Judge Koh denies Apple request, won’t change Samsung sales ban hearing dates

“Apple Inc. lost a bid to delay Samsung Electronics Co.’s request to lift a preliminary ban on U.S. sales of its Galaxy Tab 10.1 computer until after a judge considers Apple’s request to bar some products permanently,” Joel Rosenblatt reports for BLoomberg.

“U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California, today denied Apple’s request to reschedule the Dec. 6 hearing for a permanent ban on U.S. sales of eight Samsung mobile devices ahead of a Sept. 20 hearing on Samsung’s request to lift a preliminary sales ban on the Galaxy tablet. Apple argued in a court filing that its request is ‘more urgent’ than Samsung’s,” Rosenblatt reports. “In her opinion today, Koh said she previously disagreed with arguments Apple made in court filings, ‘and no change in facts or the law has changed the court’s opinion.'”

Rosenblatt reports, “Koh also cited Apple’s indication that it may seek to broaden the scope of Samsung products it wants banned in a permanent injunction as a reason not to change the hearing dates.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Take your time, Lucy. We wouldn’t want you to strain yourself.

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    1. What is more contemptuous of justice?

      1) Judge Lucy Koh allowing Samsung to continue selling their court proven ripoffs of Apple patented technology for another three months.
      2) Me calling Judge Lucy Koh a dumb bitch?

      A dilemma.

  1. Bring, bring. Bring, bring (old style rotary dial telephone ringing because you know, judges don’t need no stinking modern technology, especially no stinking iPhone).


    “Is it possible to deray [sic] Apple’s injunction?”

    “Sure, but it’ll cost you.”

    “How much would that be in US dorrar [sic]?”

    “Let’s say I’m liking the Obama’s vacation home in Hawaii.”

    “Ok, I give you twenty thousand dorrar [sic] for you to make this case go away. Also kimchi thrown in for good measure.”


    1. Or maybe she keeps up with the news and knows that the Korean Gov. watch dog agency for monopoly abuse has put Samsung under investigation for misuse of its monopolies for in its dealings with Apple. More than a few people are boycotting all Korean products because of Samsung’s world wide conduct, which the Court case in Judge Ko’s US district court has drawn neg. world wide opinion against Samsung, no body likes a crook.

  2. Leave it to Apple to get the only District Court Judge of Korean descent in the U.S.

    Samsung probably has had her grandma and grandpa strapped to the rack and ready to go for the last three months, at least.

    It’s Apple’s destiny to get copied to death forever. Apple is R&D for the world.

  3. For all the bitching Koh does about the workload that taxes her court (and for all the complaining I do, I honestly don’t doubt it exists), why not insist that the parties each post $1 million to fund extra manpower that would serve their case exclusively? Loser foots the whole $2 million. Think about it: extra clerks, paralegals, whatever administrative resources the court wants. The way the money would be used would be 100% decided by the court. Apple would plop down that million in second.

  4. again, pathetic apple fanboys don’t even think how apple took advantage of lawsuit situation. the court room is just located within 15 miles from HQ. stupid dumbfucking jury system decided to vote for patriotism. now, Judge Koh denied what apple claimed. fanboys blame it. as a matter of fact, Jude Koh is not Korean. she was born in the US, grew, and educated in there. she is totally an american. she can’t even speak Korean as well. don’t be BS. it turned out that Apple fanboys are idiot. they just pretend to be smart. I bet that future supply for new iphone, ipad will be in a big trouble sine Samsung cut the deal to supply their parts.

      1. Maybe I need to get him two front end loaders to clean up after himself. I might also throw in a few dump trucks to haul it away. Edward just keeps burying himself deeper and deeper. There will be no one willing to pull him out. I guess Darwin was correct!

    1. AGAIN:
      Pathetic Anonymous Coward
      doesn’t even think Samsung took advantage of Apple’s R&D for the benefit of their court stated and proven ‘phone crisis’. Stupid ‘dumbfucking’ edward decided to vote for parasitism. Now that ‘Jude Koh’ declines to fulfill her sworn duty to justice, edward goes all mental trying to justify Koh’s injustice. It turned out that Samsung ‘are idiot’ for hiring ‘edward’ to troll Apple fanatics with obscenities and inanities that do nothing more than make people laugh and inspire witty retorts such as this one. HAHA!

      Samsung ‘will be in big trouble sine’ they are proven LIARS and you ‘edward’ are a proven detriment to Samsung’s attempt to change public opinion. But please ‘edward’ or ‘pat’ or whoever you pretend to be on any given day, continue to fill the pages here at MDN with your hilarious, lunatic absurdities. They lighten our days and brings a smile to our faces. 😀

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