since they have the iPhone 4. I will wait till next year to trade in my 4S.

        1. Retinal, I posted the following on an earlier story, and I’m reposting this here for you:

          You don’t have to sign a contract to use the iPhone in Canada. In fact, it’s much cheaper to go and outright buy the latest iphone, and then walk into Rogers or Bell (Robbers or Hell) or Telus or Fido, etc., and get pay-as-you-go. All the carriers want your money.
          If you already own the phone, they’re quite happy to hook you up. The difference being, if you bought your phone, you can pay WAY less per month, don’t have to have a contract, and you can sell, upgrade, or get rid of your phone at your discretion, including throwing it into the Missinabe River, no penalty.
          The contracts are HORRIBLE (as you know). And you’re stuck with an out-dated phone after 3 years (in fact, they give you an out-dated phone to start your contract!).

          NEVER sign a contract with a Canadian carrier.

      1. Not when you have kids. My wife and I have 4Ses and my 15 y.o. boy has a 3GS, my 9 y.o. daughter has my wife’s old 3GS. So my wife and I will upgrade to the 5, and my kids get the 4Ses. The 3GSes will become iPods, remote controls, etc. for around the house.

  2. I was trying to be strong and skip it like the 4S, but I’m overdue an upgrade, so I will most likely get it.
    But I have to admit, the last few iphones have not been as compelling, and the Galaxy S 3 still looks good by comparison.

      1. Agree. The 16:9 makes it look like every other 4″ Android out there. I love the iPad because of its form factor. I love posting comments on here that get the iSheeps going, but while not an iSheep, I will buy 2 of these just because I can. 🙂

    1. Not trolling here, this is genuine. If you think the Galaxy S3 looks good by comparison I’d encourage you to get one and use it for awhile. I wager you’ll soon realize that having a big list of “feature” checkboxes means nothing in comparison to having a refined and well thought out product with a thriving ecosystem and seamless integration into the rest of your digital life.

      And, for posterity sake, I’d love it if you came back in a few months and explained which you decided on and why.

      1. My carrier has the Galaxy S III as the best device they can offer (US Cellular). They’re a very good carrier. But if the Galaxy is the best they can do, I am switching carriers to get an iPhone. The Galaxy is a cheap piece of dung. the build quality is offensive, the screen is so-so and the battery life is average. It also runs very hot when you’ve been on a call for more than 5 minutes. And, no, I am not a raging fanboy. T

    2. If the galaxy still looks god you cannot:

      1) have any other Apple products that you want to work in conjuction with your hand held computer that phones
      2) have no fear that the apps you have now will be all you ever need.
      3) are so happy with the OS you have no desire to upgrade (without buying a new device) when Google improves Android.
      3) feel no shame in owning a product made by a company stealing from another country stealing from your country.

      If your answer is “true” to those three statements… Then by all means the Samsung Galaxy is the device for you….number 3 is enough to dissuade me however.

      1. Oh and Apple does not copy or steal? Come on man! Fan Boys are just a hoot! Self righteous to say the least.

        Take this to the Bank LG and Sharp displays on the iPhone 5 will fail to meet Apple’s durability requirements and it will be ugly!

    3. A couple of things to consider:
      1. Your mobile plan includes the cost of your original phone. That cost is spread over 24 months. If you keep your legacy phone for longer then you are effectively giving the carrier free money.
      2. The improvement in usability is significant and you will be able to do more with the phone.
      3. The android phones seem all to be about specs. Bigger, more memory, more connectors. The quality is a component they tend not to focus on. It’s a bit like comparing PCs with Macs. PCs are cobbled together instruments without any thought on use whereas Macs are designed to be the best at what they are designed for.

  3. I’m WAY overdue for an upgrade… still using my 3GS I bought on day one of it’s release. I’m trying to decide between the 5 or 4S… $99 is a damn good price for a year old model. Guess the pocketbook will decide for me. Actually what I was thinking was getting the 4S and eventually an iPad. My old PMG5 doesn’t see as much use since I have my iPhone, and instead of getting a new Mac I think the iPad would be enough for me based on what I do anyway.

      1. Yeah, they’ll let you keep paying it, but not use it if you have decent speeds with them. I’m dumping AT&T when my next contract round is up. I’ve been paying to keep the unlimited, though I don’t even have 3G where I live, in hopes of good data coverage someday. Now their competitors have good 3G coverage where I live and LTE nearby, while AT&T still… doesn’t. If they did suddenly have LTE in my backyard, they would be throttling me, and I’d be even more upset then, so I’m changing. They are doing everything they can to punish their loyal customers.

    1. I was still using the 3 (noGS) until 5 months ago. I’m thrilled with my new 4S. And will be for the next year and a half.

      But Silverhawk is right about the LTE consideration – there’s nothing fast where I am on AT&T, so when that year and a half is up, I’ll not only get the 5X (or whatever it will be), but also be changing carriers. Sprint and Verizon both have solid 3G where I live and LTE nearby, whereas AT&T is merely part-time Edge where I live and 4G nearby. Def worth a look before you decide.

    2. @Ytseman3: The 4S is an excellent phone, I own one. But do not forget you are paying tax on the entire phone, plus you may want to get Apple care. The tax will be around 8% sales tax on the unsubsidized price around 500-600 which will come to around $40-$45, then add $100 for Apple care, that $100 you save for a 4S doesn’t look quite as spectacular.

      I would recommend getting the 5 over the 4S if you plan to hold your phone for a long time (more than the contract 2 years). You are worth a lot more than the $100 you’ll save for a device you will use every single day for the next 2-3 years.

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