“At a media event in San Francisco, Calif. on Wednesday, Apple introduced iPhone 5, the latest version of its popular smartphone, debuting compelling features,” Thomas Claburn reports for InformationWeek. “But more notably, Apple just increased the allure of its ecosystem of products and services, thereby tightening its hold on smartphone users, analysts say.”

“The new model phone has been widely anticipated by consumers and competitors, with the former delaying phone purchases and the latter making product announcements in advance of the iPhone 5’s predicted debut for fear of being overshadowed and ignored by the press,” Claburn reports.

Claburn reports, “Forrester analyst Charles Golvin believes the iPhone 5 is enough to keep Apple ahead of its competitors. ‘Apple still outpaces the competition when it comes to the entire package–the new iPhone unites significant improvements in industrial design, imaging, audio, and connectivity, along with the wealth of new capabilities that iOS6 enables,’ he said in a blog post. ‘Apple will sell a boatload of iPhones — especially now that both Verizon Wireless and Sprint will have an iPhone (the 8 GB iPhone 4) for consumers’ favorite price: free.'”

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