iPhone 5 strengthens Apple’s hold on users; analyst: ‘Apple will sell a boatload’

“At a media event in San Francisco, Calif. on Wednesday, Apple introduced iPhone 5, the latest version of its popular smartphone, debuting compelling features,” Thomas Claburn reports for InformationWeek. “But more notably, Apple just increased the allure of its ecosystem of products and services, thereby tightening its hold on smartphone users, analysts say.”

“The new model phone has been widely anticipated by consumers and competitors, with the former delaying phone purchases and the latter making product announcements in advance of the iPhone 5’s predicted debut for fear of being overshadowed and ignored by the press,” Claburn reports.

Claburn reports, “Forrester analyst Charles Golvin believes the iPhone 5 is enough to keep Apple ahead of its competitors. ‘Apple still outpaces the competition when it comes to the entire package–the new iPhone unites significant improvements in industrial design, imaging, audio, and connectivity, along with the wealth of new capabilities that iOS6 enables,’ he said in a blog post. ‘Apple will sell a boatload of iPhones — especially now that both Verizon Wireless and Sprint will have an iPhone (the 8 GB iPhone 4) for consumers’ favorite price: free.'”

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          1. Designed wouldn’t help you fungused one, ” we” the pioneers put our convictions to work long time ago by being the crux of Apple’s success – loyal diehard users who recognize greatness before rhetoric and blubber.

        1. Wow, Breeze. I’ve obviously met my match in the “debate” department. You so thoroughly humiliated me and established yourself as a Leader Of Men. Do have as much persuasive power and admiration in real life as you do here?

            1. Nothing wrong with a little passion and Apple gives reason to us all to be passionate (especially if you invested in their stock in the year 2000 as I and many others did KNOWING Steve Jobs would do something splendiferous!). Sometimes it’s hard to contain that excitement as there are few things in this economy to be excited about. I share in breezes overall enthusiasm as should we all.

            2. Agree. I bought most of my Apple stock at $13 a share and the rest for under $200 because I loved the products myself and had faith others would eventually come to their senses and feel the same way. I believed in the return of Steve Jobs his ability to staff Apple with the best people to “Think Different” with him.

              All the non-believers have left to do these days is troll here when they aren’t busy cleaning their PC of the latest virus or taking their Droid back for it’s 4th repair.

            3. @breeze

              i won’t wish you any bad ‘luck’ (i won’t have to), but i will say, unless you have put a commensurate portion of your investment dollars into gold or real estate, before the end of the year you will be ruing more than just your nasty, self-satisfied philippic towards Greg L inter alia.

            4. Right there with you. I was a B2B sales rep for Apple Computer in 1990. Sold the entire line of Macintosh Computers when we transitioned from The “Multi Finder” to System 7. Ask any iPhone, iPad user today what Apple’s System 7 was and you will most likely get a blank stare….. Then….HUH? What’s that? Pathetic.

          1. Greg L, if you want to hang out with low passion, low excitement crowd, try BlackBerry users. This is an Apple enthusiast site!

            That said, why aren’t you profiting off of Apple’s success? You’re missing out!

            1. I bought BP at around $32 and sold at about $42 and then bought Apple. I sold it after making a decent profit when there were worries about Greece taking down a bunch of the world’s economies. That didn’t speak to my lack of faith in Apple, but in my need to be risk-adverse at that time because I had more than funny money at stake at the time and wanted to lock in my gains.

  1. These guys get it… The hand held computer that also phones….just like it’s Mac and laptops, those that appreciate a computer that provides a seamless experience between it’s various products and services trumps all gimmicks and fake wannabes…

  2. The engineering and design accomplishments on the new iPhone 5, plus iOS 6 make the iPhone UNBEATABLE.

    Whether you are new to iPhone, a none-apple-fanboy or you plan to upgrade your old iPhone…

    This IS THE phone to have.
    Apple has done it right again.
    A6 (2x the power) LTE… its got it all.

      1. I’m willing to bet that Chinese would rather have a beautifully engineered phone from Apple who loves and respects China, builds their products there, has huge gorgeous retail stores there, and adds tons of China specific features to the new iOS 6 than a phone by Samsung a south korean company that cheaply builds their phones of plastic, makes them way too large, and is known around the world as a criminal cheap copy-cat.

    1. Exactly! Those espousing disappointment are nuts. the upgrades are outstanding and very welcome, especially if you are still an iPhone 4 user like me. Android will just have to fill in the gap of still missing features like using their phone to remote control their toilets and auto-pet their animals. (Yes I know REALLY important stuff Apple should have too…)

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